FISHING REPORT 10 September ’21

In to the 9th month we go! The weather and sea haven’t been playing fair for a while now but surprisingly the fishing has been pretty good all around.

Top tip: With summer just around the corner, it is a good idea to get all your summer tackle rigged and ready for the upcoming chaos.

So whether you are fishing for dorado on the boats or sand sharks up north, get in to your nearest tackle shop and stock up on the essentials, get your reels serviced and get your tackle box cleaned and organised. The extra work now will save you when the action heats up.


The offshore fishing has been mainly based on the bottom fishing for the past few weeks and for good reason. The coppers and poenskop have been putting some serious bends in the rods!

North – The north coast has seen some good snoek fishing along most of the usual spots. Tinley manor and a Blythedale have been the true hotspots. Trolling fillets on the backline along with good quality, small lipped minnows is the way to go. Make sure you are trolling these smaller lures on lighter line (less than 25lb) to make sure they swim properly. Heavy line can cause them to kick out or not reach the proper depth. Also consider fishing them without wire to increase the number of bites.

The bottom fishing up north has been a bit quieter than the rest of the coast but there have still been some good hauls of geelbek and daga.

Central – The tuna have managed to keep the gamefish guys pretty happy over the past week. The big seas have made targeting snoek on the backline a bit of a tricky affair. The big waves can be unpredictable so please be very careful close to the backline.

The bottom fishing has been phenomenal along the Durban coast and further south. The main targets have been the bigger reef predators. That being said, there has been a very good mix of species. A lot of anglers have been experimenting with slow pitch jigging and have reaped the rewards. This facet does require slightly specialised gear so make sure you get the proper rod and reel for the job.

South – The south coast has been throwing some amazing bottom fish down in the lower south. The Transkei has been calling and those that answered were well rewarded with some beastly fishing.

The areas on the upper and middle south have been more focussed on geelbek and daga and the boats have done well with these. Bigger baits have produced the bigger fish down south and live baits have remained king!

Rock and surf:

The rock and surf fishing is in a strange period with some summer fish starting to make an appearance but a lot of the winter regulars making up the bulk of the catches.

North – The north has been the place to look for the early summer fish. The sandies and brown skates have been the first of the summer fish to grace our shores. Remember to use the best quality bait possible and the freshest as well. This can often be the difference between a blank and making history.

Most of the summer fish enjoy fleshy baits but if you also want to target some of the bigger edibles then a mixed bait of chokka and redeye will put you in with a good chance of success. If you are using a circle hook, make sure the hook has enough movement and gape to do its job.

Central – The basin area along the beachfront has started to produce a couple of blue skates. It’s a little bit late but we won’t complain…

There have been plenty of shad around to keep those wanting a fish for the pan happy. The drift baits have been the most effective way of catching your quota quickly.

The rest of the beachfront has produced some good stumpies in the evenings. The most successful baits have been chokka, prawn and crackers. A combination of all three is deadly as well. Those fishing for the bigger specimens will do well with ghost crabs and sealice.

South – The south coast anglers have been focussed on the edible fish and for good reason. The south coast gullies have been very productive for the guys looking for bronze bream as well as brusher. The bream have been enjoying both pink and red prawn. The brusher have favoured a crab bait either alone or crab meat mixed with chokka.

The lure anglers down south have done particularly well with the garrick this past week. Some anglers have gone in to double digits for their season count in just a day or two. Bucktail jigs and surface plugs have been the most productive baits to use.


The freshwater scene has been a good mix of all facets. The carp anglers have done well with both specimen and conventional anglers reporting good catches. The bass guys have landed some beasts and the fly anglers have been spoilt with both trout and scalies, a great time to fish.

Bass – Some personal bests have been landed in the past few days from a few KZN venues. The fishing has been a bit finicky with the big fronts coming through. The fishing post front can be slow and methodical but the pre frontal fishing is normally wild.

Before the front, look at using more power fishing type techniques. Throwing a chatterbait or spinnerbait is a great way to cover large areas of water effectively. Once the front has passed over, change to either a reaction bite like a quality jerkbait or switch to a finesse approach like dropshot or Ned rig.

Carp – The carp fishing has been cold but productive. Much like the bass, the fish have been sensitive to the frontal conditions.

Make sure to keep your areas topped up with bait to keep the fish interested in your area. This is the kind of activity you can do to keep yourself busy between the bites.

In terms of flavours and scents, the summer patterns are starting to produce more bites so make sure you have sweeter flavours in the mix but also keep the stronger scents in the box in case it gets tough.

Trout – The Stillwater’s are fishing very well for the guys fishing sinking lines and streamers. The deeper waters have been a bit more stable in the mixed frontal conditions. The recent snows have dropped the temperatures and given a bit of input in to the rivers and Stillwater’s. This has energised the fish and produced some great action.

The scalies have been feeding well and the fishing is something everyone needs to experience. We have a world class fishery that needs to be exploited but most importantly, protected.

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “Seems like the weather is having an argument with us at present : runs off and we get a hint of lovely Spring/Summer weather, and then it decides to come storming back (pun intended) saying “Oh, and one more thing…” … so we are grateful for the snow on The ‘Berg at present, and with the clear weather forecast, should melt quickly and hopefully have some input.

We mustn’t complain, as the previous 2 snow events did very little to raise water levels in the rivers, as witnessed by my Opening Day outing last week 1 September : the upper Bushman’s River was low, crystal clear, and at 14deg.C, unexpectedly warm … better than the 6deg.C of Opening day last year I must say!  With the low, slow water however, fish were scarce, managing 8 fish between 4 of us, but we did spot some and spooked a few more.  As soon as levels come up a bit, the fish will move on up and it will be Game On!

Reports indicate much the same for the Mooi River – but with deeper holding water, some better fish have been reported.  Higher up in the Central ‘Berg the InjisuthI is also running low and clear, but the rainbows have been out to play.

Most anglers have been on the rivers, so no news coming in from the stillwaters.  Next weekend will see the finalists  of the TOPS Corporate Challenge tackling the stillwater in and around Nottingham Road, so we wait to hear from them…

The bass are reportedly waking up in Albert Falls Dam, and this weekend sees the Triple Skins Bass Challenge being held on PMB Bassmasters Club Grounds.  Wishing all the competitors Tight Lines.  Local angler Tiaan Odendaal seems to like foul weather fishing, reportedly putting another 4kg bucketmouth into the net earlier this week while fishing Midmar Dam.

Ewan Kyle reports that the Tugela is running low but super clean, and the yellowfish (Natal Scaly) are up in the rapids feeding, with some big fish in the upper 50cm bracket still cruising the deep pools that were enticed to the fly”. Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

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