Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

The fishing has been fantastic on the boats and in the dams. The rock and surf side has been a bit slow but the seasons are changing…

Rays tip: We are getting in to the season for grey sharks and kob. These are species that favour a bit of a glow to your bait. The bites come a lot faster if you are fishing with either a glow skirt, some glow in the dark tubing or a glow stick. This sometimes makes the difference in a crowd and is definitely something to consider for your winter season preparation.


The offshore fishing has been on fire. The sea has been a bit cheeky for the surf launches but the effort to get out has been worth it.

North – The north coast and the far north have been heavily fished over the past couple of weeks. Sodwana and Cape Vidal have been full up and for good reason. The couta have been the main attraction to the spots up north but there have been some frantic billfish bites as well. Live bait has been the most successful method for the couta although some have claimed the shiny walla-walla to be the best of the best. Either way you slice it, the down rigged baits have been the most productive.

Central – Durban has seen a lot of bigger tuna this past week. These have been caught on all types of methods. Trolling a skirted lure between your spots is the fastest way to catch them although. Lipped lures trolled at the correct speed for the lure is extremely productive. Fishing a live bait on a slow drift or under a balloon is another fantastic method for these fish. The best method however, has to be throwing surface lures. The explosion of a big tuna on a popper will get your hands shaking. Look at an 8000 size Daiwa reel, 50lb Daiwa J-Braid or higher and either an 8ft6 dedicated popping rod or a multipurpose 7ft.

South – The south has seen plenty of the same action as the north and central coast. Aliwal Shoal has been the firing for the locals with plenty of good gamefish hauls being reported. Getting a live bonito on a daisy chain and pinning it ASAP, will see you in the money seats for a wahoo! The south (and central) is starting to see more baitfish action so keep your eyes open for surface action. The bottoms are also keeping the KP reels turning with some decent musselcracker being landed.

Rock and Surf:

The shore-based angling has been a bit quiet these past few weeks. The rougher seas have made fishing most spots difficult but the calmer bays and gullies have produced pulls.

North – The north coast has been produced some more summer time kingfish. The guys who enjoy throwing lures or flies will do well heading up to Sodwana or Cape Vidal. These areas have been consistently producing regular kingfish catches. The bronze bream fishing on the lower north coast has kept most of the other anglers happy with the gullies and rocky areas around Ballito producing fish. The inedibles have been keeping quiet but we are holding thumbs for the sardines!

Central – The beaches around Durban have seen a lot of fishing. Most of the fish landed have been edibles although some inedibles have been landed. The edibles have been a mix of grunter, smaller kob, shad and stumpies. The pier at Blue Lagoon has been the most productive spot along this section. Prawn and chokka baits have been very successful but a mix or sardine and chokka is also deadly. Those looking for inedibles need to find an area where you can get your bait in to the deeper water. Diamond rays have been the main catch but some anglers have tussled with thorntails and honeycombs.

South – The south coast has been a scratching paradise. The bigger seas make fishing in the back eddies and pockets very productive. Remember that fish look for areas to get out of the melee of churning water and crashing waves. Lighter tackle and a systematic approach to covering water is key for this type of fishing. Bronze bream and stone bream are your main targets here but this method has produced some amazing catches including musselcracker, grey chub, kob and eagle rays. Prawn and chokka are the baits of choice here.


The dams and rivers have been producing for all facets. The bass are still smashing surface lures; the trout are feeding well in the flowing and still water while the carp catches get bigger and bigger!

Bass – The top water bite is still on in most of the KZN dams. Inanda has been the most productive of the dams for both boat and shore anglers. Fishing the bays and pockets with a walking bait and then following it up with a weightless fluke is a deadly way to successfully fish an area. Those fishing heavily weeded areas will be better suited to a frog and heavy braid. Hazlemere is still producing good catches for the bank anglers as well as the boat guys. Whacky rigged stickbaits have been deadly. For all the dams, if the fishing is slow or you are struggling to get on the board; pick up your spinning rod, tie on a NED rig and slowly fish it along the bottom. This finesse tactic is huge in America and has proven its worth here in SA already. If you do not have this method in your quiver, pop in to your nearest Kingfisher branch.

Carp – The carp fishing is coming out of conventional season and more in to the specimen dominated winter. As sad as the cold mornings can be, the excitement of an alarm going off in the middle of the night and tussling a monster in the dark is worth the extra socks. Make sure your tackle and kit is ready for your new personal best. Change those old lines, air out the bivvy and get some new bait.  Shongweni, Albert’s and Inanda have all produced good catches for the specimen and conventional anglers. A mix of summer and winter flavours are still working. Fruity and stronger flavours are a good choice. Banlic is a good option here as it has the fruitiness of banana and the pulling power of garlic.

Trout – The trout fishing is coming in to prime season! The rivers are full and fishing very well. Get your lighter rods and go drift some flies down your closest river. Look at using a floating line and a dry/dropper rig. A larger dry fly with a more natural offering suspended off it will effectively cover the area you are fishing. The Stillwater’s are fishing well with plenty of decent fish making it to the net and some even bigger fish earning their freedom. Streamers like the suggestive woolly or Fritz bugger are great for all skill levels as they can imitate most life forms depending on the retrieve, the cast well and they catch fish! Stick to the darker colours as we move to the colder months. Black, brown and a darker olive are the colours to switch to.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

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