Roll on June. The anticipation for the sardines is building and with some promising signs around, we might be in for another bumper run! Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin. As always, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all our new video releases and to brush up on your species knowledge, tactics and tips/tricks



Ray’s tip: Scents and additives.

Adding scents to your bait is nothing new to freshwater anglers, but for saltwater fishermen it is not a regular occurrence at all. Using scents and essences to enhance your bait can sometimes be the difference between getting the bite or holding pole. There are two main times that we use concentrates from the carp stable and this is the time of year that we use it. Number one is the use of banana essence when using pink prawn for bronze bream. This is fantastic and is a deadly method for these fussy feeders. The second time we use a scent is aniseed on chokka baits for kob. Both these methods not only attract the fish to the bait, but they also make your baitbox smell a lot better.


The offshore fishing has picked up a bit over the past week. The tuna have made a resurgence. The baitfish are loose, so make sure you get out and stock up. Remember to if you take care of your bait (pack it and freeze it properly) it will take care of you.


The north coast has been the most productive section of coast. There have been plenty of fish coming out on the skis and boats. The couta have been around and the guys with the friskiest livebaits have been the successful ones. Make getting some decent livebaits your number one priority once launched and then look for the spots to fish. If you are having trouble hooking the livebaits add some bits of sardine on to the hooks for some extra attraction. Use a heavier sinker than you think you need to avoid the dreaded tangles.


The central section of the KZN coast has produced a lot of bottomfish and gamefish for the boating crowd. The tuna have been the main gamefish coming out and they have not been that picky when it comes to bait. Over the past week, there have been tuna caught on trolled lures, poppers and livebait. Use whichever method you prefer and look for the action (birds or fish busting).

The bottomfishing has seen a lot of geelbek, daga and rockcod being landed. The sharks have taken their tax and beating them has required some heavy tackle.


The big news down south is focused around the kayak-shark “attacks”. Two fishing kayaks have been bitten by sharks on two separate days. This is most likely a case of mistaken identity or territorial behaviour.

The south coast has had little to speak of in terms of gamefish action. There has been plenty of baitfish action but the gamefish have not played along. Aliwal has been the best choice for gamefish and has produced mainly wahoo, tuna and the odd marlin.

Rock and Surf:

The rock and surf fishing has focussed around a few main edibles. Garrick, brusher, bronze bream and kob have been the main fish coming out with a few inedibles in between.


The north coast has produced some decent scratching fish for the guys fishing in the far north. The lower north coast has produced a few grey sharks and some diamond skates. Chokka and prawns have been the key baits for the edibles while mackerel and redeye sardine has been the key to the inedible success.

Scratching in and around the ledges is best done with circle hooks as they do not get stuck as often as their j-hook counterparts and they hook fish better (in my opinion).


The central section of the KZN coast has produced a few decent edibles over the past week. Stumpies, pompano and blacktail have been the main edibles coming out off the piers and beaches. Crackers and prawns have been the best baits and fishing with a lighter hook snoot has also produced better bites.

There have been a few giant inedibles hooked and a few landed over the past week. These fish have been hooked on either swimbaits or droned baits. The main catches have been large sharks (Zambezi and blackfin) while the rays have been mainly honeycombs.


The south coast has seen the arrival of the Garrick which has made many anglers suddenly put in for sick leave. The areas around toti have produced the best results on the upper south coast, while the boys further south have seen good results in the Hibberdene area.

The other exciting fish coming out are the hard-fighting brusher. These fish require heavy tackle and decent hooks. Use a “muscleman” crab on a Mustad hoodlum hook and hold on. While waiting for the bigger fish, flick some baits around for the bream and blacktail. At night, look for the kob.


The freshwater fishing has been incredible over the past week. The carp are feeding slower but the fish are better, the bass are still in summer mode and the Stillwater season is upon us for the trout.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

As always, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all our new video releases and to brush up on your species knowledge, tactics and tips/tricks



The bass fishing is still going well in most of the bigger dams in KZN. The chilly mornings make for some difficult knot tying when you first get to the spot, but the bass are still in summer mode so the fishing warms you up quickly. Albert falls and Midmar are fishing well and have both produced decent bags for the guys over the past week. Inanda has been a hit or miss dam but the hits have been worth the trip.

