When the power is out, why not go fishing? The fishing over the past week has been fantastic for the shore and offshore anglers.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.



The offshore fishing along the KZN coast has been fantastic over the past week. There have been some real quality fish boated on most vessels from Port Edward all the way to Richards Bay and beyond.

The Umhlanga Ski Boat Festival is taking place on the 23rd and 24th of March (this weekend). This competition is for jet ski, fishing ski and ski boat anglers and is always a fantastic day with plenty of prizes and festivities. Make sure to enter this one as the prizes are beyond fantastic and there have been plenty of fish in the area. Contact Cindy on 083 488 3119 for more info, or check out

The big one is coming up…The Durban Ski Boat Club Festival! This is a biggie so get ready, 19th to the 21st of April. Stay tuned for more details…


North – The north coast has been snoek, tuna and dorado central. The area around Ballito has been extremely productive, probably due to the increased amount of livebait in the area. Guys have managed some very good tuna up north. Our very own Michael Wilson managed a bomber of a tuna from his fishing ski. The fish tipped the scales at over 31kgs! Well done Michael, that is a beast on the ski. The recipe on the North Coast has been the same for the past few weeks. All you need is to get your hands on some livebait and you are in the money to catch a proper gamefish. If you are after the tuna and dorado, a 6/0 Mustad tuna circle on some Siglon 44lb+ fluorocarbon will put you in with the best chance. If you are after couta, you need to use some single-strand wire and quality treble hooks.


Central – The central section of the KZN coast has been full of tuna. There have been some proper beasts hooked and a few landed over the past week. The same techniques as mentioned above and covered in previous reports will see you hook up with a tuna or five. The snoek have had the Umgeni River mouth full of boats and skis. These fish require an extremely early start to the day and the earlier you can launch the better. Troll your fillet baits and lipped lures as close to the backline as possible, but make sure that you keep a watchful eye on the waves. While you are moving along, throw your small spoons in the vicinity and try to hook one of these amazing eating fish. Keep your use of wire to a minimum as this will get you more bites.


South – The south coast has had little to report. The river mouths have had some snoek milling around, so apply the techniques mentioned above and you put yourself in with a chance of a fish or two. The reefs in the 20-30m mark will be your best bet for targeting the couta that are around. There have not been very many, but the ones that have been boated have been real quality fish. The Aliwal regulars have seen tuna, dorado and wahoo on the ends of their lines. The trick here has been finding the fish. A frisky livebait has been a real asset on the boat and has been the first bait taken every time.


News from Mtunzini: Went fishing at the lagoon on Monday morning, we had a fishing clinic down there, it was not well supported but those that were down there had fun we mostly caught river bream, as well as some grunter, one glassy and a tiger fish, a slender moray eel came on fed on the prawn heads we were feeding to the glassies, we were amazed at how close it came to the edge of the water without swimming away. These were all caught on the outgoing tide. One Mum who wanted to try to catch a fish caught four river bream and a spotted grunter in six casts.


Firstly an update of the zambezi shark caught by Kobus on Saturday morning at the Banks, the fish was caught on a mackerel head with cutlets, Mustard 12 O circle, FMJ 150lb nylon coated wire, 245cm Female 277kg (ORI). Barry Wareham got one on live bait I am lead to believe of 235cm I have no further details on this fish, well done to the anglers. Yesterday the Banks were packed and the diamonds did not disappoint at all, for the period I was there, there were diamonds been beached all the time as in a few at a time, it was fun to watch. We swam one but did not get a pick up. Main and Doggy Beach produced nice shad on Saturday but Sunday was quiet. We think the diamonds will still be around for a few more days, Gawie predicted we would have one last smash back in late Jan, his prediction was in the first 2 weeks of March and he got it right. This morning on Main Beach the shad came on the bite but only after the water started pushing, they are still a nice size i.e. 40 to 50cm.


For some reason even the Ski Boats going out of Richards Bay are having a tough time finding game fish however young Peter had some luck with mackerel in the North Salmon area and got some tuna on Friday, bottoms fishing was okay with mainly squaretail kob been boated and a few slinger, nothing out of the ordinary. I see some guys are going out for a night fish to see if they can have better luck fishing last light and very early in the morning. There are a few good mornings to go out this week, let us hope the water cleans up a bit so the fish can see the baits. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.


Rock and Surf:

The rock and surf scene has seen a flurry of summer fish over the past week. The north coast has been cooking while the south has seen some interesting catches.


