With some foul weather and heavy seas, last week did not see as much fishing as we would like. The good days were memorable though…

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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Ray’s tip: What knot to know?

The correct knot can be the difference between landing a fish or going home with only a sob story. Tying the right knot incorrectly will also leave you wanting. Knots are a game of practice. You need to dedicate time to practicing your most important knots and always test them before you use them. Rather break a knot in your hand than on a fish. If you are struggling with tying knots or want to know when to use which knot, the Kingfisher Durban branch (53 Hunter Street) is hosting an overview clinic on knots on the 12 of October between 9 and 10am. Outside of this clinic you can pop in to any Kingfisher branch and the helpful staff can show you the ropes…literally.



The rough seas have kept most off the water, but the gaps of good weather have seen shoals of jet skis, fishing skis and ski boats hit the water and come back with decent results.


North – The north coast is still producing some couta for the dedicated anglers. The couta run this year has been more of a walk…If you are yet to get your couta this season then you better make plans to head north.

The rest of the north coast has been a mix of tuna and snoek for the most part. The deeper waters have yielded some interesting catches for the trolling fanatics with plenty of tuna, some magnificent billfish and a few very early Dorado. Let us hope the dorries start soon and get the summer off to a bang. Get your pink lures out and ready!


Central – The central coast has seen the most boat traffic with both charter and recreational anglers making a lot of launches this past week.

The fishing has been tough and the seas have been a bit “iffy” on some days. The anglers going after game fish have managed some nice catches. Tuna have been the main fish targeted using the usual method of drifting with a live bait or trolling lipped lures in search of fish. The by catch has been a mix of queenfish, smaller tuna species and a few sailfish. The anglers fishing inshore have managed a few decent snoek for their efforts. The Garrick have also been around and some of the fishing ski anglers have landed some very nice specimens. These gentlemen fighters are best targeted with a circle hook bridled on a live bait. This is then trolled in the same area you target snoek, just keep an eye on the waves!


South – The south coast has seen a lot of bottom fish action over the past couple of weeks. This has mainly been due to the game fishermen going north and the rest of the anglers putting away the lures in favour of a KP. The main targets have been reds, rockcod and geelbek/daga. These have all been around in varying numbers. Your best bet is to get in touch with a decent skipper to find the best areas to target the respective species but do not expect someone to give up all their secret spots, rather ask what to look for than the exact location. The far south has seen some amberjack action on the wrecks but these beasts have beaten the anglers more than the anglers have beaten them. Use the strongest tackle you have and hold tight.


Rock and Surf:

Summer is here! With more and more summer fish being caught along with videos and pictures of bent rods and screaming drags, it is a great time to go for a throw.


North – The north coast has seen the most of the early season summer fish action. The Richards Bay / Hlobane area is the best bet if you are looking for the new PB sandy as a few have been landed over the past week. The Banks and Tugela area are fairly quiet at the moment but have produced bites from diamonds and raggies. Both these spots benefit from the northeast wind so keep an eye on the weather and shoot up when we have a few days of NE. Get your hands on fresh bait and make sure all your tackle is in good nick and you use only the best (Mustad) hooks to ensure the trip doesn’t end in disappointment. The lower north coast has seen a lot of grey sharks off the points. Your standard FMJ or bite trace will be the best for targeting these fish. Use a mackerel head with some cutlets wrapped around and you should be in the money.


Central – The central coast has been much the same as the lower north coast. The grey sharks have been around for the guys fishing at night. The bigger baits have been picked up by some very impressive diamond rays going up to 80kgs! These fish have very large mouths so do not fret about small baits. Use a bonito head with the rest of the bonito wrapped around it…the bigger the better. This will also keep your bait fishing for longer with the rampant peckers around.


Use a 9/0 or 10/0 Mustad Tuna Circle and you will see more bites convert in to fights. The basin area has seen a run of blue skates this past week. These fish love a softer bait and really enjoy a chokka and redeye sardine. This on a smaller circle such as a 6/0 or 7/0 Mustad Tuna Circle will be the ticket to the blues. These are the skates responsible for most of the spikings, so be careful around them and rather ask if you are uncertain of how to handle them. Treat the fish with respect, never put your fingers in the spiracles, never flip them over and do not gaff them.


South – The south coast has also seen some of the early summer flatfish action. There have been some honeycombs, grey sharks, diamonds and sandies to name a few. Most of these have come off the deeper beaches when a bait can be cast in to the deep water. Mackerel, bonito and redeye sardines have been the best of the baits for the inedibles. The edible fishing on the south coast has been focussed around stumpies, brusher and Garrick. There have been a few bronze bream but they are few and far between at the moment so we will have to wait for more action…

The stumpies have been picking up the brushers baits (crabs) as well as the smaller prawn baits put out on the banks for them. The brusher have been wild on the upper south coast with Anstey’s being a real hotspot at the moment. The garrick have been around but they are not predictable at the moment and it seems they have moved off.



Unfortunately we have had no reports in from the Durban Harbour about any fish landed.


News from Mtunzini: “Another baby brindle bass was caught in the lagoon; this is excellent news as these highly endangered fish are choosing our estuarine system to breed in. These fish MUST be released they are protected by law. If you do not know what they look like, they look like a rockcod but are yellow and black. The whale that was on the beach is now about 1km sea side on the main car park and still stinks, when we passed it we did not  stop to see if crabs were eating it or for that matter fish. Over the weekend fishing was slow but in saying that fish were caught the most notable reported was a snub nose or longfin pompano, the fish was 37cm long (1.84kg ORI) and was tagged and released by Sachen and his son Kaylin, well done guys. Some guys fished most of the night at Shangri La because using a drone and throw bait and left empty handed, after putting in so much time and effort it is heart breaking but hey, that is what brings us back, I am sitting on 4 blanks in a row, my friend ever so politely suggested I gave up fishing and stay in the shop.


