The recent big storms have had quite a drastic effect on our coast. The torrential rains lead to the rivers pumping vast amounts of muddy, freshwater in to the sea. Luckily it has cleared up fairly quickly, although the harbour is still a mess. The fishing must go on…

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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Ray’s tip: Hooks are always a hotly debated item in all fishing circles. Everyone has their favourite and most of those choices come down to confidence. Each hook in a manufacturer’s armory has a purpose and as long as you use the hook for its intended use, you will not have any issues or disappointment. Fishing for brusher for example requires a stout hook. There is no point fishing a light wire hook for these fish as you are only going to lose them. A hook like a Mustad Hoodlum is designed for the heavy-duty jaws of the brusher and is the sensible choice. Pick your hooks according to your target species and remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to hooks… don’t be surprised when your 50c hooks come back looking like a toothpick and the guy with the R2.00 hook lands the fish.



The offshore fishing off the KZN coast has had to take a backseat over the past week due to the large obstacles and brown water that pumped in after the last rain. Luckily the water has almost cleared and the fishing is returning to its former glory.


North – The north coast has seen some decent gamefish action with plenty of tuna coming to the gaff. Unfortunately the dirty water sent the sharks in to overdrive and the tax has been higher than normal. The best way to counteract this is the use of heavy tackle with good quality line, hooks and strong drags. I would recommend the Daiwa Saltist BG 50 for trolling and the Daiwa Saltist grinder range for everything else. These weapons will see you landing more than you lose.


Central – The central section of KZN has seen plenty of queenfish coming out. These are fantastic fighters on light tackle and put on an incredible aerial display. I highly recommend targeting these fish using your standard snoek tackle as the fight can be loads of fun. The guys more inclined to fishing for bottoms have not lagged behind. There have been a host of species to target and the influx of freshwater has only made these fish feed more. The geelbek and reds have been loose off Durban. Targeting them is best done with a small mozzie rigged on a circle hook. If you are intending to release your fish, make sure you have a rod rigged with a weight and release hook. This will take the fish back down to the correct depth to equalise.


South – The south coast has seen a lot more brown water pumped in to the sea due to the numerous rivers in the area and the intensity of the storm being a lot higher than that which hit the north. The fishing has suffered because of this, but some have still managed to land a decent catch or two. The tuna have been the main catches along most of the south coast. The guys going out to Aliwal have landed (and lost) some very big fish including some decent wahoo, large tuna, ambers and a marlin or two. The guys fishing closer inshore have not seen the couta as yet, but the snoek are still around and are great fun on the lighter tackle in the early morning.


Rock and Surf:

The KZN rock and surf fishing has exploded in terms of edibles over the past week. There has been an unprecedented amount of lanterns and rubberlips caught over the past week. A lot of these fish have aggregated to spawn, so please release as many as possible.


North – The north coast has had its fair share of edible fish over the past week. The foul weather did not reach as far north as Richards Bay, so the effects of the storm did not phase the guys up there. The fishing has slowed down, but the edibles have taken the place of the big nasties. The big sticks have been put one side and the lighter scratching gear is out in full force to target the abundant edibles that the north coast has to offer. The stumpies and pompano are still around in good numbers and targeting them allows you to fish for multiple species at once. Pink prawn and chokka re the only baits you need for a bite.


Central – The central coast has seen the explosion in catch numbers of lanterns and rubberlips. These species have obviously gathered to breed (spawn) so we must take utmost care not to wipe out the next generation. Keep some, but please release as many as possible. Both these species favour a juicy bait. I would recommend a 4/0 Mustad Tuna circle with either a chokka blob bait or a smaller mozzie head with cutlets. These two baits are quite hardy and can withstand the onslaught of the peckers. The inedibles are still around but the numbers are down or the feeding has ceased. Your best bet is to put out a bigger bait and to wait for the bite while you spin or scratch for the smaller fish.


South – The amount of rain has meant that the river mouths have opened and the brown water has pushed in. There have been some kob around the river mouths and targeting them with a live mullet is very exciting. The bronze bream are around and targeting them on the rocky ledges can see you land a host of species. The inedibles are few and far between, but there have been some smooth hounds down south for the guys in the Uvongo to Port Edward area. Look for the coldest water you can find and use some occie or mullet as bait. Hold tight as these fish are very strong.



The freshwater fishing has not been as badly hit by the recent rains as the sea. The dams have absorbed the influx like they should and the rivers have taken the mud away with them. The fishing has been good in all facets and the summer atmosphere is lingering nicely.


Bass – The bass are feeding well in all the KZN waters. Whether you are at the coast or inland, the bass are there for the taking. Colour is a hotly debated topic in all lure fishing circles. In my opinion, I do not think it is as important as movement/action. That being said, fishing most soft plastics weightless brings out a whole new action from a lure that will give you more bites. The only down side is having to wait much longer for the lure to sink. Try using a circle hook through the middle (wacky) of your favourite worm. The movement you generate will be phenomenal.

Carp – Inanda and Nagle dam are producing some really big specimens over the past few weeks. Midmar and Albert’s on the other hand have been producing more numbers than size. These two dams are more catered for the conventional carp angler than the specimen guy. Sweet flavours continue to dominate the catches over the past week with banana and almond coming out tops (as if anyone is surprised). The Kingfisher has updated their readymade carp rigs and as always, the Korda specimen rigs are available upon request.


Trout – The trout fishing at this time of year is fantastic. The fish are getting ready to spawn and therefore are eating to fatten up. Larger minnow patterns and bigger terrestrial dry flies are the foods of choice. Obviously not all the fish spawn at once and the time varies from place to place, so make sure you still have your “just in case” box of small nymphs. The rivers are all flowing very well and only the smaller streams and headwaters are fishable at the moment. The larger rivers and flowing too strongly to be able to fish properly. All the bigger Stillwater’s are producing really decent fish. The main forage fish are the chubbyhead barbs and the smaller trout (yes they do eat the babies). Use minnow imitations that resemble these and fiddle with the retrieve until you find the sweet spot. Do not overlook the rod under the arm two hand strip. Tight lines and screaming reels.


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