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The offshore fishing has been dominated by some spectacular bottom fish caught over the past few weeks. There have been some monsters pulled up from the depths and some good gamefish caught while drifting over the spots.

The north coast has seen a bit of the bottom fishing action with the more prominent deep water spots producing the daga and geelbek mainly. These have been predominantly caught on a mix of sardine and chokka. Live bait has produced the bigger bites but the sardines have been cheaper and easier to get. The lower north coast has seen some of the smaller bottom fish caught on the inshore reefs. For these smaller fish, a 6/0 circle hook works perfectly for most species. This baited up with a squid/chokka bait will be ideal. On the gamefish side, there have been plenty of tuna and couta around for the guys fishing in the deeper areas while the backline has seen some good garrick and snoek action. The snoek have favoured the Strike Pro Magic Minnows or a fillet bait trolled behind the backline. The garrick have been more interested in a live mackerel.

The Durban coast has also seen much of the same as the north. There have been snoek and smaller couta caught on the backline from the harbour all the way to Blue Lagoon. Fillet baits and smaller lipped lures have been the most productive. For these fish, a lighter rod will not only reduce the amount of hooks pulled, but it will also give you so much more fun during the fight. The tuna have been around and have saved many a quiet day. Keep an eye out for any surface action and launch a popper to it. Working the popper with pauses in between will see some explosive results. Throwing a popper can also be highly effective while on the drift or slow trolling. For both of these methods, the popper works to call the fish in from the surrounding areas. The bottom fishing side of things has seen some beastly black musselcracker caught in the deep along with a multitude of other hard-fighting species. The black musselcracker and copper steenbras have preferred bigger live baits on the bottom. Look at using a shad or bigger mackerel as bait.

The south coast has seen some good bottom fishing this past week. The charter and commercial anglers have landed some very impressive hauls of geelbek, poenskop (black musselcracker) and a host of soldier species. A good tactic to use if you are wanting to target a multitude of species is to use a trace with smaller hooks on top (e.g. 6/0 circles) with a bigger hook (9/0 circle) and bait on the bottom. Smaller chokka baits will work well on the top hooks while a whole sardine or live bait will be perfect on the bottom hook. The game fishing down south has been dominated by tuna. These have been mainly caught on live bait either slow trolled or drifted out on a trap stick while fishing on the bottom. The guys trolling from spot to spot have also managed a few good sized tuna on larger lipped lures.

Rock and surf:

The rock and surf fishing has been a bit quiet with the bigger seas and winds. Those that have managed to go fishing have caught decent hauls of shad and ground fish. The bigger inedibles have been restricted to the north coast other than the drone-caught fish down south.

North – The north coast remains the place to go if you are still after the classic summer fish or larger edibles. The reefs and ledges up around Vidal are a great place to scratch for these bigger edibles. The reefs and beaches up north can produce so many different species! The pompano have been feeding in the sandier areas, preferring a crayfish and chokka bait on a light hook snood. The benefit of this type of bait is that there are not many fish that can resist it. The use of circle hooks in this application is essential as it will lead to fewer snagged traces and more hooked fish. Make sure to use softer baits if you are baiting the circle up like a j-hook. The north coast has still got some flatfish coming out. A nice meaty mackerel bait will give you a good chance of hooking in to a bigger flatfish or shark.

Central – The beachfront has seen a couple of nettings of sardines this week. Unfortunately there have not been too many fish with the sards (think the fish are tired of eating them) and only shad have been caught with them consistently. The night time fishing along the beachfront has yielded some good stumpies. These fish have been caught on sealice, chokka and prawn baits. The key has been a trace that allows some free-movement of the bait so that a natural state is achieved. The only other edibles to be reported have been the shad. These have been caught along most of the beachfront but the fishing has been tough.

South – The south coast has seen some giant shark action from the guys droning baits in to the deep. These are massive fish that require specialised tackle and a strong angler to get to the side. If you are considering droning for these big fish, please make sure you and your tackle are ready for the task. If you are uncertain, please pop in to one of our stores and we can assist you. The rest of the south coast has been dominated with catches of fish from the guys scratching in the rockier areas. The ledges and gullies along the south coast are host to many different edible fish but the most targeted is the bronze bream. These often shy fish cannot resist a nice meaty pink prawn bait fished on a light snood.


