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Fishing has been dominated by edibles and big sharks around the sardine action. There have been some amazing catches this year and it looks like there is still plenty sardine action to come…

Ray’s tip: Too often we as rock and surf anglers get caught up with distance. Getting that extra 5 meters becomes an obsession that can never be satisfied. Much like the golfer trying to shoot the perfect game, we will always want more. Distance is often necessary to get the bite, but accuracy it far more important. If the fish are feeding at 80 meters, why are you throwing past 100 meters?! Learning to read the water and knowing where the fish are likely to hold is a key part of knowing how far to cast. A balanced setup will also make things a lot easier on you.


The croc couta have been plastered all over social media this season. Some amazing sized fish have been landed in the fishing skis and the boats.

North – The north coast has seen most of the bigger couta action. Specifically the areas around Mtunzini, Tinley and Umdloti. Most of these bigger fish have been caught on bait but some have found the allure of a wiggling lure too exciting to pass up. These bigger fish have gotten to their size mostly by being clever so take your time in presenting your bait properly and ensuring it swims straight. The snoek have been around the Umdloti area with some days seeing them throw all caution to the wind. Small spoons and fillet baits are the way to go.

Central – The Durban coast has seen a bit of bottom fishing and gamefish action this past week. The water has been quite cold so the fishing has not been easy. The geelbek have been patchy and often sitting off the structure, either up or down current. Make sure you scan the area properly before moving it on. Sardines have been the most successful bait reported. The snoek have been feeding at the Umgeni mouth. Guys have reported fillet baits trolled behind the backline to be the best method this past week. The bigger swells have been around so please be careful while fishing on the backline and have someone on a constant lookout for these bigger waves.

South – The south coast has seen a lot of action around the sardine shoals and the beaches where they are netted. There have been plenty of Garrick caught on jig-and-drop sardines, live bait and lures around the shoals. The deep water jigging and live baiting for the amberjack has produced some good results this past week. These are extremely powerful fish and require brute force to get them off their structure. This is not light braid country. This is a 100lb braid and KP kind of fight.

Rock and surf:

Much like the offshore fishing, the main action has been based around the sardines. Some amazing gamefish have been caught around these silver shoals.

North – The north coast has been quiet…There have been no reports that have come in from the north coast anglers. This time of year it is best to fish the rockier ledges and gullies for fish like bronze bream and stumpies. These fish can both be targeted with the same tackle which makes travelling and fishing light a lot more pleasurable.  Light tackle is the key to staying mobile. Rods between 10-12ft are brilliant for this facet. Most of the rock fish will not say no to prawn or chokka. On the inedible side, this time of year can be a bit slow with most of the action being grey sharks. If you are looking for something bigger then swimming one of these could produce a giant.

Central – The Durban coast has seen a lot of shad action this past week. The betting of sardines along the beachfront did bring in some snoek and garrick which the spinning anglers took full advantage of. Throwing spoons is a great way of targeting the gamefish in and around the sardine shoals. Try to match the profile of the sardine with your spoon. Sometimes this makes a big difference, other times a piece of tinfoil will be fine. There have been the startings of a couple flatfish caught along the north beaches. Nothing gigantic yet but it is a light at the end of the cold winter tunnel.

South – Sardine central. The south coast has been the place to go whether you are after a garrick or a giant grey shark. There have been. A couple successful methods used last week. The jig-and-drop method accounted for some very good edibles including big kingfish, prodigal son, kob and garrick. This method is exactly as the name states. You cast in to the sardine shoal, jig a sardine by striking and then let it drop out of the shoal. This is a deadly way of targeting edibles around the sardines. Those looking for the bigger sharks are best served by either sight casting to the fish around the nets or dropping a big bait in the deep. Please make sure you are ready for the battle that follows as these are not small fish…Kevin Foster from Pumula landed a 61cm, 5kg brusher on Saturday with his Daiwa BG rod. Bait was a small sardine bomb bait on a Mustad Demon perfect circle fine 1/0 targeting bronze bream. Great catch Kevin, well done.


The bass and carp have taken a bit of a backseat to the trout during the cold. The trout fishing has been phenomenal but this doesn’t mean the carp and bass are absent.

