Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

With all the chaos and tragedy this past week, fishing has not been a priority. There have been some good catches made and hopefully this is good sign for things to come.

Rays tip: The gentleman of the sea is one of the best gamefish to target on live bait or lures. They will eat most live baits but have a preference for mullet and shad. How to rig the live bait is always a bit controversial but a 6/0 Mustad Tuna Circle cable tied to the fish through the eye sockets is a firm favourite. In terms of the best lures, a buck tail jig worked in a jigging action or a chisel/needle nose plug are your best choices. Remember that garrick feed fairly close in so do not concern yourself with distance.


Even with the pollution that has spilled in to the sea on the north coast, the fishing offshore has been remarkably good over this pas t week. Those that have managed to squeeze a launch in after the long nights of guarding or shopping queues have done well.

North – North of Umhlanga the fishing skis have been doing some damage. Snoek, tuna and couta have been the main hatch-fillers. Umdloti has produced the most consistent results (in spite of the pollution in the water) and would be the first place to consider when planning the next trip. Early morning trolling with fillet baits or lipped lures has been the most successful method. The snoek have been feeding very well after the recent rains. The flush of dirty water not only creates a brilliant hunting area for these predators but it also flushes the smaller estuarine baitfish in to the sea. The snoek love feeding on the glassies that inhabit all of the KZN estuaries. Fillet baits have been the ticket for most of the snoek action but spinning with small spoons on the backline has been the most fun.

Central – The Durban area has been focussed on the snoek at Blue Lagoon and off South Pier as well as the bottom fish on the deeper marks. The snoek have also been a bit smaller than the earlier season fish but they are still fun to catch and make a delicious meal. Much like the north, a redeye sardine fillet trolled behind the backline produces a bite on most mornings. The Strike Pro Magic Minnow has earned its reputation and deserves a spot in every snoek tackle box. The bottom fish have been keeping the KPs back-winding. Some very decent cracker have been landed over the last week or so and respectfully, many have been released (well done to these anglers). The rest of the catches have been made up of rockcod (white-edged, catface, yellow belly) and the usual red fish. The slinger and soldiers have been of a very impressive size, seems lockdown may have done them good? While fishing on the bottom, try fishing a trap stick with a livey. This is best done using a balloon to suspend the live bait a meter or two below the surface. This is a great way to target gamefish while getting your bottoms.

South – There have been plenty of baitfish done south but the gamefish do not seem to know about them… The fishing down south has been focussed on the bottom or around the sardine pockets that are still moving through. There have been a couple of decent tuna caught down south by the Skiboat and fishing ski anglers. The tuna have been very hungry down south and fishing around the bait schools with a trapstick can be deadly. This method can produce many species. The bottom fishermen have had a good run in the far south with plenty of big fish being hooked and most landed.

Rock and surf:

The rock and surf fishing has been a bit quiet along the KZN coast between the violence. There have been some summer fishing starting to make an appearance but most of the fishermen have been focussing on the shad and garrick.

North – The rockier areas up north have been the place to fish for the bronze bream, kingies and stumpnose. Scratching is best done using circle hooks in these areas as the curved in point stops the trace from getting stuck which translates to a lot less tackle loss. Also put a knot in to your sinker snoot to avoid losing your whole trace if the sinker jams in the rocks. In terms of the best bait to use, chokka and prawn are your number one bait.

Central – The central coast has not seen much in the line of reports mainly due to the protest action in the area… The summer fish were starting to make an appearance in along the beachfront prior to the chaos with some brown skates being landed while targeting some of the edible species. There have been some stumpies and kingfish caught by the guys fishing the deeper banks while the shad guys have done well at the Blue Lagoon pier.

South – The south coast has seen plenty of action in the form of sardine netting and garrick. The sardine netters donated a massive amount of sardines that were netted to the local communities during these tough times. Thank you guys! The garrick fishing has been very good down south with some anglers managing to land a couple in a single week. The good news for the lure anglers is that they are finally attacking the lures again, after a period of only eating live bait. The most effective lures have been stick baits and chisel nose plugs. Colour has not been too important but getting the lure in the right area has been vital. Keep moving until you find the fish. The bait anglers have done well with the garrick on live bait as well as the various rock fish while scratching.