The freshwater world has been producing some amazing bass fishing in the last couple of weeks. The carp are starting to get in to the swing of the summer mood and the numbers being caught are going up. The trout continue to gobble up the flies and the scalies are on the bite in the rivers. With so much to catch, it is difficult to decide what to do…

Bass – The bass fishing has slowed down a bit with the cooler water but there are still plenty of big fish to be caught. The top venues this past week were Albert Falls, Midmar and Inanda Dam. Soft plastics have been the way to go for the bigger fish. This is because of the variety in the shapes available, the scents on the products and the numerous ways to fish each lure. Creature baits and flukes have been the go to plastics for the guys fishing Alberts and Midmar with Watermelon red and Junebug being the two most popular colours. Rigs have varied from guy to guy but weightless and Texas rigs have been the most used. Whacky rigged worms or neko rigs will see you get much better fish in the deeper water of all these dams and have produced some very big fish on the lighter spinning tackle. The guys fishing from the side at venues like Hazlemere have reported good catches on smaller poppers in the early and late hours of the day while the rest of the time has been best fished with a weightless soft plastic.

Carp – Overall the KZN dams have been fishing very well with both specimen and conventional anglers having good reports. Inanda and Albert falls are the pick of the venues and should be high on your list. The specimen anglers have been the ones responsible for most of the bigger fish although some proper tanks have been landed by the conventional anglers. The specimen guys have had good success on a wide variety of baits so take some variation in your feed and hook baits. The conventional anglers have seen the best results from Albert Falls. Banana and honey floaties and mielies have been the pick of the bunch as has been the case for as long as I can remember. Keep it simple and do not try to overcomplicate the baits, stick to the old favourites and have a couple mixes ready to go. Focus on fishing as accurately as possible for both specimen and conventional styles and you will see an improvement in your catch results.

Trout – The Stillwater’s have been producing some amazing fish with plenty anglers reporting new personal bests and some reporting their first ever fish on fly. Both of these are amazing achievements and need to be celebrated. In the Stillwater’s, the deeper areas have been productively fished using a type 3 sinking line and a short leader tied to a bulky streamers with plenty of built in movement. Try a paparoach or woolly bugger. Successful colours reported are browns and olives although black always produces when the times get tough. The scaly season is in to the swing of things earlier than expected. The fish have been spooky with the cleaner water in some areas but a little finesse is all you need to convince these amazing fish to eat. Jig patterns with plenty of CDC or similar material for movement have produced the goods but the simple Hare and copper will serve you well.

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “While it appears that summer is already making inroads, we won’t hold our collective breath just yet … strange things have been known to happen late in the season!  That being said, grab the balmy hands with both hands, and get out there … much better that a) freezing your behind off in the previous frosty condition, or b) worse still … sitting at work!

We are in the home stretch for the Opening of the River Season on 1 September – just over 3 weeks to go, but hey … who’s counting?  Well, me for sure…  No direct reports as yet, but with the good late rains we have had, I suspect that we will be in for a good start … <fingers crossed>

Some good fish have been reported by the Stillwater anglers – black and olive the colours that are doing the business at present.  Leg 3 of the Corporate Trophy Challenge takes place next weekend, with the recent lockdown resulting in Leg 2 having to be moved to the end of the month.

With waters starting to warm, the bass anglers gearing up for the spawn – already some excellent fish are being reported from Albert Falls. Of interest is the FLW RSA National Championships 2021 which will held on Albert Falls Dam 6, 7, 8 August ’21 … we wish all the anglers Tight Lines.  Reports from Midmar also indicate some good fish out.

River fishing for scaly (Natal Yellowfish) is gearing up, with some excellent fish having been reported of late.  Wet flies are your current “go to” with CdC collar nymphs and the so-called “jig buggers” top of the menu right now.

Dam levels have dropped slightly, but are still looking good for this time of year … Albert Falls 51.5%, Midmar 94.5%, Spring Grove 88.75%, Mearns 55% and Wagondrift still at 98%”. Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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