The cold does sometimes cause the bass to slow down. This means implementing your winter tactics and fishing slowly. My choice is to slow roll spinnerbaits with colorado blades along deeper areas. If you can fish them close to structure, even better. Dark colours such as purple and black are the ones to look out for. You can also fish jigs and larger soft plastics to structure. The bass will be sitting deep in the structure so aim for the heart of the tree and be alert as the bites are normally subtle.


The carp fishing is slowly moving towards a more winter bite. The bigger fish are making an appearance, but the smaller fish are still around in good numbers for the papgooi manne to take advantage. All the dams in KZN are fishing well and the bigger dams will start to come in to their own for the winter bite. Make sure you have all your cold weather gear sorted. This means gas heaters and sleeping bags, not OBS and brandy…

Inanda has fished very well for the conventional anglers, as has Albert falls. These are the go to venues for the conventional anglers at this time of year. Banana and strawberry have been the best flavours over the past week. For the specimen anglers, Inanda has produced some decent fish, but the hidden gem that is Nagle Dam is definitely the place to plan your next trip to. Load up on quality baits and get the gear packed.


The Fly Fishing Film Tour 2019 is happening in Durban on the 13 June 2019. The tickets for this incredible event are selling out fast so gets yours now! The prizes alone are worth the evening, let alone the amazing films.

The stillwater season is upon us and man are there some giant fish already making it on to the brag board that is FaceBook. All of the bigger stillwaters are fishing well and a good minnow pattern or larger dragonfly nymph imitation like a papa roach will put you in the money for a good take. Pair your 5 or 6wt rod with a type 3 sinking line and a short level leader. The shorter leader helps to keep the fly riding at the same depth as the fly line and not floating above it. Give your flies time to sink and fiddle with the retrieves to see what mood the fish are in.

Don’t forget the dry flies for the evening hatch…

This Report from Jan Korrubel from the Kingfisher in PMB

Last Friday saw the close of the Trout River Season for the next few months – season reopens 1 September – and at the same time, the official start of the winter stillwater comp action in The Midlands with last weekend’s Kamberg Trout Festival.  It’s all systems go from now as this weekend sees Leg1 of the TOPS Corporate Challenge (2 more Legs to follow, and then a Final), and next weekend sees the Boston Fly Fishing Festival.  Tight Lines to all the anglers – may the fish be with you!


The Kamberg Valley, a favourite haunt for fly anglers, yielded some lovely fish over last weekend’s Festival – Durban angler, Brett Giles, reported a fish of 58cm, and word from the fishes mouth (unconfirmed that is…) was that the biggest fish was near the mid-60cm mark.


Down from The Big Smoke, top fisherman accolades went to visiting angler Lyle Smith with 23 fish and 860cm of trout measured, 2nd place honours went to Durban-based Greg Zeiler with 19 fish and 748cm measured, while 3rd place went to Simon Giles also of Durban, with 17 fish and 717cm measured.


Team honours were : Extreme Fish Fighters in 1st place with 69 fish and a total of 2458cm measured, Split Cane in 2nd place with 38 fish and 1597cm measured, and 3rd place went to Infinity with 34 fish and 1533cm measured.


The multi-million dollar question of every fly anglers lips at the moment of course, is what fly to use?  In an event like the Kamberg Trout Festival with 120 anglers, you might expect there to be at least some common thread in the flies being taken by the fish, but as these things go, the choice of fly that goes in the water is due to the angler, and it seems that was a varied as the number of stars in open space.  Top Tip from one of the anglers from winning team EFF (Extreme Fish Fighters), was CHANGE … a simplification of that old adage “adapt or die”; i.e. if something isn’t working for you, then move (to another area) / try something else (another fly, retrieve, depth).


The wide range of successful flies is probably due to the recent sudden change in weather – waters are cooling rapidly now and the fish are somewhat inbetween taking a mix of natural-coloured patterns with a sprinkling of the brighter, hot-spot, patterns normally associated with winter trout fishing.


Some good bass were still being taken through to the middle of last month, but have slowed right down now after the recent cold snap.


The scaly (yellowfish) hunters will also have to wait till summer comes around again, although there can some great winter fishing – slow, but big fish – to be had in the lower reaches of the rivers.


Don’t forget to visit your favourite Kingfisher store for THE VERY BEST in advice and get tackled up to tackle that PB that is waiting for you!


Tight lines and screaming reels

The Kingfisher

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