The freshwater fishing has been fantastic on all fronts with the bass stealing the show but the trout are making a decent stand in the cooler waters.

Bass – The bass fishing continues to do well in all but a few KZN venues. Midmar has seen some spectacular fish this season. It can be a difficult dam to fish for the newcomer but once you figure it out, there are giants waiting for your lure. Albert Falls has also done well and is a great venue for the family with plenty of open areas for the kids to play and picnic while you go after your new PB. Soft plastics have been the way to go for the bigger fish. This is because of the variety in the shapes available, the scents on the products and the numerous ways to fish each lure. Creature baits and flukes have been the go to plastics for the guys fishing Alberts and Midmar with Watermelon red and June bug being the two most popular colours. Rigs have varied from guy to guy but weightless and Texas rigs have been the most used.

Carp – Most of the KZN venues have produced a good haul of fish for those that have managed to get away. The conventional anglers have reported good fishing while using the cinnamon and homey. These have been the top two flavours/scents reported from most of the venues. Using a fluorescein dye will greatly increase the attractiveness of your bait and will draw the fish in from a long way off. Green and red are the two most popular. Adding some of the powder in to your mielie bomb will put up a smoke cloud leading the fish straight to your bait. The specimen anglers have seen good results from the fishy flavours and by adding oils in to their feeding mix. This has led to some barbel catches but it is part of the territory. The barbel are only an issue if you do not want to catch any fish. If you want to exclude them completely then stay away from any fishy scents and focus more on the sweet and fruity mixes.

Trout – Some were lucky enough to have escaped the city for some much needed relaxation in the mountains. The trout have continued on the good feeding mood they have been in. Some Stillwater’s have reported success on egg patterns and the like while others seem to have moved off spawning mode and have been more interested in eating bigger food items. Large streamers in olives, blacks and browns will be the better option in these areas. Look for streamers that have plenty of movement built in to the fly. This gives the fly more of a lifelike appearance in the water. Flies made with zonker strips and marabou are your best choices (beyond the myriad of exotic synthetics). Flies with a bit of weight will also allow you to get in to the deeper water where the bigger fish will hide during the day.

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “What with last week’s “fun and games” that tore through the city, most anglers were either confined to home, or involved in security monitoring – fishing a pleasant far-fetched thought.  Kingfisher-PMB would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to customers and members of the community that assisted with the safe-guarding of the city and its businesses.

Last week saw a proper cold snap over the Midlands – with the moisture content now at a mid-winter low, black frost was rampant along with frozen water edges.  This week sees some slightly warmer temps, but if the Norwegian Weather God’s crystal ball is correct, it’s the proverbial “calm before the storm” with another proper dip in temperatures expected later in the week and weekend.

The current Level 4 lockdown resulted in Leg 2 of the Corporate Trophy Challenge being put on hold till end-August – had it taken place this past weekend as prescribed, it would have required some Brass Monkey’s to get out there!

A reminder that the TROUT streams are closed over winter for 3 months from 1 June – 31 August, and will reopen on 1 September.

River fishing for scaly (Natal Yellowfish), carp, barbel and bass remains open, with anglers opting to head downstream where it’s mostly warmer.  Some good winter yellows have been reported – CdC collar nymphs are top of the menu right now.

With the roads opening up again, the Stillwater trout anglers will be on the move again, so we look forward to some reports shortly.

As for the bass waters, Albert Falls Dam is reportedly still providing some good numbers of fish, bother bream and bass … the bass spawn will be in full swing shortly, and we expect to hear of some lunkers coming to hand.  Midmar Dam has been up and down.

Dam levels are still looking good … Albert Falls 53%, Midmar 96.5%, Spring Grove 91%, Mearns 86% and Wagondrift still at 99%”. Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels. 

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