So far 2021 is going very well for us fishermen and women. We have more hours to fish now and the fishing has been fantastic for all facets! The new curfew hours allow you to go fishing an hour earlier (5AM) so make the most of it and get out there!

Ray’s tip – The summer heat is here and with the warmer weather comes the summer fish. Protection from the summer heat is something which is very often overlooked when the prospect of big fish is in the air. For all of your summer adventures please make sure that you take the appropriate steps to keep yourself safe. This means taking enough water along for the trip and a little extra for when the fight goes on longer than expected. Having a decent hat and buff to cover your head, face and neck. Make sure that you wear light weight, UV protective clothing to keep everything covered. Last but not least, shoes! The sand gets very hot by midday so take a pair to walk back to the car with.



The dorado continues to keep everyone happy with most boats returning with something in the hatch. The tuna are also around with some giants amongst them! On the good news side, you can now launch an hour earlier!

North – The north coast has continued to produce good hauls for all the offshore anglers. Vidal and Sodwana have both been full up and for good reason. The billfish have been out in force and some amazing specimens have been landed. Trolling skirted lures has been the main method of targeting these incredible fish. Colour of the lures is a personal choice but black/purple and bonito colour are the two most popular choices. Closer inshore the guys on the skis have done very well with the couta. There have been some bigger fish but most have been in the 8-12kg range.

Central – The central coast has been very busy. The charters are fully booked due to the amazing dorado season we are having. There have been a couple reports of a dorado actually jumping in to the boat! No rod and reel required…Finding structure or colour lines has been the difference between success and failure. The dorado orientates around structure and hunt along the colour lines. Trolling smaller skirted lures has been the best way to find the fish and probably the easiest way to target them. Durban has also seen plenty of smaller bottom fish being caught. The reefs and wrecks are still producing good numbers of slinger and rockcod but the main focus has been on the game fish recently.

South – The south coast has had similar fish coming out to the north and central sections of KZN. The dorado have been the main attraction and for good reason. They are very fast growing, good eating and provide fantastic sport once hooked. Dorado are also very greedy when it comes to what they will eat once in the mood. There have been some very big tuna around amongst the other fish. Some of these tuna have been reported to be closer to 50kgs! These are extremely strong fish so make sure your tackle is up to the task of landing one of these brutes.


Rock and surf:

The shore-based fishing has been going very well this past week with a few exceptional catches being made.

North – The upper reaches of KZN have been a bit quiet for the summer but the days that have produced fish have seen good hauls of raggies with a splash of diamonds in between. The raggies have mainly come out at Tugela with bigger head baits getting the best results. The rest of the north coast has been hit or miss with some spots producing amazing action and others that are seemingly perfect, not seeing fish. Your best bet is to line up the conditions as best as possible and go check out the spot you want to fish on a low tide to see the banks. Wait for three or so days of northeast wind to blow and ideally a small sea. Look for a spot where you can fish in to the deeper water either over the sandbank or between two banks.

Central – The central coast has been cooking! The basin area had a phenomenal day this week with an amazing assortment of fish being landed including a sandy well over two meters! Fresh bait has continued to make the biggest difference. Get your hands on the best quality bait that you can to make sure you make the most of your fishing trip. For most of the fish coming out, a simple FMJ-style nylon trace with a short bite section of around 100lb Fishmate coated wire will be perfect. This trace with a 9/0 circle hook is perfectly set for most of the bigger inedibles you are likely to come across. The edibles have been on the quieter side but some big stumpies and pompano have made it on to social media recently. Octopus legs, chokka, crabs and prawns have been the most used baits for the edibles this past week.

South – The south coast is still producing very good numbers of bronze bream. The rocky ledges and gullies along the south coast have seen many species being landed but the stone bream and bronze bream have made up the bulk of the catches. Pink prawn and cracker are the two must have baits for these two species. Light tackle will not only get you more bites but it will also see you have a lot more fun.  The shad are still in full force down south with plenty of happy anglers in the mornings. Drift sardine baits have been the most productive method to target these fish but a spoon is close behind.



The freshwater fishing has been fantastic this summer season. The bass are feisty and hungry; the carp are fighting over the food and the trout are stronger than ever!

Bass – The bass fishing has been on a very high level since the beginning of summer. Most of the waters in KZN have produced not only good numbers of fish but also some real giants. It has not been uncommon to hear reports of multiple fish over 4kgs from Inanda, Midmar, Alberts, Nagle and Hazlemere. The heat has put the fish down during the hottest portions of the day so try to fish the shaded or deeper water areas during these times. During the early morning and late evening, do not be afraid to focus a large portion of your time on the surface. Try a few different baits and see what the bass respond to (subtle or noisy). The bass have been very responsive to most baits under the surface. Something with a rattle has got the better bites at most of the venues. Look at the new range of Daiwa Prorex bladed jigs to get some noise in the water. A bladed jig is a deadly bait as it can be fished fast, slow, straight, jigged, open water or in grass. It is a very versatile bait that catches a lot of fish.

Carp – The carp fishing has been good over the past week. Inanda has produced some lovely mirror specimens for those who fished the dam properly. The specimen anglers have been the ones responsible for most of the bigger fish although some proper tanks have been landed by the conventional anglers. The specimen guys have had good success on a wide variety of baits so take some variation in your feed and hook baits. The conventional anglers have seen the best results from Albert Falls. Banana and honey floaties and mielies have been the pick of the bunch as has been the case for as long as I can remember. Strangely, bunspice floaties have also been reported to have done well for the anglers this past week. Much like the other freshwater fish, the heat tends to force the fish in to either shady areas or deeper water where the temperatures are cooler. This behaviour can make them difficult to target so consider either sitting out the heat of the day or focussing on more finesse methods.

Trout – The trout fishing has been stable over the past few weeks. The warmer weather pushes the fish to deeper water in the middle of the day. The early mornings and evenings see the fish move to the shallows to feed on the hatches and baitfish. The warm weather also correlates with tadpoles so do not be afraid to throw a smaller woolly bugger in black but with a long marabou tail. The deep water is best fished slower with a streamer. Try throwing slightly bigger patterns in the deep water. Look for road beds or stream beds as these will hold the colder water and thus the more oxygenated water. This in turn attracts the fish out of the warmer shallows in the heat of the day.

News in from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “With water temperatures and river flows both on the upper end of the scale … a rather short report this week.

The weather, in true indeterminable fashion, is having us play merry-go-round: one day hot and dry, the next wet and almost icy.  The rainfall has been persistent, and as a result, The Midlands is a bit of a mud pit right now…

With water temperatures (well) above 20dec.C, the Natal Fly Fishers Club (NFFC) Stillwater’s are still closed for angling, and while the river beats still open for fishing, the flows are solid chocolate for the most part, looking almost like you can walk over them!

Even the bass appear to be of the slow, no reports coming in from Albert Falls, and Midmar is closed for fishing.

Sterkfontein is also a hit-and-miss affair at present: some angler report a bust due to wind and rain, but there have been some cracker day’s in-between.  Flies of choice have been the ubiquitous Good Dr’s Beetle, hoppers and Klinkhamer dries.

As the influx of water continues, dam levels are improving all round … Midmar topped over last week, and will be feeding Albert’s nicely now”. Thanks Jan.


Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin. Tight lines


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