FISHING REPORT 7 October ’20

Conditions have not been on our side but the good days have yielded some impressive catches. Bronze bream, brusher, tuna and dorado to name but a few.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.


Ray’s tip: Dorado. With summer almost here and already a few popcorn bream being landed, it is time to get your dorado tackle sorted. Standard couta tackle will work for these awesome game fish but a slightly softer action tends to be preferred. Dorado have an affiliation to anything that floats in the pelagic zone. The floating structures attract baitfish which in turn are eaten by the dorries (and other predators). When dorado are in the feeding mode, they will eat almost anything. If you are looking for them, fish around changes in depth, water colour, water temperatures and the floating structures mentioned above. They love pink so make sure your lures have a splash of pink on them.



The offshore fishing has been fantastic over the past week. Other than the iffy sea conditions, the bait has been thick and both the bottom fish and game fish have been hungry.

North – The north coast has been throwing some spicy launches at the more shore break dominant launch sites. Guys, always be careful and don’t launch if you have hesitations. The snoek have gone a bit quiet but the influx of coloured river water after the recent rains should see some good colour lines which are prime snoek hunting grounds. Look at fishing both the dirty water and clean water side of the colour line. The deeper reefs and pinnacles have been very productive for the bottom fishing commercials. The rockcod and geelbek landed have been very impressive.

Central – The Durban section of our coast has seen a lot more launches due to the lake of a massive shore break at most sites. Much like the north, the snoek should come on the bite again off Blue Lagoon with the strong flow of the river. Work the colour line with small spoons while trolling a lipped lure. The dorado have started coming on the bite. These early season fish are very welcome! Trolling skirted lures at speed has accounted for most of the catches so far but any flotsam in the deeper water will attract the dorries. Throw a live bait or popper in the general area of the floating debris. If the dorries are there, they will eat!

South – The south coast has seen a lot of bottom fish action over the last few weeks. The rockcod have been very greedy as always and they have jumped on most baits dropped down to them. The tuna have been the only reliable game fish to target down south with the rest of the bunch being hit or miss. The tuna have been taken on everything from small live baits to large skirted Kona’s. Lockdown has made some of us a bit unfit so it’s time to put out a lipped lure and put some kilometers of trolling under the belt.

Rock and Surf:

With the warmer weather and the more predictable winds, the rock and surf fishing is picking up. Summer fun here we come!

North – The north coast has seen a lot of edible action in and around the Tugela mouth. The snapper salmon, tripletail and kob have been feeding well in the discoloured water. Chokka baits with tentacles have done well for all three species. Adding a strip of redeye sardine will take the bait to the next level. The deeper points and beaches where a deep channel gives access to the deeper water is where you want to target the inedible species. Look at places like Tinley Manor, Salt Rock and La Mercy beach. Get some fresh mackerel and make a decent bait ready for the first fish for your summer account.

Central – The Durban coast has been dominated by blue rays and grey sharks for the inedible anglers while the Cape stumpies and brusher have kept the edible anglers happy. The evening incoming tide has been the most productive for the inedibles. A smaller redeye or mackerel bait has allowed a further cast. This has made the difference on most evenings. The edibles have been loving a chokka strip with pink prawn or cracker on the back. This is a very versatile bait for most species. The brusher are still around and some very decent specimens have been landed. The muscleman crab has been the pick of the baits but fish have been caught on ghost crabs, mussels, occie legs and one on a shad trace!

South – The south coast has seen a lot of edibles landed this past week. The bronze bream are full up with almost any rocky area holding fish. This has been an amazing season for bronze bream! Pink prawn has been the bait of choice. The brusher have also been on the south coast with the same baits working as those mentioned above. The garrick are also still hanging around with Winkelspruit rocks being the most productive spot to fish. For the inedible anglers, the droned baits have been the only ones to see action so far. The rising temperatures and NE winds should get the summer flatties going.


The opening up of restrictions has made travel and fishing a lot easier. The pending summer and warmer weather has put the fish in a good mood and the fishing has been wild!

Bass – The bass spring season has been phenomenal! All of our KZN dams have produced fish over 4kgs. Some venues have pushed beyond that with fish over 5kgs and some unconfirmed 6kg beasts. Target method has varied from person to person so do not get bogged down with needing a specific lure. Rather focus on fishing the lure you have at the right depth and speed. All that said, the post spawn means the fish are trying to put weight back on. They are looking for a decent meal. Try a jig or bulkier soft plastic creature bait. If your fish are still a bit sluggish then a switch to reaction baits will get you a few fish. Try bladed jigs and jerkbaits. All of the venues have produced big fish but Albert Falls is definitely the pick of the week.

