Fishing has definitely picked up over the past week. The public holidays and the better conditions have meant a lot more fishing and a lot more fish getting caught.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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Ray’s tip: Scratch a patch.

Scratching is a term used by competition anglers for fishing for smaller fish generally with lighter rods. This is normally done when the sea is not favourable for big fish fishing. Scratching is a not only an important skill for the competition angler, it is also a fun way to catch edible fish. The lighter you can go (within reason) the more fun the fish are to catch. I recommend the Daiwa BG 10ft6 H with a 3000 size Daiwa BG coffee grinder. This little rod is powerful and light, allowing you to catch everything from blacktail to brusher. If you have not fished like this before, it is as easy as picking a piece of water like a bay or area of rock and slowly working your way through it on consecutive casts. Work every inch of the area as the fish will be there…somewhere.


The UKFC kayak fishing competition took place this past week and the Kingfisher would like to thank UKFC for allowing us to be a part of this fantastic event by way of prize sponsoring. Well done to Brett Bartho on winning the competition with a lovely couta of 27.52kgs. Congratulations to all those that enters and weighed fish in.

North – The north coast has been fishing very well. There have been more couta up north than anywhere else along the coast. There have not been a lot of the dart couta, most of the catches have been over the 10kg mark. Hopefully the shoalies will start showing face as they are a lot of fun when they are around. The bigger couta are loving a live shad at the moment, but with the scarcity of bait they will pounce on any livy you can put out. Remember to start fishing higher in the water column in the morning and work your way down as the sun goes higher.

Central – The central coast has been fishing particularly well for the bottom fishermen. There have been plenty of soldiers, slinger and geelbek to keep the KP handles knocking. On a side note, the KP is still the best reel for this type of fishing as the torque is unmatched in any but the most expensive coffee grinders. This is not a type of fishing for cheap reels as many have exploded attempting to land a double-up bek. The tuna are still around along with the frigates and bonito. A great way to find these fish is to look for surface activity or to troll a daisy chain at speed until you hook up. The bigger tuna will prefer a larger bait, so troll some larger lipped lures and Kona-type lures in the spread as well.

South – The south coast has been much the same as the central section. There have been bottomfish for the charter and recreational boats. The tuna are around for those looking for a fight and the snoek are feeding in the early mornings for the guys with a bit more patience. Further south on Aliwal, the wahoo and sailfish (with the occasional marlin) are keeping the reel grease nice and smooth for the guys hooking them. There is no sound that can match a ratchet screaming from a wahoo take…

Rock and Surf:

The rock and surf fishing has started to move towards edible targeting and away from the flappy and toothy summer fish. You can still target these summer brutes but they are much less common in the colder months.

North – The north coast is a fantastic area to travel to for scratching. The rocky gullies and numerous reefs and ledges offer the angler some prime edible fishing. The beaches are great for targeting the stumpies and pompano that love a nice sandbank with a bit of rolling white water. The north also has a few flatfish on offer. The water is still warm enough to keep these fish around. For the edibles you need pink prawn and chokka while the inedibles want bonito and mackerel.

Central – The central zone has had a flourish of cavebass and rubberlips around the piers and the river mouths. These fish are very vulnerable at the moment and are gobbling most baits. Please do not be overzealous and let some of these fish go back to spawn. There have been some diamond skates and the odd zambie on the beaches but they are few and far between. The edibles have been feeding heavily on chokka and prawn while the diamonds have loved a mackerel head with cutlets on the outside. The zambies that have been caught have all been on swimbaits.

South – The south coast has been throwing a lot of edibles, both in number and variety. There have been grunter, pompano, stumpies, cavebass, rubberlips, brusher, blacktail and bronze bream to name a few. All these fish are there for you to target if you use the correct tackle. Lighter tackle allows you to move around and effectively target all the right areas. Scale down on your trace snoots as well to see the best results. Baits include sealice, crackers, prawns and chokka. You can use the fleshy fish baits, but they generally attract the moray eels. Use circle hooks in various sizes depending on the target species and you will see more hookups and less getting stuck.


The public holidays have made some dams extremely busy, so be aware of other water users while fishing. The bass and carp are still going strong and the trout fishing is picking up every day!

Bass – The bass have been smashing the artificial top water frogs. If you have not experienced a top water frog bass, get your hands on some frogs, head to the nastiest piece of weedy water and hold on for the explosion. This time of year sees the fish start to hunt bigger food items to fatten up for the colder months. Frogs, mice and fish are all present at this time and the bass clue in on this. Choose your bigger lures and look for areas where there is some deeper water for that big momma to hide. Make sure all your knots are good and that you are not using substandard tackle (maybe it’s time to change that line…). Midmar and Albert Falls are still producing a lot of bigger fish but the numbers game is still being played at Hazlemere. Inanda is an in-between venue at the moment and there are plenty of decent fish to be had.

Carp – The carp fishing has continued on the same awesome path as it has been on for the past few weeks. The fish have been eagerly taking our offerings and most of the flavours have produced. The water levels are nice and high so the fish are enjoying the shallows in all the dams. Of particular interest are the shallow areas adjacent to a deeper section of the dam (riverbed for example). Placing your baits in the shallows and the deep will quickly tell you which area the carp are feeding in and where to focus all your energy. Albert Falls continues to be the top dam in KZN for the conventional anglers while Inanda has been the shining star for the specimen guys. Feed your areas well and keep your eyes open for any activity on the water. The Kingfisher is now stocking a fantastic range of canned goods from Conoflex. Come in and have a look at these top quality carp baits.

Trout – The streams are shut, you shall not pass! There is a standing gentleman’s agreement that the streams and rivers are closed to trout fishing during the months without an “r” in them. This means the rivers will “open” again at the start of September. This means Stillwater’s are the place to go. Now this is far from a bad thing, in fact the fishing is hot in the Stillwater’s right now. The fish are hungry and looking to put on weight prior to the spawn. Fishing your bigger prey item imitations like minnows and leeches will see your rod bent and you hoping you tied your backing on properly. For expert advice and knots, pop in to your closest Kingfisher branch for help and assistance.


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