With just over 80 days until Christmas, the fishing is starting to get very exciting with some epic catches and better weather.


Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.


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Ray’s tip: Braid to nylon knots. Joining braid to a nylon leader can get people in to a bunch in more ways than one. There are a few knots or methods you can use to make your life easier. The most popular for the spinning fraternity is the use of a small power swivel joined to your mainline braid by means of a Palomar knot. Your length of nylon or fluorocarbon is then tied on to the swivel. This method allows you much less effort when changing leaders as you only have to tie the leader material to the swivel, so a single knot instead of a more intricate braid knot. The next method would be to join your braid to the leader material directly by means of one of the many knots. The following are the best: PR knot, FG knot and the slim beauty. Pop in to any Kingfisher branch if you need help tying these.



The big seas and strong winds have kept many off the water this past week, but promise of better weather and some calm patches have many excited.


North – The north coast of KZN has produced some real quality snoek over the past few months. Most of the action has been based around the lower north at places such as Jex Estate. Although access to this area is difficult, the reward far outweighs the effort. Fillet baits and spoons have been the two best methods beating out the small lipped lures like the Kingfisher Rattler or the Strike Pro Magic Minnow. Trolling the fillets and lures close to the backline while working a spoon in the area is certain to produce a bite. Sometimes you may be surprised what species latches on to your bait…


Central – The central coast has seen a little bit of game fish action in the form of tuna. These have been mainly on live bait but a few anglers have managed some on the poppers and stick baits. The live baits have either been drifted behind the boats while catching bait or bottom fishing, or slowly trolled in likely areas. A 6/0 Mustad tuna circle through the top lip or bridled though the eye sockets will see better hook-ups and a live bait that stays alive for a lot longer. The bottom fishing has not been as fruitful as it has been in the past few weeks. The commercials, charters and recreational anglers are all struggling for a bite. Perseverance is all that will help…and fresh bait!


South – The south coast has been a bit of a mystery. There has been very little in the forms of stories or reports from the anglers down south.

The bottom fishing has been a lot better down on the south coast with few trips not producing some bigger fish. The coppers and cracker have been the special catches in between the geelbek, daga and reds. These slow-growing fish are very vulnerable to overexploitation so please put as many back as possible. Aliwal has produced a few tuna and other game fish but the wait for the summer fish is getting too much!


Rock and Surf:

The summer fish are here! Although not in great numbers yet, the summer giants are starting to make an appearance and the sound of drags screaming is becoming a regular occurrence.


If you are struggling with baits for these fish and knowing when to use what, the Kingfisher is hosting a bait clinic this Saturday (5th October 2019) at the 53 Hunter street branch from 9am to 10am. The clinic is open to anyone and is free so we will see you there!



Please remember that the shad season is now closed. This means you can no longer keep any shad or use them as bait. Any shad caught must be released immediately. Well done to the winner of the September shad competition: 1st Vinay Seoraj (5.86kg), 2nd Tyler O’Connor (4.66kg) and 3rd Tyrone Botha (4.46kg).


North – The north is where the first summer action starts and is thus highly monitored at this time of year. The banks have started to produce fish as has the Richards Bay area. The banks have mainly been throwing diamonds while the RB area has been producing the variety. Most of this fishing can be done using the same trace and baits with a little variation here and there to target specific species.



Central – The Durban beachfront area has been seeing a lot of action over the past week. This is due mainly to the poor weather restricting fishing in other areas and the beachfront being a lot more protected and thus more fishable than many other spots. The piers are still producing shad (now closed season) and other edibles. The other edibles include stumpies, stone bream, brusher and pompano to name a few. The best baits have been mixes of chokka and prawn for the stumpies while the brusher have found a muscleman crab irresistible. The beaches have seen a lot of anglers targeting the inedible summer fish with varying success. The main catches have been blue and brown rays with some grey sharks and diamonds mixed in.


South – The south coast has been very similar to the central coast with the headlands and points mimicking the piers. The south coast has seen more inedibles on the beaches in the form of honeycombs, brown skates, sandies and some blackfin sharks. The beaches with rips pushing in to the deeper water and areas where you can get on to a bank and put your bait in to the deeper pockets are the best spots to target these summer fish. Make sure you have some decent bait in the form of mackerel, redeyes and chokka in your box and you are good to go. The ledges and gullies are still producing a lot of brusher and are definitely worth a try if you are wanting to catch one of these hard-fighting fish.


News from Mtunzini: During the week the first of the baby Honey Comb Rays were caught in the lagoon, they currently around 3.5kg and will hang around for a few months, if you catch one please don’t turn it upside down to try get the hook out, if it swallowed the hook just cut the line and it will spit the hood out by itself, there are also small Grunter and Stumpnose, please handle them with care. With the south wind blowing the best places to fish are the steel bridge area and to the right of the main car park as these are fairly sheltered, same for the boats. On the surf side there was some heavy side wash over from Saturday afternoon through Sunday resulting in slow fishing. I believe some nice size Kob was caught early Saturday morning further than that mainly Rats and Mice. The S wind that we are currently having should stop the side wash however it will be very difficult to fish. Today or tomorrow we are expecting a delivery of fresh Chokka i.e. the first of the new season. We have decided to keep the very popular Mustad Demon Perfect Circle Hooks 16/0 in stock all I need now is cable 3mm and we all set for drone angling for the summer season. It is the closed Shad season, play it safe and release them, remember you cannot use them as bait either. Ski boat fishing has been quiet of late mainly due to incumbent weather however Louis took the window on Saturday morning and went Snoek hunting but no luck however he reported a massive shoal of Shad at the wreck almost as though they waiting for the closed season starting tomorrow to enter the surf zone and tease the anglers. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.


