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Now on to the fishing report, with most of the conversations being had at the moment focussed around the global pandemic, fishing has unfortunately taken a bit of a backseat. This being said, there have been great catches from all facets. Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

Ray’s tip: Stay healthy, go fishing, not only exposes you to some essential Vitamin D (or at least stimulates the production of Vitamin D in your body) but it also calms the soul and relaxes the mind. The last two factors can be vital for keeping positive in a state of panic. The virus does not do well in heat so a fast spinning drag should sort it out. Go and target some honeycombs and sandies for the best results. It is recommended that you wash your hands frequently so stay close to a source of water at all times. The sea is a good example of a source of water, also salt is a good antiseptic… In all seriousness, be safe and hygiene conscious and everything will be alright.



The offshore conditions have been virtually idyllic. Flat, calm and hardly any wind. The fish have not been as responsive as the anglers but there have been some very good catches made.

North – There have been some proper couta taken by both the ski boat and fishing ski guys. The Westbrook (Stud rock) area has been a real hotspot for these fish. The sharks have been taxing the anglers hard though and some hard fights have ended with short explosive words and empty hatches. The couta have mainly been caught on live bait down-rigged with at least a 4oz sinker. This is done by means of an elastic band wrapped around the line. If you cannot get your hands on live bait, do not waste your trip floundering around the backline, go take those frozen mackerel for a swim.

Central – The Durban beachfront area has been a hive of activity in the form of competitions and recreational launches. The comps have been a mixed bag of success with most of the entrants catching fish but a lot of the catches not meeting the minimum sizes for the competitions. The species caught have been mainly snoek, couta, tuna and dorado with the occasional kingfish thrown in. Live bait has been the best choice of bait for targeting multiple species. On the calmer days the trolling of lipped or skirted lures has found the action a lot quicker than drifting with live baits. The darker colours for these lures have been producing the better results. The benefit of this trolling is that you can also target the faster pelagics such as wahoo, sailfish and marlin.

South – The south coast has seen a lot more baitfish activity than the north or central zones. The shoals have been mainly mackerel and redeye sardines but the occasional pack of bonito have popped up. Finesse is key when targeting bait to avoid scaring the shoal and sending them deeper. Do not drive straight through the shoal! The bottom fishing crews have had some good success with the amberjack and yellowtail further south. These bruisers have won more battles than they have lost but targeting them is true fun and a test of any tackle.

Rock and Surf:

The surf has been behaving this past week and the fishing has been settled. The shad are around on most mornings, the kingies are feeding well up north and the summer inedibles are making people make noises while their drags scream.

North – Kingies on lures and live bait. The upper north coast has seen a lot of action for the guys targeting the kingfish on both lure and live bait. Swimming a live bonefish or wave garrick in a rip is always a good method to target these fish. Rig the bait with either a single J-hook or circle. Slightly further south the areas such as Tugela have been producing inedible and edible fish over the past while. Seola has seen a lot of kob in the past few weeks. Most of these fish have been on the smaller side but they are still a lot of fun to go and catch. There have been plenty of inedibles around the north coast. The zambies are full up so if you want to target them, now is your time. Get a nice big live bait past the shore break and you should go tight.

Central – The basin has been producing fish on a fairly regular basis. There has been a lot of pressure on these fish, so the action has lessened but there are still fish to be caught. Please handle them with care, as little as possible and get them back in the water. A general purpose inedible trace with a 9/0 circle hook will cover most of the fish you are likely to catch. This area is also a great place to learn to fish for inedibles and a lighter rod like the Poseidon Edible 14’6” or 15’, with a 6/0 circle and smaller baits can be a lot of fun with the grey sharks and brown skates. The piers have seen a bit of edible action in the form of shad in the early mornings and stumpies at night. Spinning for the shad with s-bend spoons has been fairly productive but the top bung has reigned top.

