The sardines have been keeping those looking for big sharks busy, the freshwater venues are slowly opening up and the Kingfisher birthday sale is about to start!

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Ray’s tip: The right stuff.

Using the right tackle for the situation is of vital importance to not only landing your intended catch but also enjoying the experience. Many anglers have learnt the hard way this past few weeks when they attempted to tackle the giant sharks of the sardine run with tackle designed for much smaller targets. This always ends in lost tackle and possibly a fish/shark with hundreds of meters of line/braid trailing behind it. If you want to know if your tackle is up to the task, don’t be afraid to ask. Knots are of vital importance and knowing how to tie them yourself is just as important. Rather break a knot while testing than one a fish of a lifetime.


The post-lockdown fishing has been good for the offshore sector. The couta and wahoo have been the main targets but many species have been boated over the past few weeks.

North – The north has been a lot more productive since the sardine run pulled some of the taxmen down south. Couta and dorado have been the main gamefish catches. Livebait has remained king, with mackerel proving to be the best of the best. Downrigging your baits at different depths will quickly find the active feeding zone. Once you know the depth the fish are feeding, you can place more baits at that depth to been more successful.

Popping for tuna has produced a couple bigger fish but the livebait fishing has been more productive.

Central – The shoals of sardines have started to come round the bluff and the accompanying gamefish and sharks have come with. Witnessing the mayhem around a pocket of sards is something you don’t forget very soon. You can either throw a spoon or popper around the action, troll your lipped lures around or jig and drop a live sardine from the shoal. The central zone has been a bit quiet over the past week with most of the focus falling on the south coast. There have been some late season dorado, some couta, snoek and some beautiful bottomfish. Live mackerel have been successful on all fronts and getting a couple in the well takes a lot of pressure off. The backline has seen some very good snoek and garrick fishing around the river mouths. Trolling a livebait for garrick while spinning for snoek is a lovely way to spend a morning.

South – The south has seen some amazing fishing offshore with couta, tuna, garrick, wahoo and snoek being the main culprits on the hit list. For the wahoo, a live bonnie has been the key. Unfortunately, catching them has been very difficult. One method that has seen a bit of success is the use of a small fly fished on a light leader (15lb fluorocarbon) on a long shot behind the boat/ski (Hong Kong style) will generally get you a picky bonnie. Remember that they do not survive well in a livewell so have a rod rigged and ready for them so you can put one out as soon as you land it. Much like the central zone, spinning for snoek on the backline while trolling a live mackerel is a good way to target two species at once (just watch the waves).

Rock and Surf:

Massive sharks feeding in the shore break, gamefish in the mix and many empty spools.

North – The north coast has seen a lot of edible action in the form of rockcod, pompano, stumpies, shad and kob. The kob have been taking a hammering along the Tugela stretch and it is important to remember that the bag limit is 1 fish per person per day with the minimum size being 60cm! Too many anglers have left the beach with piles of fish, most of which have been undersized. The far north has seen very good action on the reefs with decent rockcod and pompano being landed. Chokka has been the most productive bait. Most of the deeper bays have seen shad action on sardine and Japanese mackerel.

Central – The beachfront has seen some good fishing since its opening. Most of the central zone fishermen have made the trip down south to follow the sardines instead.

The blue lagoon “pier” has seen the most productive fishing over the past couple of weeks. The stumpies have been feeding well for most of the day and night. Prawn, chokka and sardine heads have been the best baits. The shad fishing has been slow but the persistent anglers have done well. The lure guys have seen less success but with some of the sardine action moving past, the fishing should pick up!

South – The sardine hotspots have all lived up to their reputation this year. Pennington, Rocky Bay, Pumula to name a few have all seen a lot of action. The gamefish action has not been amazing on the whole but guys have managed good catches of kingies, garrick, shad and some snoek (with a prodigal son or three). The main focus has been on the giant sharks. This is 80lb Daiwa J Braid + territory and is not for the faint hearted! The drone anglers have seen the most hook-ups but with the sheer number of fish in the water, swim offs are a constant problem no matter the thickness of your line. Trace wise, the 12/0 Mustad Demon Circle heavy hook has been the hook of choice for price and strength. This connected to 250lb+ carbon-coated Fishmate steel makes for a more than heavy enough setup. If they bite through 250lb, they will bite through anything.

News from Mtunzini. At last we will have a break in the weather and it will be a bit warmer, we Zululand people do not perform well when the weather drops below 20, Saturday and Sunday will see a high of 24 so we can move freely about.

Marius and Sarel are down on the lagoon at the moment and are getting stuck into the Pickhandle Barracuda, River Bream and River Snapper they are slow trawling as Sarel is probably giving Marius Couta catching lessons hahahaha. We have dark moon spring this weekend so we are expecting the fish to be on the bite due to a lot of water movement. Although high tide is in the afternoon  getting onto the water early will be the best time as the river will still be full at 6 am and will really empty out around 10am as most of the river is about 2 hours hrs. behind the sea tide.



The main beach is still closed to fishing and it will only open when all beaches are fully open as it stands now you cannot walk across the beach to get to the water’s edge. Fishing this week has been non-existent in such as the weather has no played its part, young Mark fished on Wednesday during the break in rain and bought his bait back with a note attached, “great bait presentation better luck next time”. He reported no side wash or weed. This weekend we have a calm sea and reasonably warm weather and the main fish been targeted is Kob by sounds of things, due to the shortage of Chokka good baits are Mullet and Shad fillet.


Launching from the river and beach will be open soon, the ski boat club is busy sorting the protocols out with the parks board, please be patient but I am quiet confident it will be done in time to be able to launch tomorrow and Sunday. The weather is looking good for a going out and it seems that bottoms are on the target list, althhough Nick got some Couta at High Point last weekend don’t discount them and Tuna if you fishing in the bay. I am waiting for a report on the conditions at the mouth to try give some idea of what to expect when you get there, during the neap tide it was very shallow with 2 channels running out. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.


The dams are slowly opening up. Some have managed to fish and the rewards have been worth the wait. With Msinsi set to open their facilities from the 1st of July, the fishing should pick up on all freshwater facets.

Bass – In the waters where fishing has been allowed (as well as the private dams), the bass fishing has been excellent. The colder weather has meant slower, more finesse approaches have done better than ripping a spinnerbait through an area. Dropshot fishing with a straight-tail worm has seen the most success from the reports coming in. Colour of the worms has not been of the utmost importance but the more natural browns and greens have seen more productive fishing. Target the deeper areas adjacent to structure or shallow flats. The bass will move between the shallows and depths to find the warmer water. The smaller jerkbaits have also seen results but they have to be able to be fished slowly and therefore need to be of the suspending type.

Carp – The carp fishing is slowing down with the cold but the bigger fish are being landed. This is specimen season and with the catches from the last week, it looks like we are in for a good one. The conventional anglers are still landing good catches. Banana and honey have been the king of the flavours in all of the KZN waters. Whether you are using mielies or floaties, make sure they are fruity or sweet. The colder months will see the fish become a bit slower to the action but a patient approach will see you with success. Make sure you have a flask and a good blanket and head to your selected venue.

Trout – The cold and big trout go hand in hand. The fishing has been good up in the berg with a lot of fish being landed. Working out the pattern on the water you are fishing will be a bit tricky as the smaller fish will pounce on just about anything at the moment. Stocky-bashing is as simple as lobbing an egg fly out and waiting, but getting the bigger fish to bite involves a bit more skill. I would suggest fishing bigger patterns slowly in the depths close to the shallower flats. Fish will move between the shallows and deeper zones looking for food and warmer waters.

Tight lines and screaming reels.


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