Carp – The carp fishing reports are starting to look a lot better now that people can camp and travel. Inanda has been firing. Even though the hyacinth is a bit out of control, the fishing has made the effort worth it. Shongweni has also been a place to consider with plenty of decent fish being landed in the last while. Bright colours and fruity flavours are the way to go at this time of year. The bright colour triggers the interest of the carp and the fruity scents are often too much for then to resist. This is true for both specimen and conventional anglers. Specimen guys can look at dying their tigernuts a bold colour or using a bright popup. The conventional anglers should consider floaties or mielies in brighter colours.

Trout – The trout fishing has not lost any vigour with the onset of summer. A lot of stocking has taken place so most of the venues in KZN will be fun to fish with the lighter tackle. Look at fishing a 3 wt. rod with a floating line and some wooly buggers. A stocky on this light tackle will bring a smile to your face. Those looking for bigger fish will do well with bigger streamers and articulated flies in the deeper water. Stick to natural forage colours but if the fish are being fussy, try a bright colour to get a reaction bite. The rivers are very low but hopefully the recent rains will get then to a healthier level.

Report from Nic Maitland, Mtunzini Fishing Shop. “The lagoon water is very muddy at the moment and the best spots to fish will be up at the mouth probably on the incoming tide, the water should start becoming cleaner as we move into the week. For the campers now that the caravan park is open you can night fish meaning you can have a go at the big Grunter and Kob.

Great news, the Siyayi River has opened up and so far no dead fish on the beach but a lot of river debris are washing up on the beach this should last a few more tides. Camping is open again and therefore if you are camping you can night fish day visitors must still be out by 5pm from this part of the park. Some anglers did have a go at fishing over the weekend and I am told a fish was caught in front of the Chalets, no detail on the species but it was a fish none the less and not a shark.

The road to the slipway is still closed and all the rain has not helped, we are waiting for some gravel to be delivered to finish the road off, you can launch from the main car park. The Siyayi River is open but getting a boat through at the moment is going to be very difficult as the sand banks on either side is very steep and driving through the mouth of the river at low tide might not be an option because of the soft sand”. Thanks Nic.

News from Jan, the Kingfisher in PMB – “So it looks like the Spring Rains have finally started to make an appearance … technically a few weeks late, but most welcome at this time!  The Midlands is already starting to show a change from the dry, dusty winter ‘scape to that of a summery verdant green…

While not yet enough to give rivers a proper flush, the rains will have given some input to the system, and hopefully the fish are just as appreciative and will get on the move.  No reports from the upper reaches, but the middle to lower stretches with deeper holding water are producing.  A dry-dropper rig is probably your best bet current to capitalise on both possibilities of a fish taking your fly off the surface, or picking on it sub-surface in the drift.

This weekend sees Leg 2 of the TOPS Corporate Trophy Challenge taking place on the waters around Nottingham Road.  Hopefully the weather holds out for the anglers, unlike Leg 1 which saw a howling, hot wind on the 1st day which couldn’t have been fun to be bogging about on a float tube!  The Stillwater’s are in good nick, so we look forward to some excellent fish coming to hand.

Albert Falls still the place to be for the bass – Michael Dickason from Kingfisher-PMB recently reported 15 fish over 2kg, again all caught on Reaction Plastics … pop in to the shop and chat to Michael for the latest news.  With the Spring Spawn is on the go, anglers are once again reminded that if practising C&R, to keep your fish in the water while unhooking, and / or get the fish back into the water as quickly as possible, and release when the fish is able to swim away by itself.  Good fish are too valuable to be caught only once.  No reports from Midmar Dam.

Still no local news on the scaly’s in the Umngeni, Mooi or Bushman’s River system.  But further afield on the Umkomaas and Tugela system, anglers are reporting some good fish.  Some anglers are starting on the dry fly, so weighted jig-style nymphs and buggers in natural colours like olive and grey are currently the go-to flies of choice.

Current dam levels: Albert Falls 31.5%, Midmar just shy of 92%, Spring Grove 41%, Mearns 55.5% and Wagondrift (on the Bushman’s River) at 82%”. Thanks Jan.

The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer (series 19) with Petri de Wet premieres Monday’s at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144. There are a number of repeats during the week, Tuesday at 9:30, Wednesday at 10:00, Thursday at 10:30 and Friday at 14:30. Series 19 runs for three months, ending on Monday the 28th December 2020. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles (fresh and salt water) around Southern Africa, but with the Covid-19 pandemic taking over and putting a damper on travel, this year’s focus is on fishing in South Africa. Tight lines and screaming reels.

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