We are in the seventh month of 2021 and so far this year has seen some amazing fishing. The shad, garrick and sharks are in full swing.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

Ray’s tip: For those of you who are launching your boat for the first time this year, or maybe for the first time ever, choose a sheltered launch site. One of the harbours is perfect for this. Otherwise, speak to the guys launching from the spot you have chosen and watch them for a while. See the lines they are running. Sometimes you cannot just punch straight out to sea and you need to run parallel for 100 meters before shooting the gap.


The crocodile couta have been keeping the offshore guys very happy and have been testing knots.

North – The Blythedale area has been the most consistent producer of couta up north. In terms of methods, bait has been the king. If you can get your hands on live bait you are in the game. If not, you need to the freshest bait possible. Make sure to rig the bait properly so it does not spin in the water. Further south, Tongaat long beach has produced a good number of snoek and Garrick this past week on the backline. Trolling live baits for the Garrick while flicking a small spoon around has made double targeting easy. Fillet baits have been the primary targeting method for these backline beauties but a small spoon has been more effective.

Central – The central coast has also seen a good number of snoek around the Umgeni mouth in the early mornings. Keep your eyes peeled in the early mornings and have a spinning stick at the ready to cast towards any surface action. Trying to set a rod up when you are surrounded by jumping snoek can be a true test of nerve. The rest of the central coast has seen a mix of bottom fish along the lines of “reds”, daga and geelbek; and tuna and couta for the game fishermen. Live bait has been the best choice for those targeting the gamefish and bigger bottoms. Depth has been the main thing to focus on. Fish baits at different depths to figure out what level they are feeding at.

South – The south coast has been the sardine spot. The guys have been targeting the gamefish around the sardines and have landed some good specimens. The Garrick have been loose with sardines along with some prodigal son and snoek. These fish have been caught on lures as well as jigged sardines. The deep has seen some good sized tuna (yellowfin and eastern little). Most of the tuna have been caught while drifting with live bait although a good few have been taken on trolled lures. Colour of lure has not been too important although purple and pink have been the most reported.

Rock and surf:

The garrick and shad have been the main edibles targeted along the KZN coast. The big sharks are here but you need a drone to get to them consistently.

North – The north coast has been producing very good catches of both edibles (in the form of kingfish and stumpies) as well as some of the back-breaking inedibles (in the form of honeycombs, sandies and some shark species). The trace for these fish is the standard thick nylon with a 120lb steel bite trace attached to a circle hook. This is a trace that can be used for most of the inedible fish on the KZN coast as the only thing to change will be the size of the circle hook. You would for example use a 6/0 for brown skates, a 8/0 for grey sharks, a 9/0 for sandies and a 10/0 for diamonds as a rough guide. The deep water points have produced most of the better fish with the deeper water getting the fish to come in closer, to within casting range. These points have also produced some bomber snoek in the early mornings, so pack your spinning rod!

Central – The shad have been wild along the central coast. The beachfront and Blue Lagoon have both been producing some very good size specimens. Drift baits have out fished most other methods but have been more tricky to use in the crowds. Please stick to social distancing and Covid protocols at all times. The Garrick at blue lagoon have been caught on live baits, mainly karanteen and shad. Have a look at our videos on YouTube regarding traces and tactics for these lovely species.  There have been some grey sharks and flatfish around in the evenings but the pickings have been slim.

South – The south coast has been sardine central, although some nets are now being pulled in the Durban area. Keep an eye on social media for the latest updates on netting locations. The south coast has still got a good amount of bronze bream feeding. These light tackle species are great fun to catch and can provide hours of fun or frustration. The main fishing on the south coast has been around the sardines. There have been some amazing edibles caught including prodigal son and Garrick. A lot of these are being released to fight another day, which is fantastic to see. The big sharks are almost exclusively being caught by the drone anglers. These massive fish take a lot of skill and strength to land so please be prepared if you are going to go after them.


The freshwater fishing has been going very well for the bass, carp and the trout anglers. The erratic weather, winter cold and dirty water have tried to ruin the fishing but the fish aren’t having any of it!

Bass – Hazlemere continues to produce some amazing fish for a dam of its size. Multiple fish over the 3kg mark have been landed recently by the bank anglers. It is the pick of the KZN venues if you are stuck on the shore. The smaller flukes in darker colours have been the most productive along the bank. Fish them weightless for the best results. Inanda has been the best for the boat anglers looking for bigger fish. There have been a lot of secret baits so unfortunately you will need to figure it out.  Midmar has produced some proper fish this past week with some large fish being landed on spinnerbaits and weightless flukes. The chart/white spinnerbaits have been the pick of the colours with either gold or silver blades. The flukes that have been the most productive have been the June bug junior and super flukes.

Carp – The carp fishing has been good for both specimen and conventional anglers. The conventional anglers have been hitting the numbers hard. The keenest have been bulging. On that note, please make sure to empty your keenest frequently and place them in water that is deep enough as well as cool. Inanda dam has produced some real quality specimens over the last while. Once again accuracy in terms of your baiting and casting/dropping remains the most important factor when fishing Inanda. Make sure to keep your baiting regular and make sure the spot you are feeding stays attractive to the bigger fish. Keep the area mixed with different sized food sources. Then make your bait stand out either in size or colour.

Trout – The time for the big trout is here and the cold weather has put them in a hungry mood. The spawn is on and the sight-fishing is the way to go for the bigger fish at the moment. Make sure your flies have a bit of orange in them to attract the fish. The fishing has been good for most of the bigger Stillwater’s with plenty of people either catching their first ever trout which is great or catching their personal best trout which is also great. The cooler water has more oxygen and is more comfortable for the fish to be in. The best way to get down to the fish is to use a sinking line and a shorter leader. The sink speed of the line determines how deep it can efficiently fish at and the time it will take to get there. The shorter leader keeps the fly at the same depth as the line so as to avoid the line running deep and the fly sitting 9 feet above it.

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “Herewith this week’s report:

With the Winter Solstice (longest night) having passed some 10 days ago, we are on the way to summer … but with overnight temperatures in the double figures, and day time temps in the mid-20’s, it feels like we are more than halfway there already!  In all probability, there will be a sting in the tail, so we wait with baited breath…

With the streams closed till Opening day on 1 September, its Stillwater season for the trout anglers at present.  The storm of a month ago lowered water temperatures drastically into the single figures, which put the fish in zipper-mouth mode.  Conditions have stabilized somewhat since then, and water temperatures are up a few degrees, now sitting the lower double-figure range.  The wind that came with the storm has also settled, and most Stillwater’s are crystal clear – almost to a fault! – In some cases necessitating small flies on fine tippet, fished almost static … the usual “rip and strip” game doesn’t seem to be producing currently.

Pandemic notwithstanding, the winter events are going ahead with strict Covid regulations … the Kamberg and Boston-Dargle Festivals have come and gone, as well as the 1st Leg of the TOPS Corporate Challenge (TCC).  Next up on the calendar – Uncle Cyril depending of course – is Leg 2 of the TCC scheduled for 15-17 July.

On the bass front, both Albert Falls and Midmar Dams are reported to be slowing down, but still producing fish.

The winter scaly fishing might be slow, but some quality fish are to be had for those anglers putting in the time”. Thanks Jan.


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