FISHING REPORT 11 November ’20

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

The rains have made fishing a wetter affair than normal. Those that braved the elements managed some very good fish.

Ray’s tip: Prevention is better than cure. Summer is here but it is still early days…If you haven’t checked all your tackle yet then this is the time to do so. With all the sales on at the moment, there is no better time to get new backing to replace that 10 year old cotton you have on the back of your reel or that chaffed top shot that “should make it for another season”. The sales at the end of the year are a great time to stock up on items that you are going to need like swivels, leader and sinkers for example. We are coming in to big fish season so make sure you are ready for it and make sure your tackle is too!

The festive season is not just about buying a new Saltiga; it is a time to spend time with your family. Take them fishing with you and let them experience the joy you get from catching a new species or personal best.


The offshore fishing in and around Durban has been rewarding this past week. Yes it has been a wet trip but the fish don’t mind… tuna, dorado and plenty of bottom fish made up the bulk of the catches.

North – The north coast is in full summer mode with Cape Vidal being a hive of activity. The ski boats and fishing skis are flocking to this game fish paradise for good reason. The dorado have been up north in full force with plenty of double-ups happening. They have mainly fallen for live baits trolled slowly around likely areas but throwing poppers at surface structure has also convinced a few to feed. The great thing about dorado (other than the sustainable nature of the fishery) is that once one of the schools starts to feed, it triggers a mass response and the rest of the fish go bananas. The north coast has also seen a good number of tuna over this past week with some nice size specimens being landed. They have been caught with exactly the same methods as those used for the dorries.

Central – The Durban coast has not been as wild as up north but there have still been plenty of fish to catch. The tuna and dorado have been the main targets and the same methods mentioned above will work. The charter boats have also done well trolling skirted lures around colour lines and depth changes. These skirted lures can be trolled at higher speeds than there lipped relatives and also offer much less resistance therefore you are able to cover more water and use less fuel. Colours can be a personal thing but black/purple, black/red and pink/white are three combinations that deserve to be on every boat. The bottom fishing has produced a lot of fantastic fish with a myriad of species being landed. Soldiers, slinger, geelbek, daga and rockcod have been the bulk of the catches. Squid and live bait are all you need for a successful trip. Those fishing the backline on charter boats will be happy to hear that The Kingfisher now has a ready-made Saltwater Sport trace, the “Backline charter”. Go to your nearest branch before you head out.

South – The south coast has seen plenty of action on both the fishing skis and the boats. The main bottom fish caught down south have been geelbek. These fish have favoured a whole sardine over almost any other bait. A trace with two 9/0 hooks will be all you need for these fish. If sharks are a problem, you can either switch to a single hook or move to another area. These same tactics will work for the daga and the bigger rockcod. The game fish down south have been a bit scarce but the occasional couta has made it to the gaff. The inshore guys are still getting garrick on slowly trolled live baits with the odd snoek fallen for a rapidly retrieved spoon as well.

Rock and Surf:

The summer heat is here and the fish are responding! There have already been a handful of sandies caught already on both droned and thrown baits.

North – The north coast has seen the most action in terms of the inedible fish. The sandies have been on the top of the hit list for the inedible anglers. These fish are targeted because of their strong runs and hard-fighting. The sandy loves a fleshy fish bait so make sure that you pack enough redeye sardine and mackerel in to your box along with the water you will need for the long fight. The best place to target these fish is areas adjacent to the sandbanks where the deeper water sits. Finding a gap in the sandbanks with a rip current heading out to sea is a fantastic spot to put your bait.

Central – The central section of KZN has been fairly productive with a lot of anglers choosing to fish close to home. The basin has been full up with blue and diamond skates. Both of these species like fleshy baits but the diamond prefers a much larger bait than the blue. The peckers have been quite a nuisance in the basin so it is a good idea to incorporate a tougher bait in to the mix. Something like chokka or occie is a great way of making sure you still have bait on the hook even if the peckers are wild. The piers as well as Blue Lagoon have been producing a lot of stumpies and grunter for those looking for edible fish. The most successful baits have been crackers and chokka.

South – The south coast has seen much of the same as the central coast. The inedible anglers have managed a few diamond skates, honeycombs and sandies. The drone anglers have had the majority of the bites with 300m drops producing the best results. Bigger fish baits have been the answer to keeping a bait long enough to get a bite. The edible fishing down south has been very good with plenty of stumpies and bronze bream coming to the beach. The rocky ledges around Umkomaas have been a real hotspot for both of these species. Prawn and chokka have been the most successful baits.


The Durban Harbour has been producing some amazing catches over the past two weeks. The artificial lure anglers have been having a fantastic time with the oxeye tarpon, springer, baby kob, flathead and various kingfish species.  Poppers and paddle tails have been the lures of choice. The bait anglers have managed some decent grunter. The center bank has produced some good specimens with a couple fish going over 5kg!

News just in from Nic, Mtunzini Fishing Shop “This week we have some rain for a few days but the good news is the wave height will increase and the fish should come back on the bite, clean flat seas make fishing very difficult for Ski boat and Rock and Surf.

Fishing seemed to be slow in the lagoon over the weekend for some reason as not real reports of good catches been made however young Ken got a Honey Comb Ray in the Amatikulu River caught on Sand Prawn.

Fishing was very slow over the weekend in most places with reports of a few Shad, Kob and Brown Skates been caught, however one groups on the Banks on Sunday caught 3 Black Tip Sharks, the biggest was 117 kg and 12 Giant Guitar Fish great action at last well done Chris and Mike most of the fish were caught on throw bait with only 1 Sandy and Black Tip caught on Drone. Now the swell is at about 1,5m creating sand movement and bubbles the fish should come back to feed in the surf zone.