Harbour – The harbour is starting to see a lot more action than in past weeks. The shore-based spinning anglers are getting some decent kingies on lures. Small paddletails, poppers, bucktails and spoons are your best weapons for these fish. Remember to go as light as you can get away with. The boat-based anglers are getting some very nice grunter on the banks and are also hooking some big brown skates and honeycomb rays. The garrick have all but disappeared and your time is best focussed on one of the other predatory species (kingies, springer or tarpon).



The odd days of bad weather forced some rock and surf or ski boat anglers to the freshwater scene and many have decided to stay. The bass are getting bigger in every social media post, the carp are glistening in the PB photos and the trout are showing off their beautiful colours in the river’s and Stillwater’s.


Bass – The bass fishing in KZN is on fire! All of the local waters are producing some proper fish and the bigger dams like Midmar and Albert Falls have seen a couple fish well over 4kgs, with some getting close to 6kgs! Soft plastics have been the way to go for the bigger fish. This is because of the variety in the shapes available, the scents on the products and the numerous ways to fish each lure. Creature baits and flukes have been the go to plastics for the guys fishing Alberts and Midmar with Watermelon red and Junebug being the two most popular colours. Rigs have varied from guy to guy but weightless and Texas rigs have been the most used. For the guys who prefer a faster form of fishing, the crankbaits and chatterbaits/bladed jigs are the answer. Colours are a personal choice but chartreuse and white or natural variations will be the best bet at any venue.


Carp – The carp fishing has been on form in KZN with both the specimen and the conventional anglers seeing great results. Inanda has been the dam of choice for the specimen anglers. Although most have not seen success in a single day, the guys who have put the effort in over a weekend have seen big fish and many runs. Tigernuts and hemp are in short supply across the entire SA for good reason. If you can get your hands on these, buy in bulk! The hemp is amazing for the feed area while the tigers are a deadly hook bait. Albert Falls has been the dam of choice for the conventional anglers. The new Kingfisher Poseidon carp rods are now available at all leading tackle stores and they are flying out fast so make sure you get yours before stocks run out. The banana flavour mielie bombs have been the most successful feed at Alberts with a sweet mielie or floatie proving to be the best hook bait.


Trout – The trout are of epic proportions at the moment. All the fish are in prime condition and are full of the spring fodder. The touch of orange in a fly is still your best chance at getting a bite from an inactive fish while a faster streamer will be first prize if the fish are actively moving and feeding. The dry fly fishing is still going from strength to strength with each warm day making the rises more abundant and the hatches denser.

All of the bigger Stillwater’s are producing quality fish while the streams and rivers are seeing good catches of both browns and rainbows. Zak nymphs and Gun nymphs are the killer option for the rivers.


News from Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “Winter was back with a bang earlier this week, and hey, after the near 40 degree temps of the week before, it’s still pretty fresh out there.  While there was less than 5mm of rain reported for Nottingham Road Village, some better falls (up to 20mm) were reported from the up lying areas closer to the mountain – so we hope that the catchments received some input and the rivers will get a bit of a push; and there’s still some vestiges of snow lingering on the Central and Southern ‘Berg…hence the freshness!


While grateful for the sprinkling received so far, we are still keeping all applicable digits and appendages crossed for more; as indicated in last week’s reports, “Simon Says…” it *ALWAYS* rains on his birthday which is next week…and looking ahead on the Norwegian Weather Crystal Ball, it just looks like he might be right…


Last weekend saw the Natal Fly Fishers Club (NFFC) holding their annual Natal Yellowfish (scaly) Clinic, this time out at Nyala Pans in the Umkomaas River Valley – presented by KZNFFA Team Member, Shaun Dickson, reports from the Clinic indicate that it was a roaring success with a good number of fish coming to hand.  Do get in touch with the NFFC if events like these are of interest.


For the fly tiers out there, the Natal Fly Dressers Society (NFDS) meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month – this coming week features an interesting variation of a Caddis pattern, presented by Andrew Savides, perfect for the rivers.  For more info on fly tying and the Club, please pop into the Kingfisher-PMB and have a chat to Jan.


So while currently still not the best of conditions for the trout streams as we wait for the rains, the Stillwater’s have been producing some good fish.  No names mentioned (!), but a superb 61cm Stillwater brown popped up recently.


After some fantastic action over the past while, the bass boys have gone a bit quiet.


The weather looks to be settled for the next week or so, so we look forward to seeing you in your favourite Kingfisher Tackle Store to assist you with the VERY BEST in tackle and advice!” Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.


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