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The weather has been less than ideal but the fishing has been great. The festive season is here and the shad season is open.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

Ray’s tip: Launching. For those of you who are launching your boat for the first time this year, or maybe for the first time ever, choose a sheltered launch site. One of the harbours is perfect for this. Otherwise, speak to the guys launching from the spot you have chosen and watch them for a while. See the lines they are running. Sometimes you cannot just punch straight out to sea and you need to run parallel for 100 meters before shooting the gap.


The offshore fishing has been going great guns in the weather gaps. The heavy winds have made the sea a little rough at times but the fish don’t seem to mind…

North – The north coast has seen a lot of boat and ski traffic this past week. With the issues of crossing in to Mozam, most anglers have decided to stay closer to home. The launches off Vidal and Sodwana have been the most popular. The boats have reported couta, tuna, dorado and sailfish. Live bait has been the most successful method. Finding the right depth has been the key to getting consistent results. Try down rigging your baits with different weight sinkers. Start with an unweighted bait on one rod and one with a 2oz sinker. As soon as the sun starts coming up you can switch to a 4oz and a 2oz or 6oz. Once you start getting consistent bites at one of the depths you can switch all your rods to that depth in order to maximise on the bites.

Central – The Durban coast has seen plenty of action for those making the most of the gaps in the weather. The wind and sea has been a little nasty but the gaps have had more than enough action. The launch has been easy enough from Durban so most of the days have seen boats dotted off the beachfront and beyond. The main targets have been the tuna and dorado that have been making an early season appearance. Live bait once again has trumped most of the other methods but trolling lures has been a much faster way of locating the fish before switching to bait. Make an effort to look for colour lines or floating debris as both of these will concentrate the tuna and dorado and make targeting them a lot easier.

South – The south coast has seen plenty of bottom fish action from the shallow reefs all the way to the deep. Many anglers have switched to the electric reels for the very deep water as this is a lot less effort. These new reels have more than enough power and allow you to fish fairly easily in 400m or more. The bottom fish catches have been a mix of reds and bigger rockcod but predominantly geelbek. The dorado have made it down to the south coast with many of the boats reporting good hauls once the fish are found. Again, look for colour lines or floating debris. Lipped lures make the most of depth and speed for covering water.

Rock and surf: The shad season is open and there have been plenty of big shad landed in the last few days.

North – The upper section of KZN has been the place to go if you are looking for the opening to your summer account. The summer inedibles have been feeding well after any period of NE wind. So if you are looking to test your knots, wait for a few days of NE wind and head to any of the regular spots on the north coast. The most successful baits have been the freshest mackerel that you can find. Strap a head baits with some cutlets and you are putting yourself in with the best chance of attracting any shark or ray nearby. For those after the edibles, Tugela has been the most consistent of the spots along the north coast. Chokka and sardine baits have been the most productive for the kob and shad up there. If there is no water movement, try adding floatation to your bait to give it a bit of life.

Central – The shad are in full force at Blue Lagoon. The debris flowing out the river has made fishing there a bit difficult along with the crowds. The rest of the beaches and piers along the beachfront have seen plenty of shad action as well as a continuation of the good run of grunter. The shad have been favouring sardine over everything else whereas the grunter have been caught on sardine, prawn and chokka.  The beachfront has also produced some good stumpies in the evenings. Redeye sardine heads and sea lice have been the top two baits for these brutes. Those looking for inedibles along the beachfront have had a decent week composing of mainly grey sharks and blue rays. The basin has however thrown a few diamonds, small sandies and a decent duckbill. Mackerel and redeye baits have been the best choice for all these species.

South – The south coast has been edible heaven this past week. With the bigger seas and wind, fishing big has been challenging. This has forced many anglers to scratch in the protected bays and gullies with great results. The bronze bream have been feeding well in the rougher conditions as well as the brusher and cave bass. All these fish love any prawn type bait. If you are specifically targeting the bream, then pink prawn will be the best bet. If you are after the cave bass, chokka and prawn is the ideal mix. If you are targeting the brusher, a whole crab is the best bet. Those that have gone out to target the bigger flatfish and sharks have struggled. A few bigger grey sharks have been landed by the drone anglers along with a handful of zambezis.