Stephan Speed Cop got a fine. He and Louis went out of Richards Bay on Saturday and he had to park the bakkie while Louis stayed with the boat, upon their return they saw the trailer was gone, the ski boat club had impounded it as the bakkie was parked in a no parking area as Stefan parked the boat he had to pay the fine much to the amusement of every one who knows he is a traffic cop and should obey signs. Fritz was the skipper of the weekend, he took 2 boats our, Believer and Cum n Over and on both trips caught Dorado  on Believer Gerhard caught his first Dorado and that was the only fish of the day and on Cum N Over Byron (Boat owner) and Hienricht got 4 Dorado each. Kevin Snr and Jnr also got stuck into the Dorado and if my memory serves correct they managed 5 between them. Nanook managed some Tuna and all the boats fishing for bottoms struggled with mainly Slinger been caught with stack of sharks. Johan got an Ell Tail Barbel, a first for him”.


The rains have put some much needed water on to the dams and rivers. The fishing has been good on all fronts.

Bass – The bass fishing continues on the high that the season started on. The number of personal bests posted on social media is extremely impressive. Albert Falls has been the most productive of the KZN waters for bank and boat anglers. The bank anglers have been the most successful using weightless software plastics. Of these the senko and fluke have gotten the most bites. Green pumpkin and watermelon red have been the pick of the colours. For the boat fishermen, the most successful lure is a much longer list. Success has been had using soft plastics, jerkbaits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Of the other venues, Midmar and Hazlemere have been the runners up. Both have produced big fish for multiple anglers.

Carp – The carp fishermen have been very quiet of late. The local anglers have been doing very well at most of the dams but Inanda has been the most talked about. The sweet flavours are producing the results. Adding a fluoro powder to your mielie bomb mix has given some anglers the edge in the crowd. Fruity flavours have been particularly successful with banana being a personal favourite. Mixing a banana concentrate in to your mielie bomb will further add to the attraction of your bait. The fluoro powder also makes your baited area stand out and can often mean the difference between a bite and listening to other alarms going off. The specimen anglers have done very well at Inanda but the fishing has not been easy. The area you fish has been very important. Make sure you keep your baited area well stocked with a good mix of feeds and particles to keep the carp interested.

The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer (series 19) with Petri de Wet premieres Monday’s at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144. There are a number of repeats during the week, Tuesday at 9:30, Wednesday at 10:00, Thursday at 10:30 and Friday at 14:30. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles (fresh and salt water) around Southern Africa, but with the Covid-19 pandemic taking over and putting a damper on travel, this year’s focus is on fishing in South Africa.

Trout – The trout fishing has begun to slow down with the warmer temperatures. The warm water makes the times and areas you fish much more important. The early mornings and late afternoons will be the best time for you to focus your energy. The early morning should see you looking for a hatch while also watching for activity in the shallows. Once the sun gets a little higher, you need to follow the fish in to the deeper, cooler water. Here you can look for structure to focus your fishing around. Old roadbeds or riverbeds are the two main spots to fish a sinking line and bigger streamer. Once you hit the heat of the day you should probably take a break and a possible nap. In the early evening, your early morning tactics are once again needed.

News from our very own Jan, the Kingfisher in PMB  – “As they say, be careful what you ask for –  it seems the rains are well and truly here … Madame La Nina doing her thing and bringing the drippy stuff!  The Midlands has received well over 100mm of rain since the start of the month, and (very) happy to report that the rivers are pumping.  The low water causeway at The Bend Country House on The Mooi River was underwater earlier in the month, and while levels have dropped since then, the continued rain has kept the river going strong…

The rivers will have had a good flush now, and once settled and less coloured, will offer the BEST wild-spawn brown trout fishing the country has to offer.  At the moment, I suspect that even the heaviest of tungsten bombs will have difficulty in finding the fish as the hug the bottom while the current surges on above them…!

The rains will have had a welcome effect of dropping the already high summer water temperatures, although this weekend produced a proper heat wave for the anglers in this year’s Finals of the TOPS Corporate Challenge.  Reports indicate that the fish were “particularly finicky”, looking for small items in the warm conditions … nymphs like the PTN worked well, and some 425 fish were brought to the tape, among them a rainbow hen of 61cm / 24 inches, and a magnificent brown of 60cm / 23.5 inches were recorded, with Midlands local John Larter landing some 27 fish in the demanding conditions; Well Done those anglers!  The afternoon sessions were difficult in the high heat, and being a C&R comp, the fish took a lot of resuscitation.

Albert Falls continues to hold top spot for the bassin’ water to be on – anglers targeting structure and playing it slow, reported some good catches of over the 2kg mark.  Michael Dickason from Kingfisher-PMB continues his run with the Kingfisher “Reaction” plastics range, also reporting fish over the 2kg mark, from the 1st cast!, using the “Chubby Craw” in watermelon red colour.  A buddy, who’d never been bass fishing, took 3 fish over 1.5kg – come and chat to Michael for the inside scoop!  No recent news from Midmar Dam..

With the rivers as they are, the yellowfish anglers will be taking a break for a wee while….

We are happy to report that the new Daiwa TATULA SV TW 103SH baitcaster reel has been one hot ticket, and stocks are just about out … see if you can still find one!  Our new baitcaster combo is also selling fast, and we are happy report that we have fresh stock … you know you want one”! Thanks so much Jan.

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