Ray’s tip: Optimum casting – Every rod is different. Every angler is different. Therefore, everyone has a different casting stroke and will perform differently with different rods. That’s enough difference…

Getting a new rod is an extremely exciting experience. Going and casting it for the first time, peeling the plastic off the grip and seeing the shine of the scratch less paint glistening in the sun. Now comes the part that some people never get past. You need to see how the rod performs with your casting style and with different sinker weights/baits. A fast action rod will generally benefit from a shorter drop and a faster stroke. Whereas a slower action rod will see better benefits from a longer drop and a slower stroke. These are generalisations but they hold true for most rods. The best thing to do when you get a new rod is to take a selection of sinkers in and around the recommended casting weights along with the baits you are likely to throw with the rod and go play on the beach. Try the same bait with heavier and lighter sinkers and see what suits your casting style. Speak to any of our helpful salespeople and they can help you decide what rod will suit you.



North – The summer flatfish and sharks have been loose over the past week. The north east winds that have been blowing have whipped the fish in to a feeding frenzy that has seen the sales of Voltaren and Spasmend go through the roof. The best advice for a trip up north is to get yourself a good pair of gloves to land the fish as after 5 diamonds your paws will start to hurt a bit… Load up on mackerel and bonito and you will be good to go for targeting these summer fish. The zambezi’s have been wild up north and if you are wanting to tackle these fish, head north and swim a livebait. Make sure you are capable of fighting these fish as you could be busy for a few hours. Come in to one of our shops and we can set you up for tackling any of the summer bruisers.


Central – The central zone has been a bit quiet with only a few flashes of action keeping the anglers happy. The north east wind has brought the action and most of the bites have come from the piers or the beaches that allow a shot in to the deeper water. The summer inedibles have kept the sweat flowing when they are around and any big fleshy bait will be a good choice for targeting them. The edibles have been scarce, but there have been shad, pommies and stumpies on the piers. Keep a good supply of natural baits along with some chokka and pink prawn for your best chance at success.


South – The south has seen little in the way of reports. Our own Dean and Josh Pretorius have been doing very well on the lower South Coast. These two have been smashing the smoothound sharks in the night. These fish like the colder water and love a fresh fish bait. Mullet, mackerel and chokka are the baits of choice when targeting these fish. Remember that they fight well above their weight, so come prepared for a fight. The rest of the South Coast has been dominated by the odd scratching fish and the occasional flatfish. Look for some working water on the edge of a sandbank or the deeper water in the vicinity of a rip. This holds true for both the edible and inedible fish.



The freshwater fishing has been constant and that is not a bad thing. The carp have been feeding well in most of the KZN dams and the bass have been keeping the lure guys busy and let’s not forget the trout!

Bass – We are very excited to announce the launch of a new range of soft plastics! The Reaction range has already done incredibly across SA and now we have launched the Reaction Stretch range. Look out for the blue packets in the shop and give these amazing baits a try. The KZN dams are producing some quality fish in the recent weeks. Midmar has done some proper weights. Albert Falls and Inanda are not far behind and are definitely worth a visit. The ever-popular Hazlemere has calmed down a bit, but the fishing there is still insane. With a guaranteed few fish, although they are small, it is worth the trip. The water levels are up and the water is a bit dirty. This means you need to look at using baits with lots of vibration and a good silhouette. Black and dark brown are going to give you the best outlines when it comes to silhouettes. Vibration-wise you are looking for baits with ribs, legs, tails, rattles and blades. Look at the grub-type soft plastics, the lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits.


Carp – The carp fishing has been particularly good over the past week. The dams in KZN and nice and full and a little turbid. This off-coloured water makes the carp less spooky and generally they will feed better. Shongweni and Nagle dam are both producing some absolutely beautiful carp at the moment. These have been big fish for these waters but they are also in fantastic health. Midmar and Albert Falls are producing for the midlands boys. The specimen and conventional anglers are both benefiting from the summer feeding spree and many people are reporting great catches. For all the KZN waters, banana has been the outstanding flavour. This combined with something a bit spicy has seen the best results. Try a banana dip on your mielie bomb and pair it with some bunspice floaties for a sweet and spicy combo. Otherwise, garlic and molasses.


  1. The Kingfisher in Durban has just taken delivery of our SuperCast order. We have all the flavours, dips, floaties and feed you could possibly need to break your personal best this season. Alternately, if you want to get started in the exciting facet of carp fishing, pop in and we will set you up.


Trout – The colder weather has started to show itself and the trout have responded. All of the bigger Stillwater’s have produced some proper fish in the last few weeks and should definitely be in your sights if you are looking for some trophy fish. Get your hands on some sizeable woolly buggers in black and olive along with some papa-roaches in olive and you are set to target the bigger fish. Also make sure you book your leave (sick leave if need be) early and get your bookings in early as all the places will fill up early. The rivers have been in a state of flux in the recent weeks. The rains have had them in spate one day and calm the next. Planning a trip has been extremely difficult with the mix of conditions and necessitates the need for a local guide to give you a heads up before making the trip to the berg.


Tight lines and screaming reels

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