FISHING REPORT 17 September ’21

The summer weather is here and it’s not just the temperatures that are heating up…the fishing is as well.


Top tip: Using a live fish as bait is something that can put a lot of people off. It is however a deadly way of targeting predatory fish. Whether you use a smaller shark/ray as a swim bait for a bigger shark or a love pinkie for a shad.

A few things to remember are that the fish you use as bait (if caught with rod and line) form part of your daily limit and the fish need to be of legal size. So you cannot catch four shad for example and then catch another one and use that for bait because you would then be keeping five shad. Keep your live bait in a well oxygenated, cool place and they will stay alive for much longer.



The offshore fishing has been difficult with the bigger seas and heavy winds. Although, those that have been launching have managed to keep the smiles on their faces with the fish being caught.


North – The north has seen some steady snoek action along the Umdloti, Tongaat and Ballito areas. All these spots have produced fish on spoons and fillet baits. When looking for snoek, try use lighter tackle than your usual couta stuff. Not only will you enjoy the fight more, but you also not pull as many hooks. The deeper wrecks and reefs have been producing some good bottom fish with trawl soldiers becoming more regular on the catch reports. The geelbek and daga are still making up the bulk of the catches. Live bait has been the most successful for the bigger bottom fish.


Central – The Durban coast has seen more launches due to the ease of the harbour and Vetch’s beach. These two sites make it possible for boats to launch in most sea conditions. There have been some smaller snoek and couta caught just behind limestone reef. Most of these have been on trolled lures but a couple have fallen for a fillet bait. The shad have been a bit of a nuisance on the backline but a fish is a fish…

Deeper, the tuna and couta have been the main targets. The tuna have been chased with poppers and live bait while the couta have only really taken live baits.


South – The south coast has seen plenty of tuna action for the gamefish hunters. The most successful method for these roaming predators has been to troll a spread of lipped lures. Try to get lures that run at the same speed but different depths. This will allow you to target fish at different levels in the water column and will greatly reduce the risk of tangles when turning.

The bottom fishing has been going very well down south with some impressive fish being landed recently. The main targets have been the copper steenbras and the black musselcracker. These are both incredible species that fight extremely hard.


Rock and surf:

The rock and surf fishing has been a bit tricky. When the conditions line up the action has been wild but the sea has been difficult to predict.


North – The north coast has seen a lot of good action with both edibles and inedibles. Unfortunately this past weekend saw lots of weed in the water from the recent rains and big seas. This makes fishing very difficult. That being said, a good number of edibles were caught whilst scratching and some decent inedibles were landed by those looking for that bigger fish.

Pink prawn has been the most successful bait for the scratching fish and has accounted for a number of species. The bigger inedibles have shown a preference for mackerel and redeye combination baits.


Central – The beachfront saw plenty of angling action this past week. The blue rays have kept most of the anglers looking for more of a fight, happy. Targeting these fish on the ultra-light tackle is immensely fun. Scaling down your tackle also allows you to hone your fish fighting skills.

There have also been very good numbers of edibles along the beachfront. The shad have been the mainstay species but some decent stumpies have been taken as well.

The blue rays have fancied a sardine bait. Rig this on a 6/0 circle hook and you are in with a good chance. Make sure to make your bait juicy and tasty for these fish as they love a nice smelly bait. For the stumpies, chokka and prawn are your normal baits but sealice and octopus legs are the best for the bigger specimens.


South – The south coast has been a bit quiet lately with few reports being sent in.

The guys who enjoy scratching have done well along most of the south coast from Trafalgar all the way to Toti. Look for the gullies and ledges that offer some calmer water close to the churning white water. Fish these areas with prawn and chokka baits for a chance at most rockfish species.

There have been some very good kob caught lately and this is definitely the time to actively target these amazing hunters. Sliding or throwing live baits is a great way to pursue them. Mullet, karanteen and shad are all fantastic baits to use. Look for the deeper water along the banks for the ideal kob ambush spot.



The freshwater fishing has been picking up and moving towards a proper summer pattern. The bass are hungry and keeping everyone happy while the carp and trout are putting smiles on the faces of those who prefer a little more tranquillity than fish exploding on top water frogs.


Bass – The bass fishing has been explosive. The fish are going in to full summer mood with a lot of bigger fish being caught on various methods. The use of swim baits or paddle tails has been extremely effective in the last few weeks. The more natural colours have done very well when fished on a swim bait hook.

The top water bite has been on in the early mornings and afternoons. Look at fishing the shallow bays and close to structure. In the more open water areas, you can use walking baits but the weeded areas are best fished with the weedless frogs. Remember to use a few pauses in your retrieve. The stop-start motion often triggers a bite even when the fish aren’t feeding aggressively.

Midmar, Alberts and Inanda have all done very well for the boat anglers while Hazlemere and Alberts have been the pick for the bank guys.


Carp – The carp fishing is picking up in terms of numbers. The conventional anglers have done very well in most of the KZN dams but Albert Falls has been particularly kind to the anglers. Banana and honey are performing well and should be the staple in every carp box.

The specimen anglers have continued favouring Inanda for the mystery of the big fish after and the beauty of the massive carp that lurk there. Boilies have produced the most consistent bites when used properly in a feeding mix. Make sure you put whole and chopped boilies in the mix of feed you are putting out. Sweet additives have done very well. Adding some colour in to the mix will help bring the fish in, but a mix of feeds will keep them rooting around for hours.


Trout – The trout fishing has been very good in most of the midlands Stillwater’s. The colder weather and snows have added some energy in to the fish with the colder water. This snow melt also brings new life in to the rivers.

Most of the smaller streams and rivers are fishing very well with smaller mayfly imitations. Darker colours have done very well. Blacks and browns have been the best colours to use.

In the Stillwater’s, minnow imitations have produced some good sized fish with some being too big for the lighter tippets. Remember to start heavier and work lighter. Rather safe than sorry…

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “From snow to 30plus in the space of a week – it would appear that summer has come flying in past any hint of a spring.  The early rains are also most welcome to get over the dry spell of winter, and to get some moisture into area’s that have had their winter burn off, so The Midlands will be green in a flash…

Current conditions on the rivers remain low, clear and warm (14-15deg.C) – so we wait (im)patiently for the main rains to get the flow rates up and the fish moving, especially on the upper reaches.  The middle to lower sections will have holding water, and some better fish have been reported from these stretches.  There is some rain in the current forecast, so hopefully that falls in the catchment areas which will send the water down.

On the Stillwater front, reports have been sporadic … perhaps the rapid seasonal change has made the fish somewhat iffy.  Anglers are reporting water temperatures between 12 and 17deg.C … quite a range depending on where you are fishing, and the warmer waters should be promoting the food chain to start moving.

This weekend will see the Finals of the TOPS Corporate Challenge taking place on the waters around Nottingham Road – Tight Lines to those anglers taking part, and we look forward to the reports next week.

Some excellent fish were reported in last weekend’s Triple Skins Tournament held at Albert Falls, and we are pleased to report that the team comparison Michael Dickason (Kingfisher-PMB) and Tiaan Odendaal took 2nd place with a bag of 6.6kg, which was unfortunately eclipsed by the 1st place bag of 9.5kg which included a fish of 5kg / 11lb by local angler Leon Fouche – Well Done that man!  Michael reports that their fish fell to Kingfisher’s Reaction range of plastics – come and chat to Michael for the inside scoop!

There have been some good yellowfish reports from the lower Umkomaas – fish in the upper ‘teen range putting a good bend in the rod.  Fish are mainly taking nymphs at present, only a single report so far on fish taking the dry fly”. Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

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Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and take it to the nearest bin.

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