FISHING REPORT 28 October ’20

The weather has been a lot more fishing-friendly over the past week. The fishing has been good all round.

Ray’s tip. Summer is here! The summer heat is starting to make air conditioning a necessity and the northeast wind is starting to blow more consistently.  The north coast is where you want to be at this time of year. Make sure you have all you traces made up. Service your reels and make sure they are spooled with the best quality braid you can afford. Preparation goes a very long way when it comes to fishing and can be the difference between a good day fishing and a miserable day at the beach.


The sea has been a bit bumpy with the more prevalent northeast wind but there are more and more summer fish being landed every day…

North – The north coast is seeing quite a lot of summer fish in the catch reports. Dorado have been the main target for the early summer game fish but most of the anglers have returned with tuna in the hatch. Trolling lipped lures has been the most productive method this past week. Lipped lures with a purple or pink colour are the most successful lures for both tuna and dorado. Tinley Manor has been a very productive spot this week with plenty of successful reports coming from there.

Central – The Durban coast has seen a bit of action this past week with both game fish and bottom fish making it on to the catch reports. The bottom fish have been favoring a bigger live bait on the bottom. Something like a smaller slinger or tjor-tjor flapped or left whole is a deadly bait for the poenskop and coppers. The game fish have been feeding on the big bait balls that have been around. Trolling lures around these shoals is an effective way of covering a lot of water looking for feeding fish.

South –The south coast has seen some very good garrick on the backline. A live mackerel has been the most successful live bait to troll slowly. A 6/0 size circle hook like the Mustad Tuna circle is the best fit for most baitfish you are likely to use. Slowly troll along the backline and keep an eye out for waves. The bottom fishing down south has been very good. The shallower reefs have mainly produced rockcod of various species while the deeper reefs/pinnacles have been better for multiple species.

Report from Nic Maitland, Mtunzini Fishing Shop. “It seems like the fish were showing off over the weekend with each species trying to get caught, one crowd got 13 different species if one counts the Eel. The most unusual fish caught was a Tank Goby which at first was thought to be a Dusky Sleeper as it was very dark coloured, these fish are normally brown however this fella was nearly black, the big give away is the proceeding lower jaw. This lagoon is arguably one of the best estuarine systems to increase your species list.

Poor old Rudi just can’t seem to get it right, for the second weekend in a row his wife has given a severe hiding on the beach, this weekend it was with another nice size Shad. Duppie and his family racked up the species fishing on main beach namely Spinner Sharks, Lessor Sand sharks, Snapper Kob, Squaretail Kob and Shad, they caught 17 fish in total all released, well done on the releases guys. Non eds seem to be a bit slow.

On the offshore side, Peter and Pieter cleaned up on the prizes at prize giving on Saturday morning at the club, the 2 notable fish were Peter with his 94KG Yellow fin Tuna and Pieter with his 33kg Couta, Boela was not 2 far behind them with 2 prizes, most Controversial fisherman and he also won the Toilet seat, bless him. Despite the Covid lock down we still managed a small profit, well done to the committee, Kevin Dicks announced he is stepping down after 2.5 years as chairman he will be a very hard act to follow”. Thanks Nic.

Rock and surf:

The heat and the northeast wind makes the inedible anglers weak at the knees… The big fish have been around and many have seen their backing knots already!

North – The areas around Richard’s Bay, Tugela and Ballito have been the most productive.  There have been hammerheads off the deeper points during the day and the night has seen grey sharks at the same points. Fleshy fish baits with floatation in the bait is key at targeting these sharks. These same areas have also produced sandies and other flatfish so do not attempt to target these fish with lighter tackle as you need to be able to pull the fish to a suitable landing spot. The rocky gullies have been very productive for the smaller rock species which are great fun for the light tackle.

Central – The central coast has seen a great week of bigger inedible fish with the basin producing some amazing action. The fishing has been very good with the northeast wind blowing consistently for a few days. Much like the north, a fleshy fish bait is going to be the best way to target multiple species at the same time. If you are not after sharks, then it is best to leave the wire off and fish straight nylon. If you are wanting to land anything that bites then you are best suited to using a FMJ wire trace made of 90-150lb Fishmate nylon coated wire and a 9/0-12/0 Mustad circle hook.

South – The south coast has been fairly quiet on the summer fish front. The odd diamond ray has been landed with a handful of grey sharks being hooked off the points in the evenings but that is about it… The ledges and rocky gullies have been very productive for the bronze bream and the brusher are still around in full force. The bream have favored a pink prawn bait with an orange float. The brusher have preferred a muscleman crab over pretty much any other bait. The south coast has still got a good number of garrick around with most being landed on plugs and spoons. If spinning is your thing, head down south in the early mornings for a chance at the gentleman of the game fish…


The carp and bass have stolen the show in the freshwater scene. The trout are still there to be caught and some amazing specimens have been landed recently but the size/number of the bass and carp are leading the excitement factor.