Friday and Saturday weather wise were good boat fishing days. Nanook went out on Saturday and boated a number of tuna, well done to them. On Friday I went out on Chukka and to our horror we left the coords in the bakkie so while milling around the wreck are we managed a few slinger, we were joined briefly by Glow Worm after throwing some spoons he soon left. On our way to home reef we found a deep hole going from 8m to 15m back up to 8m in front of Doggies so we drifted over that and caught a lot of kob and small rockcod, we threw a lot back as they were little, Mark joined us and he and his crew were soon on the fish, the water was green and 20.3deg at the wreck it was 19deg and green. We headed back to watch the rugby but missed the first half as we got stuck on the ramp, the ramp is very soft as Dicks Construction are busy opening it up and doing a great job. This weekend the Ski boat Club are hosting a Bottoms Fishing Comp”. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.




The bass pictures are getting bigger and bigger with some absolute pigs getting caught. The carp anglers are in their element and are continually landing good hauls. The trout are starting to calm down but the big Stillwater’s are still producing trophies.


Bass – The number of big fish being caught at the moment is amazing! Granted some of the social media reports have been from inland, the KZN dams are still seeing fantastic results. Albert Falls is probably the pick of the lot if you are wanting to get your new PB and a few close to it. This amazing venue has seen more big fish landed in the last week than any other. Crankbaits allow you to work an area quickly to see if the fish are actively feeding. A switch to a jerkbait and a more erratic stop-start retrieve will trigger any inactive bass to feed. Colours should resemble the natural forage as close as possible, but keep a bright jerkbait in the box to annoy the bass when nothing seems to work.


Carp – The carp fishing for both specimen and conventional anglers has been going very well. With weigh slings straining under the force of a new PB and keepnets getting full, the time to wet a line is now!

The conventional anglers have been having great success with garlic, honey and cinnamon flavours on their baits. These are three basic flavours that should be in every box (a strong scent, a sweet scent and a spicy scent). Albert Falls is treating the carp anglers as well as the bass anglers. A combination of sweet and strong scents have been the best for tempting the bigger fish but the smaller carp have been pouncing on most baits. Inanda has continued to be the pick for the specimen anglers as the quality of the fish is currently phenomenal! The size and condition the fish are in at the moment makes for some stunning photos. Tigernuts are the best of the baits while hemp seed remains the best feed to keep the big boys rooting around in your feeding area.

The Loutjie Louwies Signature Series has a new range of floaters and bullets available at all leading tackle stores to complement the fantastic range of products already on offer. For those wanting to bait an area effectively, the Loutjie Louwies Signature Series feeding weights are now in stock at all leading tackle stores.


Trout – The trout fishing in the Stillwater’s is beginning to slow down with the warmer temperatures becoming the norm. The bigger lakes and dams however have enough depth to keep areas cold even in the hottest weather and these are the areas to focus your effort if the shallows are not working. The heat does bring good news in the form of insect hatches that will bring the fish to the surface. So keep your eyes peeled for any activity on the surface whether you are on the river or the lake and get your dries ready for some top water fun.

The other fly rod targets at the moment are the native scalies. These yellowfish are picky eaters and strong fighters, everything we look for in a target! Pop in to any of our branches and we can get you on track to get some Natal scalies in your net.



News from Jan Korrubel, The Kingfisher in PMB – “It seems that the Weather Gods are having a game of “Winter ON” / “Winter OFF” … from proper chilly to near 40 degrees … flicking the switch willy-nilly at random!  And now officially 1 month past the 1 September “Spring Day”, we are still awaiting the “Spring” rains while they tease us with overcast skies and rolling thunder at night, but no rain as yet to follow through with the “advertising”.


A week ago, the forecast for this coming weekend / week was a “massive snow dump” and some 20+mm of rain, but this has all but disappeared, maybe a damp squib at best … current forecast is for (very) minimal snow fall and only a couple of mm of rain here and there over the next week.  That being said, if it helps settle the dust, we’ll take it and just keep hoping that there more on the way…


So still not the best of conditions for the trout streams, but there are fish to be had for the guys that are out there unable to wait to for the rains.  When fishing skinny (and potentially warm) water in the upper reaches, tippet up and get the fish in quickly for a fast release…the best way to preserve our stocks for the years to come.  There have been some reports of good fish from the Stillwater’s – flies of choice are the usual summer suspects: Woolly Buggers in olive and black (Speedcop), along with dragon and damselfly nymphs.


This last weekend saw event #2 in the KZN Small Craft Bass League which was held on Mearns Dam in The Midlands.  Some great fish in the 40-45cm bracket came out.  Top performing lures were weightless Super Flukes, Horny Toad and Finesse Worms – fished in the channels and changing colour depending on water clarity.  The next KZNSCBL Midlands event takes place on Midmar Dam on 7 December.   Local angler Lashen Murugan seems to have found his groove with some superb fish coming to hand from Albert Falls Dam.  These would be a formidable target on fly…


The Scaly (Natal Yellowfish) action is still going strong – and some excellent fish being reported in the 40-50cm (and over) bracket.  Patiently waiting for news of that 60cm fish that is sure to be out there.  Fish are being taken primarily on nymphs (Hot Spots and flashbacks); no reports as yet of any dry fly action.


We look forward to seeing you in your favourite Kingfisher Tackle Store to assist you with the VERY BEST in tackle and advice”! Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.


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