News from our very own Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “The predictions for a La Niña “The Little Girl” summer appear to bearing out … thanks to La Niña, summer rainfall could be more than expected, and a La Niña summer tends to favour cool and wet (above-normal) conditions over the summer rainfall areas of South Africa … the rainfall certainly seems to trying to make for the lack of Spring rains in “Spring”, and hopefully the current spell of cooler weather will also ameliorate the already hot water temperatures experienced recently.

As the heavy rains have slowed somewhat, the rivers will continue to fine off and clear … the headwaters being a firm favourite and usually the first to become fishable.  For the dry fly guys, sunny days are the best as the silhouette of the dry on the surface is clear and sharp … patterns with a larger footprint also help in this regard, getting the fish to come up more readily.  If you find the water still on the high side, weighted nymphs to get the “bait” down to the fish is recommended … usually fished in tandem with a small, lighter fly as the trailer.  Both The Bushman’s and Mooi River have been producing some good fish of late.

On the other hand, the Stillwater fishing seems to have slowed off – probably due to the warm water conditions, putting the fish to sleep and off the bite.  Hopefully the La Niña conditions will put things back on track.

From the bass anglers, Albert Falls has been producing some good fish again … both from the bank and the boat.  A fish of some 4kg came to hand recently, a proper fish by anyone’s standards.  The fly anglers continue their run with the carp.

On the yellowfish front: nothing much heard from the locals “scaly okes”.  With high winds and cooler water, Sterkfontein has had a slow start to the summer season … but ever hopeful, the opportunistic anglers have been up in the weather windows, and some good fish have been reported.” Thanks Jan.

In other freshwater news received is that the fishing has been fantastic on all fronts with the bass stealing the show but the trout are making a decent stand in the cooler waters.

Bass – The bass fishing in KZN is on fire! All of the local waters are producing some proper fish and the bigger dams like Midmar and Albert Falls have seen a couple fish well over 4kgs, with some getting close to 6kgs! Soft plastics have been the way to go for the bigger fish. This is because of the variety in the shapes available, the scents on the products and the numerous ways to fish each lure. Make sure that you have a look at the new Reaction range of baits. Creature baits and flukes have been the go to plastics for the guys fishing Alberts and Midmar with Watermelon red and Junebug being the two most popular colours. Rigs have varied from guy to guy but weightless and Texas rigs have been the most used. For the guys who prefer a faster form of fishing, the crankbaits and chatterbaits/bladed jigs are the answer. Colours are a personal choice but chartreuse and white or natural variations will be the best bet at any venue.

Carp – The carp fishing has been on form in KZN with both the specimen and the conventional anglers seeing great results. Inanda has been the dam of choice for the specimen anglers. Although most have not seen success in a single day, the guys who have put the effort in over a weekend have seen big fish and many runs. Tigernuts and hemp are in short supply across the entire SA for good reason. If you can get your hands on these, buy in bulk! The hemp is amazing for the feed area while the tigers are a deadly hookbait. Albert Falls has been the dam of choice for the conventional anglers. The New Poseidon and Kingfisher carp rods available at all leading tackle stores are flying out fast so make sure you get yours before stocks run out. The banana flavour mielie bombs have been the most successful feed at Alberts with a sweet mielie or floatie proving to be the best hookbait. My personal choice is a honey, G-Fox or black magic flavour floatie.

Trout – The trout fishing is shifted more towards the delicate art of river fishing. This is mainly due to the warmer weather making the Stillwater’s a more challenging task. The rivers are however very low at the moment and we hope that the rains will start to fill them up. Nevertheless, the fishing is still good in the rivers with the deeper pools holding the fish. The Zak nymphs and Gun nymphs have been the answer for the deeper water. The shallower runs have been excellent to fish with a dry. The Elk hair caddis is probably one of the best generic patterns for this type of fishing and should be kept in a few colours in every angler’s box.


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