The fishing over the last week has something for everyone. The rain put a bit of a wet end to a warm week. The much anticipated Umhlanga Ski Boat Festival is gone and done. Big fish, edible fish and sharp teeth sum up the week well.


Ray’s tip: Warmth. As we move in to the colder months of the year, we often forget about keeping warm. Fishing during the night or in the wind and rain can be a chilly affair. Keeping yourself warm can be the difference between a fun time fishing and going home early because your fingers went blue. The key is early preparation. Like most things in fishing, the preparation before a competition or social day out can make a huge difference in the enjoyment factor. Check the weather well in advance and on multiple sites to get a good idea of what you are going to expect. Then pack properly. If there is rain, make sure all your valuables will stay dry (plastic bags) and have proper rain-proof gear (Poncho, rain jacket, hat, etc.). If it is cold you are expecting, the key is layers. Keep the warmth on your body and make use of a decent base-layer to keep the heat in.



It has been a productive week in the offshore scene. The couta are starting to make an appearance and the tuna are keeping the rods bent.

Very well done to the Bartho brothers, Brett came first and Darryl landed up fifth at the Umhlanga Ski Boat Festival. Well done guys for not giving up in the trying conditions.

The big one is coming up…The Durban Ski Boat Club Festival! This is a biggie so get ready, 19th to the 21st of April. Stay tuned for more details… The prizes are being sorted and the pile is huge. Make sure you get your tickets ASAP. This is a biggie, so get ready.


North – The North Coast has had a lot of the action over the past week. The rain has unfortunately brought a lot of dirty water in to most of the north coast. Prior to the mud, the Zinkwazi and Salt Rock areas were producing some amazing catches. Couta and tuna were the bulk of the species caught. Livebait and poppers were the two methods responsible for the better catches.

Central – The section along the Durban coast has seen a lot of action over last week. Mainly due to the easier launch options available, but also for the fish species on the menu. There has been a pile of tuna for all those who have ventured off the central coast. Most methods have proved effective, but a livebait has produced the bigger fish. There have also been some much anticipated couta finally being added to the hatches. A livebait is essential for these early fish, as well as a wire trace.


South – Snoek, couta, marlin and tuna. These are a few of the species coming in off the South Coast. The tuna are about as abundant as they are further north and the same methods work just as well in the south. The marlin was hooked and landed while targeting tuna around Aliwal. A live mozzie on a circle hook did the damage. The snoek have been around all the river mouths and can be targeted using small spoons, Strike Pro Magic Minnows or fillet baits.


Rock and Surf:

The KZN rock and surf scene is starting to feel the winter chill a bit. The action is becoming a bit patchy for the inedibles and some of the classic winter edibles are starting to show face. Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.


North – The North Coast is still producing a vast amount of inedibles at all the usual spots. The key has been decent bait. Mackerel is still a scarcity and if you can get your hands on some, take care of it and pack it properly in the freezer. The upper North Coast has also seen some edible fish in the form of wave garrick, kingies and pompano.


Central – The central coast has been much of the same over the past week. There have been edibles and inedibles along most of the central coast but have needed a bit of effort. The inedibles have been a bit smaller of late. There have been a lot of spinners and grey sharks around and is a lovely way of getting in to the world of inedible angling. So if you are looking at getting in to shark fishing get some mackerel and a decent trace and go target some greys at night along most of the piers and beaches.


South – The South Coast has been a bit quiet. Not much news has come in from the south of Durban. There are edibles on offer for those looking for some food for the table. There have been snoek around the river mouths and the deeper points down south. These fish can be targeted using some small spoons and light braid. They are fantastic fighting and eating fish but they do require an early morning start.


News from Mtunzini:

“Yet another long weekend has gone by and we are left with overweight and well fed fish, while we have a few reports on decent size catches these where mainly shad, some folk managed to catch some biggish spotted grunter, they just did not make size. When fishing for river bream don’t cast too far as they feed very close in as the guys who watched the locals cast netting across the river can confirm, we tend to cast over them. Don’t be shy to use big baits and big hooks in the lagoon and use some squid as part of your bait, this will help to keep the “peckers” at you bait longer this also helps attract the bigger fish.


Whilst this did not happen here but at Cape Vidal an angler caught a couta from the side, this does not happen often so it must have been a welcome surprise. What happen in our waters over the weekend? Not a lot when one compares the fishing to the weekend before, some diamonds came out on Main and Doggie Beach and an angler got bust up by a shark on Doggies but that was not the least of his troubles, he forgot his phone in his pocket and when he casted the phone went flying out landing in the water. Another angler targeting shad on his 12 ft. Shad stick got picked up by a diamond which gave him a hiding of note; needless to say it was not beached. On Main Beach around lunch time a 70kg diamond was landed, well done to that angler. Weed played it role at all spots especially the banks, we have no reports of fish been caught there. I see during the week some diamonds were landed at Port Dunford area but have no news from what happed over the weekend. On the edible side some decent size spotted pompano were caught and some very small southern pompano.

It seems like only kob were caught in our waters over the weekend with no reports of game fish been caught, maybe with the Couta Classic coming up the anglers are keeping the catches close to their chest, I did here over the weekend Nanook had got some couta at Gerries a short while back and it seems as though all the Couta been caught this season are from that area.

We have an 8 sleeper house (can sleep 10 as it has 2 double beds) should a group want to hire it, it is self-catering with ample bait storage space”.

Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.



The freshwater fishing has been great of late. The carp are still enjoying the heat of summer and the fuller water in the dams while the bass are feeding full up in the shallows and the trout are starting to come in to their own.

Bass – The bass fishing is still going strong. All of the KZN dams are fishing well, with Midmar and Albert’s producing some proper fish on the new Reaction Stretch frog. Surface fishing is always an absolute blast, so get your hands on some of these fantastic baits and go throw them in some nasty cover to get a chance at a nice big bucket mouth! The guys and girls lucky enough to have access to farm dams have been making our mouths water with the bass they have been landing. If you have any access to these private dams, now is the time to call in that favour. Hazlemere is still producing large numbers of bass, but the size is on the smaller end of the spectrum. The guys have been catching some proper tilapia though.

Carp – The carp fishing has been phenomenal for the conventional anglers in KZN. The smaller dams are seeing some really good, healthy fish being caught while the bigger dams have produced less, but bigger fish. The usual flavours have been producing the bites, with Spiderman, banana and garlic all proving the best of the best. The specimen anglers have been landing some giants in Nagle, Inanda and Shongweni. Baiting the areas you are fishing properly and putting in the hours behind the rods has been the key to success at these dams. There have been multiple fish in and around the 20lb mark, so make sure you have the proper tackle to land these brutes.


Trout – The trout fishing is starting to hot up in the Stillwater’s. We are seeing great catches on a daily basis although the rain has muddied the dams a bit…This is the time to target those bigger fish so up the thickness of your tippet and use some of the bigger flies in your box. Have a look at fishing a frog pattern in the shallower, weedy lakes or a minnow/tadpole pattern in the adjacent deeper water. If you are only fishing the deeper areas, use zonker patterns and a quality sinking line to get your fly down. Remember if you are fishing with a sinking line that you need to fish a shorter leader to keep the fly at the right depth and not floating above the line. This is a great time of year to be in the Berg on one of the many Stillwater’s, so book your leave and make a trip to trout nirvana. Tight lines and screaming reels.


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