With the calm weather and decent sea conditions, many have been fortunate enough to wet a line this past week. The catches have not mirrored the amount of effort put in, but some decent fishing was had.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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Ray’s tip: Storage. We all would love to fish more than we do; therefore maximizing our time spent fishing is of vital importance. Storage and organisation is often overlooked (to that person’s detriment). There is not much more frustrating than trying to find something in a box when the fish are biting. The best way to keep everything neat and tidy is to allocate boxes to swivels, hooks and traces. This allows you to organise them at home and then pack according to the area you are fishing and the targeted species. For example, I have a box of sliding traces that will obviously not get packed when I’m going scratching. This keeps the clutter minimal and the box much lighter to carry.



The offshore conditions have been idyllic but the fish haven’t played along and catches have been less than perfect.


North – The north coast has been producing some very nice couta over the past few weeks. The fishing has been tough, but the guys that have put in the hours have been rewarded. Start your morning with your baits high up in the water column and then gradually work down in the water column. This is best done using a down rig sinker looped on to the line around 10m above the bait. A simple 4-8oz sinker attached with an elastic band to the line works the charm.

The bottom fishing has also been going very well for the guys and the geelbek and daga have kept the hatches full.


Central – The mackerel are here! The bait-catchers have been rejoicing with the arrival of mackerel. Bait has been in short supply for the past few months and hopefully this injection of life will see some more fishing making it to the boat. The gamefish catches have been dominated by queenfish and tuna. The odd couta has made it to the gaff but they are few and far between. Your best bet is to get some live mackerel and head off for the deeper reefs where you can set up a nice drift with the mackerel positioned at different depths.


South – There have been quite a few competitions held on the south coast in the past few weeks. Various interclubs and of course the King Of The Sea. The fish have not really played ball and most of the results have been dominated by small fish. One interclub was won by a 5kg tuna…

The bottom fishing is going particularly well on the south coast with the charter and recreational anglers getting lots of colour in to their hatches. The bek and daga have been there in the night and a live mackerel has been candy for these fish. Make sure you are rigged correctly as you need the power to pull these fish away from the taxmen.


Rock and Surf:

The flatter seas and calmer weather has meant that many guys have managed to go for a throw this past week. There have been some amazing catches and some empty bags.


North – The north coast has drawn a lot of attention from the guys wanting to get a bite. The ledges up north hold a lot of edible and inedible species that can keep you busy for hours on end. The walks on the beaches are generally very long, so pack enough water to keep hydrated. Fishing these areas is best done with circle hooks to avoid getting stuck and to lessen the damage done to the fish to ensure a safe return to the water. The recommended baits are chokka, prawn and red eye sardine. The bigger fish will prefer the fleshy baits while 90% of the fish will take the chokka. Look at our YouTube channel for Ray’s recommended trace for targeting fish in these areas.


Central – The central section of KZN had an amazing run of very large flatfish this past weekend. There were numerous honeycombs and thorntails close to or over the 100kg mark. These are extremely strong fish and any angler who lands one needs a good pat on the back (and a chiropractor visit). These fish love a whole chokka or a bonito head wrapped in cutlets. Look for the deeper water near sandbanks as these fish will lay in wait for the food to drift off the bank. The piers have also produced a lot of pompano over the past week. Sealice and crackers have been the bait of choice with chokka forming a good base if the peckers are wild.


South – The south coast has been a scratching paradise. The ledges and gullies on this section of coast are great for all the bream species as well as the occasional grunter, brusher or kingy. Chokka and pink prawn is going to be the best choice as a filler for the bait, as not many fish can resist these baits. For the guys looking for some bigger edibles, the garrick have started to make an appearance as well as the kob. Get your hands on some decent live bait and go hunt some of these amazing predators. Remember that both these species take a hammering every year so put back as many as possible or we are soon to see a closed season…



The freshwater catches have continued on a high as the mornings begin to get a little nippy. Definitely time to put a pair of socks under the waders and the bottle of OBS in the fishing box.


Bass – The bass have started to feel the pinch of winter and the bite has slowed down a bit in the dams further inland. The early mornings definitely fish better with a slow retrieve. Focus your efforts in the mornings in the shallow water. The shallower water warms up a lot quicker than the deeper areas and thus is the prime spot for the bass to get the morning sun. This also means that this area will be too hot once the sun gets high and will therefore not be an ideal spot to fish later in the day. Winter fish are generally sluggish, but this time of year the fish are getting ready for the long cold spell and will therefore be looking for bigger food items to fill them up. This fattening up stage is great for us as it means the fish will aggressively attack frogs, rats and bigger baitfish. Give it a go with some larger wakebaits, top waters and some proper size swim baits.


Carp – The KZN dams have been producing some proper catches over the past few weeks. The conventional guys have landed some decent numbers in most of the dams with the odd bigger fish pushing close to or over the 10kg mark. Honey and banana have been fishing very well in both Albert Falls and Inanda while strawberry and garlic have produced for the guys fishing in Midmar. The specimen anglers have been flaunting some great catches from Inanda and Nagle, with the Shongweni syndicate also proving their mettle. Boilies have been the pick of the reported baits with tigers a close second. Flavour has not been as important as setting a good feeding area, so worry more about fishing the area you are baiting properly than what the guy next to you is catching on.

If you are looking at starting out in either the specimen or conventional carp fishing scene, have a look at the Daiwa range of carp rods that are available at all Kingfisher branches as well as any decent tackle store.


Trout – The fly fishing in the Stillwater’s is coming to its peak season. The spawn is going to start soon so the fish are in a feeding mood in an attempt to fatten up for the breeding season. Add a hint of orange on to your flies in an attempt to trigger a response to feed. A good choice at this time of year is to fish your larger dragonfly nymph and minnow imitations. There are hundreds of imitations that you can choose from, but I would suggest a good supply of paparoach, filoplume dragons and some zonker minnows. Keep a variety of colours but focus on olive, green and brown. Fish deeper than normal as the bigger fish will be stationed on the drop-offs waiting for a meal to come off the shallows. Keep an eye out for the rising fish in the morning and evening as the top water bite can be very good at this time of year. Tight lines and screaming reels.


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