With the year getting off to a flyer, the fishing reports are not far behind. Already in to our third month of 2019 and there have been some truly memorable catches this year already.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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Ray’s tip: Boldly go! Fishing where you know there are fish is easy. Figuring out a new spot is highly rewarding. We are all guilty of getting in to a rut of fishing in the same spot and there is nothing wrong with this. Fishing spots that are not often fished, or spots that no-one has fished for a while can be extremely productive. Figuring out what to use and where to cast can be exhilarating. The whole point of us fishing is to have fun, explore and possibly take a fish home. With this in mind, it pays to visit new spots and challenge yourself to catch fish where you have not caught before. Be the explorer!


The offshore fishing has been fantastic over the past week. There have been some giant tuna, many dorado and a few wild cards thrown in. It is the season of competitions and there are a few crackers coming up.


The Umhlanga Ski Boat Festival is taking place on the 23rd and 24th of March. This competition is for jet ski, fishing ski and ski boat anglers and is always a fantastic day with plenty of prizes and festivities. Make sure to enter this one as the prizes are beyond fantastic and there have been plenty of fish in the area.


The big one is coming up…The Durban Ski Boat Club Festival! This is a biggie so get ready, 19th to the 21st of April. Stay tuned for more details…


North – The north coast has seen some epic action over the past week. The baitfish have started to make an appearance up north and the fish have properly turned on. If you are making a run up north or launching there, get your hands on a livie and get it in the water a.s.a.p.


The main catches up north have been some bomber snoek (some over 10kg!), the odd couta (all big), tuna by the shoal and dorado. The dorries have started to calm down and have not been as prolific in the past week and previous weeks. When the bites get scarce, trolling through likely areas is your best bet at finding the feeding fish. Get your hands on some pink lures of your choice and head for the deep.

Central – The Durban coastline has seen similar species to that of the north. The couta have not been as present as they are further north, but there have been some around. There are plenty of wahoo for the guys heading further out. Pin a live bonito or frigate and make sure you have a long enough trace to avoid getting bitten off. Also make sure you have had your motors serviced as chasing these beasts when they are on running at full speed requires high octane work.

The bottom fishing crews have had a recent run of geelbek around Durban and if you are in to parking and fishing deep, the season is not over yet.


South – The area to the south of Durban has produced much the same as the central zone. The tuna have been the mainstay of the game fish guys while the bottom crews have boated a variety of reef fish.


The guys fishing on Aliwal have been given a few proper hidings from ambers and wahoo, but they have also landed their fair share of decent fish. This area requires a bit of searching to find the fish, so make sure you have a good spread of quality lures and get your hands on some live bonnies for that stripey speed machine, the wahoooooo!


News from Mtunzini: “In spite of the influx of Pelicans the fish still seem to be feeding and catches of bartail, river bream and malabar rockcod are being made together with the odd kob of which some are nearly making size. Live prawns and glassies seem to be the favourite bait apart from the usual squid, sards, bait prawn and artificials. Some nice catches of river snapper have been made and with the new moon spring tomorrow and the big tidal push should see more Snapper been caught especially in the area of the mouth.


Be careful on the beach for the next few days as there are blue bottles in the water as well as on the beach, if you have young children with you it might be better to fish the lagoon, these are normally blown in by an East wind. Last evening when we left the beach the water was starting to get clean and with the sunshine today and I assume nothing changed it might be a good day to do some spooning, the big shad are about. Last Thursday the Main Beach was the place to be as Riaan managed 2 diamonds and some kob they also managed to get some shad between 700g and 1.5kg. One diamond was caught on a bonnie head with mac flap and the other on a live shad both baits were slid out. I notice there is a tendency to by anglers saying the PE mac’s from Adcan are no good yet the local anglers are catching big shad, kob and the odd diamond with them plus of coarse rats and mice. Some nice size pompano have been caught on sard, crab and sea lice.


Amatikulu Ski Boats club fished their Couta Classic this weekend called the Cape to Rio at Cape Vidal and most of the local were involved in that some very nice size couta were caught as well a variety of fish. Due to this been the draw card we do not know if anyone fished here in our local waters, there are some nice fishing days this week with Wednesday looking the best according to the fishing apps, by the way today is a good fishing day with cleanish water and a good reading on the fishing App if one goes by that.

We have an 8 sleeper house (can sleep 10 as it has 2 double beds) should a group want to hire it, it is self-catering with ample bait storage space”. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.


Rock and Surf:

The rock and surf fishing has been in a bit of a lull in the past week. There has been plenty of action and many fish caught, but it has not been as wild as in previous weeks.

Good luck to all the teams currently fishing the Nationals down south!