South – Bronze bream have been coming out along most of the south coast. These are amazing fish to target and they take a fair bit of skill to regularly catch. It is always a good idea to have traces made up with and without the orange floats. Also, traces with heavier and lighter hook snoots. Maxima Ultragreen in 20 and 15lb will cover all your bronze bream hook snoot needs. If you are not comfortable making your own trace, The Kingfishers Saltwater Sport Traces range have a very good bronze bream trace with a red float. The rocks and beaches in the Winkelspruit area have been producing a lot of shad action in the mornings and early evenings. Those that prefer a good workout will be best suited throwing a mackerel head off one of the points or the deeper beaches. There have been plenty of strong flatfish waiting in the deep to test the knots and drag capabilities of your tackle.


The harbour has been very kind to both lure and bait fishermen. The grunter have been keeping the bait guys busy on the banks with some decent specimens coming to the net. Remember to use as light tackle as possible to not only enjoy the fight but also to trick the cautious grunter in to feeding. The Kingfisher has just launched the new range of Daiwa LT (light and tough) reels which are perfect for this type of angling. There is one for every budget and every application so get to your nearest Kingfisher branch or other quality tackle store.


The spinning action has been focussed mainly around bonito and snoek over the past few months. These species are bot a bit finicky at times but can produce some amazing action that will have you coming back for more. Small compact spoons that match the local forage and can be thrown a long way are essential to success, (one that has worked very well is The Kingfisher Anchovy spoon).  Switch to lighter (thinner) braids to allow you to get the distance required and keep the retrieves rapid. Use fluorocarbon in the cleaner water to give yourself the edge. Both bonito and snoek are best targeted from deep-water points or beaches where you can get past the backline with your spoon. If these coincide with a river mouth, you are in for some action!


The freshwater news has mainly been focussed around the amazing bass fishing season we have been having but the carp and trout have not been disappointing the anglers.

Carp – The carp fishing at most of our KZN venues has continued to keep the conventional and specimen anglers happy. If you had to pick a single venue for both faces, it would have to be Inanda. With the possibility of catching some amazing specimens or large hauls of smaller fish. The key at Inanda over the past few months has been the accuracy of your fishing. This means fishing to the same area consistently for your whole session. A reel with a good line clip is essential. Have a look for the new Daiwa Emblem 45mm SCW, not only does it come with a good high impact clip, but it also has two spools (one for casting and one higher capacity for dropping baits). In terms of flavours at Inanda, honey has been working amazingly well for the conventional anglers. The specimen guys have done well using hemp seed in their feed and then a tigernut or three as their hook bait.

Bass – The bass fishing in KZN has been amazing! Albert Falls, Midmar, Hazlemere and Inanda have all been good choices and have produced some beasts over the past few months. Soft plastics have proven to produce more big fish than any other single technique. With the wide variety of soft plastics available in the current market, you can get almost any lure that you want. Watermelon red, green pumpkin, watermelon seed and junebug are all essential colours to have. Find the patterns that work for you and get them in multiple colours. A good idea is to have flukes, straight-tail worms, curly-tail worms and a creature bait of sorts as a basic cover. You can obviously have a lot more variety than this but these are the basic varieties.

Trout – The trout fishing is on the rise…The cooler temperatures will get the fish in to more of a feeding mood and the fishing at all the venues in KZN will start to pick up over the next few months. For the time being, the fishing is still worth the trip to the berg. Fishing the deeper areas of the dams on warm days will produce the best results. Look for the original creek/riverbed and fish along this with a sinking line and some streamers. On the days that are a bit cooler, you can focus your efforts around the dam focussing on structure such as weed lines or drop-offs. For those who prefer the stream and river fishing, the season has been going well. The rains have led to deeper pools and more consistent flow although there has been too much flow at times. Focus on only a few key patterns such as Zak and Gunn nymphs for the subsurface work and then elk hair caddis flies for the surface. These patterns are general imitators that cover a wide range of tasty organisms on a trout’s menu.

Tight lines and screaming reels

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