Bass – The bass fishing is insane at the moment! The fish are in a feeding frenzy at the moment and the summer heat is stirring them up. Hazlemere is terribly low at the moment. The water level has been dropped so there is plenty of mud to get through but the fishing is surprisingly good still. There have been a good number of fish over 2kgs caught in the last 2 weeks. Weightless soft plastics have out-fished most other methods. Inanda continues to be the pick of the Durban venues for both bank and boat fishermen. Those wanting a further travel can shoot to either Albert Falls or Spioenkop dam. All of these dams are producing good numbers of fish but also very good quality fish. Soft plastic and hard plastic jerkbaits are producing fish in all of the venues at the moment. A faster retrieve than the standard winter twitch is working well. The shallower areas of grass are producing frog bites so those who enjoy a blow up on a froggy can do well in the shallows.

Carp – The carp fishing has been amazing in all of the usual venues as well as the private dams. The sweet flavours are working for both specimen and conventional anglers. Floaties are the way to go at the moment for the conventional anglers. The softer floaties do not last as long as mielies but the bite seems to be a lot faster than with the mielies. Flavours like strawberry, banana and honey are the best bet. The specimen angling has slowed down a bit in terms of sizes but the numbers are way up! The guys looking for the big fish only will do well with using bigger baits. Look at using a string of bigger baits and bigger hooks. Using hooks in size 2 should stop the smaller fish from being able to get the bait in to their mouths. Much like the conventional side of things, your sweeter flavours are the best bet.

Trout – The trout fishing has been stable over the past few weeks. The warmer weather pushes the fish to deeper water in the middle of the day. The early mornings and evenings see the fish move to the shallows to feed on the hatches and baitfish. The warm weather also correlates with tadpoles so do not be afraid to throw a smaller woolly bugger in black but with a long marabou tail. The deep water is best fished slower with a streamer. Look at throwing slightly bigger patterns in the deep water. Look for road beds or stream beds as these will hold the colder water and thus the more oxygenated water. This in turn attracts the fish out of the warmer shallows in the heat of the day.

This report supplied by Jan from The Kingfisher in PMB – “The weather finally seems to be settling into the summer pattern, and the rains seem to on the way … over the last week or so, it’s been the veritable Midlands flying pan weather during the day, which does however promote the building of thunderclouds, so things are looking up on the precipitation side…

As for the fish … as they saying goes: “it depends!” (on what species you looking at).  Trout don’t like the heat, and with near surface water temperatures already at the 20deg.C mark, finding the channels and fishing deep and slow is the way to go for the Stillwater’s.  Success has been reported with the “usual suspects”: woolly buggers in olive and black (aka “Speedcop”), along with dragon and damsel fly nymphs. As always, fish a tandem rig with completely different flies (size, shape and colour) to offer the fish 2 treats, and see what they are keyed in to usually helps to get the ball rolling, as opposed to pinning all your hopes on 1 fly.

Last weekend’s Leg 3 of the TOPS Corporate Challenge reported a fish of 66cm / 26 inches, but it must have been of the racing snake variety as it topped the scale at “only” 9lbs / 4kg … but still a proper fish by anyone’s standards.

Unfortunately for the rivers, the dearth of any significant rain, and the high heat on low water levels, will keep us off the water for a while yet.

The bass, as we know, prefer the warm weather, and reports indicate that while Albert Falls Dam is taking a bit of back seat at present, Midmar Dam is on fire!  Local angler Tiaan Odendaal reports 3 fish over the 5kg mark in the last 10 days … great stuff!  Michael Dickason from Kingfisher-PMB certainly has fishing fingers – giving the bass a wee break, he tackled some carp the past weekend, reporting success with floaties and raspberry jam dip from the SuperCast range.  He also reports seeing some dinner plate-size bluegill in a local water, so they are next in line on his radar … Good Luck Michael!

Bass anglers will be excited about Kingfisher’s following releases: the new Daiwa TATULA SV TW 103SH baitcaster reel … you know you want one! … and our new baitcaster combo is selling fast”! thanks Jan.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer (series 19) with Petri de Wet premieres Monday’s at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144. There are a number of repeats during the week, Tuesday at 9:30, Wednesday at 10:00, Thursday at 10:30 and Friday at 14:30. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles (fresh and salt water) around Southern Africa, but with the Covid-19 pandemic taking over and putting a damper on travel, this year’s focus is on fishing in South Africa.


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