Bass – The bass have definitely slowed down but they are still there to be caught. The guys who have access to the smaller farm/private dams have not seen a slowing down of the catches. The bass in these waters don’t seem to care if it is cold, hot or dry…they just eat! Creature baits continue to do very well in all the KZN waters. They have a good balance of presence from their chunky body and movement from their appendages. Darker colours such as green pumpkin and June bug have been the most successful. These baits generally fish better on a Texas rig as the weight forces their arms and legs to kick on the drop. Alternately you can use a Carolina rig which has the creature dancing behind the sinker by a short distance. For the Carolina rig you need to use a fairly heavy sinker to keep it on the bottom and make sure it kicks up a bit of disruption on the bottom.

Carp – The carp fishing has been very good in the bigger dams. Inanda has been particularly productive for both the specimen and the conventional anglers. The stronger flavours combined with something fruity has produced some very good fish. With both the specimen and the conventional angling, try to keep fishing in the same area so that you bait an area to attract the fish in. Try to put a mix of particles in to the feeding area as this keeps the fish interested. Midmar and Albert Falls are also producing good fish but have definitely been slower than Inanda. The higher altitude has meant colder water which has slowed the fish down. With the fronts around at the moment, expect to wait a while between bites. Those that like to target carp on artificials will be glad to hear that the carp are feeding on the scum lines. You can use most lures to target these fish but the key is stealth. The ideal way is to use a dry fly like a DDD on a long leader and floating line. Cast this with as much stealth and finesse as possible in the scum lines where the fish are feeding and you are in with a good chance of a “poor man’s bonefish”.

Trout – The trout fishing has been amazing in the last few weeks. Sight fishing for 4lb plus trout in crystal clear water can really get the heart going. With the clear water, you have to scale down the leader which means having to play the fish with softer hands. Take your time with these fish. You have spent a lot time and money to get the bite, enjoy the fight and the scenery. Take it all in and relax. The fish in some dams are focussed solely on spawning and they should be left to carry on. These fish and those in the area are suckers for a fly with a bit of orange in it. Add some orange blobs, egg flies and egg-sucking leaches to your box. Look for shallow bays and areas where a rocky bottom is present. The spawning trout will assemble in these areas. The key is stealth here. Keep low and wear clothes with natural, drab colours.

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “With the weather still pretending to be summer already, we are waiting for the proverbial “sting in the tail” … Murphy’s Law dictates that it will no doubt arrive just in time for one of the forthcoming event weekends!

A reminder that the TROUT streams are closed over winter for 3 months from 1 June – 31 August, and will reopen on 1 September.  River fishing for scaly (Natal Yellowfish), carp, barbel and bass remains open.

The winter yellows seems to be making an appearance, and some good fish have been reported from the lower Umkomaas River, as well as the Bushman’s and Tugela Rivers.  Nymphs and caddis patterns remain the favoured flies at present.

The Stillwater season for most trout anglers seems to off to a slow start at present.  Even though conditions have stabilized somewhat (weather and water), the fish are proving to somewhat difficult … with only a few waters showing off their prime stock.  Water temperatures will be hovering on the double-figure line, fish should be patrolling the dam edges looking for suitable areas of shale / stone bottom as they attempt their nuptials.  An attractor pattern or “egg fly”, fished in tandem  with a trailing wee flashback nymph, commonly referred to as “Bacon & Egg”, is a popular way to tempt these otherwise pre-occupied fish.

Pandemic notwithstanding, the winter events are going ahead with strict Covid regulations … the Kamberg and Boston-Dargle Festivals have come and gone, as well as the 1st Leg of the TOPS Corporate Challenge (TCC).  Next up on the calendar – Uncle Cyril depending of course – is Leg 2 of the TCC scheduled for 15-17 July.

On the bass front, local anglers Captain Kirk van Reeuwyk, Lashen Murugan, along with their and other teams, reported holding a friendly competition on Albert Falls Dam this past weekend. Fishing deep and slow, provided the fish with a mix of soft plastics and deep-diving jerkbaits bringing the better bites.  No news from Midmar Dam at present”. Thanks Jan. Tight lines and screaming reels

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