FISHING REPORT 27 August ’21

Another week and some more great fish landed. The edibles have been playing the game offshore and along the shore.

Top tip: Brusher or white musselcracker are formidable fish in the surf zone. With their powerful tails, they are extremely strong and are able to take line off a form drag. They also possess the jaw strength to crush most hooks.

With all this is mind, if you are going to tackle these beasts make sure you are using the best tackle and strongest components in your traces. Also make sure to stay close to (or better yet hold) your rod.


The bottom fishing has been phenomenal over the past week or two with some amazing fish being landed. Not to be left out, the gamefish have done their bit too…

North – The north coast has seen some great catches from the ski boats, fishing skis and the jet skis. There have been a good mix of gamefish species caught including some lovely kingfish, prodigal son and amberjack. Most of these fish will take a live bait fished for one of the more popular gamefish but targeting them specifically is normally done with lures. Look at the new facet of slow pitch jogging if you want to try something new.

Further down the coast there have been some amazing bottom fish caught.

Central – The fishing off Durban has been amazing when you can launch. Unfortunately the sea has been a bit up so only the hardened sea dogs have been fishing every day. The main attraction of late has been the abundance of good bottom fish. There have been a large number of copper steenbras and black musselcracker caught recently with some coppers going over 40kgs! These are massive, old fish with plenty of power that deserve the respect of every angler. Please seriously consider releasing these bigger fish if you can.

South – The south coast has seen much the same as the central with the main focus being around the bigger bottom fish. Most of the bigger bottom fish have favoured a live bait or big dead bait. These can be rigged on a 9/0-12/0 circle hook. Make sure you are using tackle and a back that can handle the fight of these beasts.

The south coast has seen some decent tuna fishing with specimens falling for both lures on the troll and live bait on the drift.

Rock and surf:

The shore fishing has been decent considering the weather and sea conditions we have had this past week. The edibles are on show and it looks like spring is almost here.

North – The north coast has seen mainly stumpies, pompano and bronze bream on the edible front while grey sharks are the only reported inedible. The greys have been caught mainly at night using either chokka, mackerel or a combination of the two. Make sure to add floatation to your bait.

The edibles have favoured a more crustacean approach to the baits with prawns, sealice and crayfish proving to be the most effective baits. Look for areas of working water and fish on the edges of these areas. Lengthen your hook snoods to give your bait more movement.

Central – The central coast has seen some good shad and garrick at Blue Lagoon in the early mornings and late afternoons. Spoons have done the trick for the shad while most live baits have worked for the garrick.

The central coast has also seen some good stumpy fishing along the beachfront with the sandbanks producing some decent specimens that fell for a well-presented prawn bait.

There have not been many inedibles to speak of along the Durban coast but some smaller flatfish have been landed on mackerel and redeye baits.

South – The south coast has sprung in to brusher action. The recent surge in catches of these powerful fish has seen everyone scrambling for these brusher tackle and searching for a muscleman crab.

The reefs and ledges off the bluff have been prime location and should be first on the list of places to target. These areas are also holding some good size stone bream and bronze bream. These fish can keep you busy while you wait for the Brusher rod to be floored.


The freshwater fishing has been heating up with the smell of spring in the air. The bass are starting to move in to more summer patterns and are closely followed by the carp, while the trout try to enjoy the last piece of winter.

Bass – The bass fishing has been in moving in to summer mood. The top water bite has been good in the early afternoons with the warmer water keeping the bass in the shallows. Frogs operate very well in most of the KZN venues. The benefit of the weedless frog is being able to throw it in to the thickest cover and not get stuck. Hazlemere has been a very successful bank fishing venue but Inanda has been the most productive venue for the boat anglers.

Weightless soft plastics are the way to go in the shallows if the top water bite isn’t producing any action. In the dirtier water, use the darker colours for a more solid silhouette. The cleaner water is best fished with more natural colours like watermelon or green pumpkin.

Carp – The carp fishing has been getting a bit momentum for the conventional anglers. Albert falls has produced the numbers for the conventional anglers with flavours like bunspice and banana doing well. Mixing a stronger scent in to the bomb mix will help to keep the fish in the area. Garlic or cinnamon are the two favourites. Pair this with floaties or mielies on the hook in a sweet flavour and you are set in most of the KZN venues.

The specimen anglers have been struggling with the big weather changes affecting the pressure systems. Shongweni has been the pick of the venues for the specimen anglers with most other venues starting to suffer the plague of the smaller fish. Look at using some good quality boilies and keep your area topped up with attractive feed.

Trout – The snow on the berg, a fire in the cabin and trout taking backing off the reel. What a thought…

This is the time for that romantic getaway to the berg. The trout are still feeding well and the scenery is spectacular. With the colder weather, look at fishing the shallower water in the early morning and late afternoon. Once the sun gets higher up, look at fishing the deeper water with a sower retrieve and streamers. Something like a paparoach fished on a short leader and a type 3 sinking line will do the trick.

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “While it would seem that spring/summer was already in the air, two weeks ago we reported “Never say Never…” and here we are at the Gate of the Polar Fridge again … and somebody is apparently about to open the door – there is BIG rain forecast for The ‘Berg and another good opportunity to go and play in the snow!

With Opening Day of the trout streams less than a week away, we can’t complain, as the influx of moisture will give the rivers a great flush and as the waters warm after the snowmelt, there is going to be some excellent spring fishing.  I will be making my annual pilgrimage to the river(s) on Opening Day and look forward to reporting on some fine looking conditions.

It’s been a strange winter season, and the Stillwater trout scene remains “iffy” to say the least.  This weekend see’s the final running up Leg of the TOPS Corporate Challenge on the waters in and around Nottingham Road – the anglers in the previous Leg did well under the icy conditions of 2 weeks ago, so wishing these legs anglers Tight Lines and look forward to hearing what the fish think about the weather…

While the bass anglers are looking forward to the fishing moving up to spawn, the cold spell of 2 weeks ago was reported to put a spanner in the works and delay the onset … the coming weather might just be adding a bucket of tools into the mix!

There have been some good scaly (Natal Yellowfish) reported of late.  The river still a tad cold, and the fishing on the slow side, but the anglers putting the hard yards are being rewarded.  The lower Umkomaas towards Richmond, and the middle Tugela are proving to bet the current hotpots. Reports indicate that fish are “glued to the bottom”, so a heavy nymph rig is required to get down to the fish … CdC collar nymphs and the so-called “jig buggers” top of the menu right now”. Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

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