FISHING REPORT 10 December ’21

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The festive season is upon us and the feeling of relaxation is starting to fill the air. The fishing has been good on all fronts so get ready for a fantastic run.

Top tip: Remember that the family, extended family and friends are going to be around so get all your tackle sorted long in advance. If you get a gap to fish, you need to be able to pick up and go…not pick up and see if it still works.

Good quality lubricants and salt to go are your friends. Look after your tackle and it will look after you.


The offshore fishing has been extremely friendly to all facets along the coast. The far north has seen the most action but the entire coast is worth launching at.

North – The far north around Cape Vidal and Sodwana has seen a big influx of boats. This is for good reason as the fishing has been very very good. The gamefish have been feeding well on most days with plenty of couta, dorado and even some billfish making up the catch reports.

Live bait is the most successful of the methods mentioned.

Those who prefer a faster kind of fishing can do well trolling both lipped lures or skirted type lures.

Central – The offshore fishing off Durban has been very good, the charters and recreational anglers have been getting some very good hauls of dorado and tuna. Trolling skirted lures has been the most successful method to target the tuna while drifting likely areas with a frisky live bait has been the best for the dorado. Brighter colours as well as the classic black/red skirted lures are the way to go.

The guys fishing on the bottom have managed some good fish but most of the focus has been on the gamefish. The bottom fishing guys have seen some big rockcod on live baits.

South – The offshore fishing on the south coast has been a bit slower but the deeper waters have seen some good fishing. Much like the central coast, the bottom fishing has seen some bigger rockcod.

The shoal has seen some good wahoo on live bonito while the smaller individuals have favoured faster trolled lipped lures.

The deeper reefs have seen some big yellowtail that have tried to break handles off the KP reels. These are very strong fish that require a knowledgeable angler and a strong rod. Drop a live bait down with a long sinker line and you should see some success.

Rock and surf:

The summer season is here and the fishing has been as hot as the weather. The big inedibles are here and best have your knots tied proper because they will be tested.

North – The north coast has seen the bulk of the action in terms of sizes of inedibles. The main fish species coming out have been the honeycombs and sandies. The sharks have been a different story with a few decent zambezis coming out and some quality black fin. Swimming live baits has been the most successful method of targeting the bigger zambezis from the shore or alternately, dropping bigger baits with the drone.

Central – The central coast has seen some good edibles and inedibles. The evenings have been the most successful times to target the edibles. Prawn and chokka baits have been the best bet for most of the edibles but the stumpies in particular are the main target. The shad are also on the hit list.

The grey sharks and diamonds have made up the inedibles coming out, mackerel and redeyes are the best choices for baits.

South – The south coast has still got a good number of garrick coming out along the Illovo stretch. Live baits and top water plugs have been the ticket for these gentlemen fighters.

The rest of the south coast has been dominated by guys scratching in the gullies and ledges. Most of the bream caught have been on pink prawn. Remember to keep your sinker snood lighter than the hook snood to allow you to part off if need be.


The freshwater scene has been full of giant bass and some beautiful river trout. There is something for everyone so get to your nearest venue and get stuck in.

Bass – The bass fishing has been absolutely insane! The top water action has kept most guys busy for the entire day. Like mentioned before, the frog is your best choice in the heavier cover while buzzbaits and walking baits are better options in sparser cover.

Colour on the top water is not as important as the fish just see a profile and shadow.

Hazlemere has seen some fantastic fishing of late with plenty of good fish coming out. The guys in smaller boats and kick boats have done very well up the river section. The bank fishing has been good all round with some bigger fish coming out.

The pick of the venues for the boat anglers has been Inanda. This venue has produced some giant bags this past week.

Carp – The carp fishing has been slower during the day but the evenings have seen some good numbers and sizes. Sweet and bright have been the key words in success for the daytime bites. The evenings have done better with stronger scents like your gumtree or garlic.

Overall the fishing has been solid for the conventional anglers with most able to fill up the keep net before the end is the session. The specimen anglers have seen success but the heat has made fishing a bit slow for the bigger fish. Focus on the deeper areas of the dam where the water stays cooler and then make sure to keep your baited area well stocked.

Trout – The trout fishing has been mainly focussed on the rivers as the bite has been on. Drifting smaller dries in the slower sections on a light rod can be amazing fun. The faster sections of the rivers are best fished with bigger dries and/or heavier nymphs.

The Stillwater’s are still fishing well but the catches have been mainly smaller stockies. These can be a lot of fun on the brighter streamers and a light rod. Those looking for the bigger fish will do well imitating the smaller fish and focussing on the deeper areas close to the shallows.


News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “After the heat of last week, the weather was sure to break and the forecast had it right with some good rains on the weekend.  Falls of between 30-50mm were reported, and judging by the state of vehicles on the road, made The Midlands a rather muddy mess!  The rivers came up and coloured the water (more so in the lower reaches where there is more farming activity) and the Stillwater’s received an injection of cooling water.  As mentioned last week, the summer weather pattern is now in full swing – and anglers should take note of the weather conditions and any impending storm activity.

Prior to the weekend rain, The Bushman’s River was in fine fettle.  Water temperature was 17deg.C, flow was perfect and water crystal clear in the upper reaches – fish equally rising to the dry fly and taking sub-surface patterns.  Anglers that braved the weekend reported that the river had come up and was somewhere coloured lower down, but in the same report “better to be on the river than spend the day at home…”  Truth!  On the dry fly, the RAB (or para-RAB) is a great choice, as well as hopper patterns (even down to small sizes like a #16).  For wets, look not much further than a leggy nymph pattern, such as a GUN (easy to tie – pop into the shop and chat to Jan for a “how to” on this easy pattern).

The rains helped bring the water temperatures down a couple of degrees – reports indicate temps of 18-20deg.C in the shallows.  As mentioned last week, with the impending high water temperatures, care should be taken if practising Catch and Release – get your fish in as quick as possible, quick snap for the brag book, and send ‘em back home to the deep ASAP.

The post-spawn bass fishing is turning on, with some good catches being reported from both Albert Falls and Midmar Dams.  The rains have impacted some of the smaller private waters, with the anglers reporting mainly “dinks” (small fish) coming to hand.  Chatterbaits are still top of the lure list, with the usual gamut of other favourites.  Lures in watermelon / olive still on the go at Albert Falls, and darker colours (incl. Junebug) for Midmar.

Still no news on the reopening of the Sterkfontein Parks Board Resort, apart from an unconfirmed note that talks are in progress that the resort will reopen “within the next week” … many anglers are crossing fingers at this time.   Otherwise, the only access currently to the main dam is through Qwantani Resort”. Cheers thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

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