North – The north coast has been benefiting from the summer heat. The NE wind and the heat has definitely turned the fish on. The deep water points have been producing plenty of sandies and grey sharks for the inedible guys. Mackerel and bonito (as I have said many times before) are the two baits you need in the box. Chokka is often neglected when targeting inedible fish, but is a deadly bait for all species of shark and flatfish. Chokka can be either added to a fleshy bait or it can be used on its ace.


Closer to Durban the beaches have seen plenty of stumpies and pompano. These fish cannot resist a fresh sealice bait, so get a licence, get digging and get yourself some fresh bait.


Central – Much like the beaches further north, the beaches and piers along the beachfront have seen stumpies and pompano aplenty. Pink prawn, chokka, Falkland squid, crackers and sealice are the essentials if you want to target these fish. Look for areas of working water in the vicinity of a sandbank for the best results.


The anglers targeting the inedibles have had a slower run of late. There have been a few big honeycombs and thorntail rays hooked in the past week with a handful being landed. Bonito, chokka and mackerel are the key baits.


South – The south coast has produced a few proper fish in the past week. The areas around Illovo and Umkomaas have been the hotspots for the inedible anglers. Sandies, honeycombs, blackfins and a host of other species have been landed. Getting a decent fleshy bait in to the deep water behind the sandbanks has been the key. This can either be achieved by wading on to the bank and throwing the bait in to the deep or by use of a drone or other bait-deploying device.

The edible fish have been there for the scratchers. Pink prawn and chokka is all you need. These two baits, a handful of sinker and some traces and you have everything you need to catch a few fish. Walk and keep moving to find the productive water. Look for deeper water with a bit of foam. This gives the fish place to hide and feel safe.



The freshwater fishing has been good in the past week. The large amount of rain that has come down in KZN has meant most dams and rivers are running at full capacity. This is great in the dams as it increases the area for fodder fish but the rivers can become a bit too fast and dirty to fish.


Carp – The dams in KZN are all fishing well. The conventional anglers are keeping themselves busy with the smaller fish although they have seen some bigger fish in the evenings. Banana continues to be the flavour of choice and is definitely the first choice to go in to the box. With the heat and the smaller fish, keep your flavours sweet and top up the baits regularly.

The specimen anglers are continuing with their success in Inanda and Albert Falls. The wonder dip (Spiderman) is still proving to be an essential asset.

The new syndicate at Shongweni dam is seeing some great fish being landed. This private group has made the most of a “difficult” situation and they are reaping the rewards of their labours.


Bass – The bass fishing has been steady in some dams and wild in others. The increased water levels has seen dams flow past 100% capacity and often lose water clarity. When the water gets a bit dirty, switch to baits that will produce a lot of vibration and have a good outline/silhouette. Black is the colour to use and anything with gold flash, which shines better in murky water than silver. In terms of vibration, look at your paddletail lures or those with rattles or blades. Slow down a tinge and focus close to structure.


The flooded margins are also a great place to target the bream and smaller bass with light tackle. This is prime location for the kids, so get a selection of small lures and let them experience the fun you have while fishing. We need more fishing boxes and less x-boxes!


Trout – The trout have been steady. The heat has put them off, but the influx of freshwater should cool the water in the Stillwater’s. This water also increases the flow in the rivers which will hopefully see some deeper water for the stream anglers.

Summer is insect hatching time, so make use of this by filling your box with larvae and hatching imitations for your subsurface fishing. Also, keep plenty of terrestrial patterns for your surface fishing. Keep your eyes open and let the fish tell you where they are and what they are eating.


News from Jan Korrubel, The Kingfisher in PMB – “Things are looking up in The Midlands as the rains slacks off – herewith a quick report:


With the rains tapping off last week, reports were had of some excellent river fishing in the upper reaches of our trout streams.  Although a lot cleaner than last week, flows are still just a tad on the high side, with fish being taken on a mixed bag of nymph and dry fly.


The Stillwater’s have also been clearing nicely, but reports indicate that the fish are playing hard-to-get in this in-between season period.


The good news of course is that Midmar Dam topped last week, sending water down to Albert Falls which is still sitting at near 37%.  While the water is coming in, the fishing has been slow.  This weekend sees the 16th edition of the New Hanover Prep Farm Dams Bass competition – with 19 dams and entries running to a thousand anglers across all ages, we are sure to see some excellent fishing coming out.


Sterkfontein is still playing ball, with good smallmouth and largemouth yellows coming to hand.  Dry fly is the name of the game there, with the ubiquitous “Good Doctors Beetle” accounting for many a fish, along with large hoppers, and then some smaller emerger-type patterns for the picky fish.


The weather gods at YR have some rain forecast for the weekend … every little bit will help going into winter, so we won’t complain.


Don’t forget to stop by your favourite tackle store for the BEST in tackle and advice” Thanks Jan.


Tight lines and screaming reels



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