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Please leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

With the easing of some restrictions and the sea starting to behave, there has been some good fishing had along our coast.

Ray’s tip: There have been some really good garrick landed over the past couple of weeks. Most of these fish have been landed on a slid live bait. With the way that garrick feed and where they feed, you do not need to get your bait in to the deep water behind the backline. The most productive area is between the backline and the shoreline. A return or original slide clip is therefore a much better option than a non-return as it allows your bait to move in the strike zone of the garrick. In terms of hooks, there are many options but a 6/0 circle hook or two 6/0 J-hooks are the most common.


The offshore fishing has seen some giants landed this past week including some beastly tuna and enormous bottom fish.

North – The north coast has seen a lot of game fish action with a lot of quality size couta around on the deeper reefs/wrecks. They have been a bit picky on the depth they are feeding at, so make sure to try different weights to down rig your baits. Once you have more than one bite at a certain depth, you can fish your other rod/s at that depth as well to maximise your chances. This applies to lures as well. Use ones that can run at the same speed but different depths. This is a great method of finding the fish in areas where you know they will be grouping/schooling. The north coast has seen some snoek action around the river mouths but most of the snoek have been landed along the lower north and central coast.

Central – The snoek have been around the Umgeni mouth in the early mornings. Trolling lipped lures has worked very well on most mornings and has even out fished the fillet bait. The rest of the Durban offshore scene has been dominated by some really quality bottom fishing and the odd big tuna. Well done to Rob Hamburger on a massive tuna of just over 40kgs! Proper beast that! Live bait has been the pick of the methods for the tuna, but throwing a popper should always be an option just for the excitement. For traces, a simple fluorocarbon snoot to a 6/0 circle hook will suffice for most toothless gamefish. The guys who prefer bottom fishing will be happy to know that the geelbek are on the feed. Sardines and chokka work very well for these fish and works well as a combo bait.

South – The south coast has also seen a good number of tuna from the boat and kayak anglers. Live baits are the way to go with the species of live bait not being too important. The lipped lures and poppers have been working but the live baits have worked better. There have been some anglers who have successfully targeted the garrick along the backline of the south coast river mouth beaches. Here a good skipper is needed to keep an eye on the waves and the anglers. The south coast has seen plenty of good bottom fishing with some very impressive daga, rockcod, poenskop and coppers caught. The bigger fish have mostly been caught using live baits rigged on circle hooks dropped to the depths.

Rock and surf:

The rock and surf fishing has been a bit slow to get going after the recent chaos. The shad have kept most of the anglers happy enough but the garrick and big sharks are still enjoying their leave…

North – The north coast has been very quiet with no reported catches coming in. This time of year it will be best to fish in the reefs and ledges with smaller baits to target the myriad of species one can catch there. A double hook trace with smaller circle hooks allows you to target multiple species at once and is less likely to get stuck in the rocks. The best baits for these areas are chokka and prawn. Both of these are soft baits so they can be attached to the circle hook like you would for a J-hook.

Central – The central coast has seen a lot of stumpies being caught along the beachfront during the late afternoons and evenings. These fish have favoured prawn and sea lice baits fished on longer traces in the working white water behind the sandbanks. Chokka baits will be the next best bet for these hard-fighting fish. The shad have been keeping the anglers busy around the Umgeni River mouth. Bait has been out fishing the spoon. Some anglers have managed to land snoek and garrick while spinning in the mornings. Bullet spoons and plugs are the best bet for these fish. The shad prefer a longer bodied lipped lure or an s-bend spoon. The exciting new Strike Pro “Koffana” lures are in stock so head to you nearest quality tackle store to stock your boxes for summer.

South – The south coast anglers have managed a good few garrick on surface plugs. The location of the catches is always a secret but any of the river mouth areas will be worth a throw in the morning as well as any location where the shad are being caught. Colour of the plug is not that important as it is a silhouette that the fish is seeing. The bigger sharks have been caught on droned baits along the south coast. These are the only really big inedibles to be landed over the last couple of weeks. The sardine action seems to have slowed down even though the sardines are still around in big numbers.


The freshwater fishing has been surprisingly hot for this time of year…The trout are keeping the fly rods bent, the carp are making the cold nights bearable and the bass are bringing some excitement to the dams.

Bass – The exciting new Strike Pro lures are in stock so head to you nearest quality tackle store to stock your boxes for summer. The range includes some very cool deep divers which will come in to their own in summer as well as some wake baits! The new lures are as follows: -Cranky deep diver 6cm and 10cm (Bass) – Hunchback 8cm Wakebait (Bass) -Bigger Sprat stick 5.5cm (Bass and estuary) – Inquisitor 8cm Jerkbait (Bass and estuary) The bass fishing has been fairly good in most of the KZN dams with Hazlemere and Inanda producing the most catch reports. Spinnerbaits have been producing the most consistent action in the shallower bays with white colours working in the cleaner water and chartreuse producing in the dirtier water. Those looking for giants are best set to use either a jig or bigger creature bait in the thicker structure. The fish are set back in the thicker stuff at the moment and you need to get right in there to trigger a bite.

Carp – The carp fishing has been a little slow in reporting but the specimen and conventional anglers have still managed a good few fish. Albert Falls has been very kind to the guys with many anglers having to empty their keep nets halfway through a session. The specimen anglers have slowed down a bit as the bigger fish have been absent from most of the venues. Some of the smaller private venues have seen better fishing but these are not open to the public and their location is always a secret… The flavours of choice have been banana (once again) and “Spiderman” from Supercast. The fruity flavours of both of these scents has driven the small fish wild and has caused a lot of alarm screaming. If you do keep the fish in a sling or keep net, please make sure that there is enough water flowing in the net and check on the fish frequently.

Trout – The trout have spawned out in most venues but the fishing is still going very well. The use of egg patterns and blobs will still produce fish, but there are other methods that will work better. Look at fishing streamers on intermediate and fast sinking lines. The fish need to regenerate the body mass they lost during spawning so they will be looking for bigger food items to bulk up. The Stillwater venues have seen plenty of the bigger fish action. Most of the deeper lakes have been producing quality rainbows with only a few browns making it on to the web of social media. Streamer patterns and nymph imitations have been the pick of the flies to use. The dry fly fishing has only been available for short periods at a time. Keep that rod ready though, as a big trout sipping dries off the surface can render even the steadiest hand shaky! Tight lines and screaming reels.

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