FISHING REPORT 17 December ’21

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With the festive season well and truly upon us, it is nice to see that the weather and sea are giving us all the gifts.

Top tip: It is the festive season and everyone is excited to get some time for family and fishing.

Please remember to be safe and practice not only safe/responsible fishing but also be safe and responsible to and from your fishing.

Adhere to the rules imposed in the areas you are fishing and don’t get too festive. We as fishermen should be a positive example and not one to be used to close beaches.


Dorado, tuna and couta. These are just the top three species being caught along KZN. The offshore fishing has been phenomenal and it’s definitely the time to get on to the water.

North – The north coast has been the most productive section of KZN in terms of both species and number of fish being caught.

The tuna have made up the bulk of the catches in terms of weight but there have been a lot of dorado coming out. There have been a lot of smaller dorado being caught which are a ton of fun on light tackle.

The tuna and dorado can be targeted in much the same way. Trolling skirted lures along likely areas will quickly find the fish. You can fish like this for the entire day if you have the petrol for it. Alternatively, switching to live bait and drifting in the area of the hookups will produce the goods.

Central – The Durban area has been full of charters and a splash of recreational anglers. The charters have done well with the dorado. These have mainly been due to their “secret spots”.

The tuna are around most of the spots off Durban so if you need some action on the boat, troll some lipped lures and wait for the strike.

The shallower spots have produced good couta catches this past week. The areas off the bluff have been particularly good with some proper crocs being brought to the boat. Larger dead baits rigged down and live baits have been the two reported methods for success.

South – The south coast has not been alive with reports but there have been fish down there.

Those fishing on the bottom have continued to have good hauls of reds and rockcod. Bigger baits have led to bigger fish.

Those making the run out to the shoal have had good results with the wahoo and dorado once at the shoal. Bigger live bait and faster trolled lures have been the downfall of these faster predators. Black/red and black/purple have been the magic colour combinations. On the way to the shoal, keep your eyes open for tuna action. Some good fish have been caught even before the official start to the day.

Harbour: The harbour has been fishing very well, the lure anglers have had the bulk of the success with plenty of springer, kingfish and a host of other fish caught mainly on soft plastics.

Natural colours and light jig heads have been the recipe most successful. The light jig heads allow the soft plastic more movement and give a more natural look which most fish find irresistible.

Rock and surf:

The shore fishing has been getting better as the heat gets turned up. The sandies and big flatfish are here and ready to test anyone’s mettle.

North – The heat of the north can make for a long day. Make sure you keep hydrated and prepare for the long fights if you are going to target the big fish. There have been a lot of bigger fish up north. A standard FMJ trace with a 9/0 circle hook will allow you to target most of the summer fish. Baits to use are mackerel, bonito and redeyes. Combinations of these three are deadly.

Those wanting to target the edibles will be best suited to spinning with spoons or using chokka as bait. There are plenty of edibles around; you just need to target them.

Central – The Durban coast has seen a lot of shad coming out along the piers and beaches. Floated redeyes have been the most productive bait for the bigger shad while the smaller boys have eaten most fishy baits as well as spoons. There have been some good stumpies caught as well. Most of these have taken sardine head baits in the evenings, fished in and around sandbanks.

There have been a lot of grey sharks around which are good fun on medium tackle and are also a good introduction to inedible fishing. Most fleshy baits will produce a bite from these smaller sharks.

South – The south coast has also seen some good shad coming out along most of the usual spots. The garrick has slowed down and not many have been reported this past week. The kingies have taken their place and some good specimens have been caught recently.

The south coast has seen some good flatfish caught. Most have been caught on droned baits. Those looking to cast for their fish will be best suited to looking for spots that allow them access to the deeper water. Heavy tackle and strong knots are needed for these brutes so come prepared for a battle.


The dams and rivers have been kind all round. The trout are full up, the bass are aggressive and the carp keep the alarms buzzing.

Bass – The bass fishing has been unstoppable for guys fishing from the bank or a boat. All of the venues reported have been fishing well.

Hazlemere has been the most accessible of the bank fishing venues and therefore has been reported a lot for the great fishing. Smaller spinners and curly tail worms work incredibly well there. The topwater bite has also been good at most of the venues. Look at fishing the hollow body frogs in the back pockets where other lures can’t get to. Darker colour frogs tend to work better and try not to work them too quickly through the area. The great thing about top water fishing is that it continues well in to the dark. So don’t be afraid to stay a little after sunset and keep fishing that top water.

Inanda and Albert Falls are the pick of the boat fishing venues. Jigs and creature baits have done well for the bigger bass in deeper water. The shallower areas have fished well with weightless flukes and top waters.

Carp – The carp fishing has been productive at most of the KZN dams but Inanda has been the top of the pops, making it a great venue for the guys wanting to do both bass and carp. So if you want to sit patiently and wait for your carp bite, your kids can keep busy catching bass.

Inanda and Albert’s have been producing good fish on the fruity flavours including banana, berries and garlic. The conventional anglers have been ticking off a good number of fish with some of the bigger fish going double digit.

The specimen anglers have been fishing in Shongweni and Inanda mainly and have seen some very good fish. The bites have been a bit slow but the patient is worth it.

Trout – The rivers have been fishing very well across KZN. Although the average fish has been a bit small, the colours and tenacity of the fish have made up for the size. Not to mention the beautiful scenery. Small nymphs and DDDs are the flies of choice in most of these streams.

The Stillwater’s have started to slow down with the heat of summer taking a toll on the fish. Remember to stop fishing if it gets too hot as the fish will not survive a lengthy fight in the summer heat. This will just lead to dead fish.

Sinking lines, deeper water and streamers are your best bet for the Stillwater’s.


News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB – “I guess we are now in “high summer”, so for the trout anglers, the weather is putting some interference into the state of play : from blistering hot to thunderstorms and hail … as a result, water temperatures are up and the rivers are on and off, high and dirty … but if you aren’t out there, you will never know, so better to get out and at least be in with a chance if you have a line in the water!

The Midlands has had some proper rains of late, and with the heat, seen some steamy days recently.  Apart from making a muddy mess, the falling water hasn’t provided much in the way of relief to the waters, and water temperatures are running at (very) high ‘teens and topping the 20deg.C mark … one report mentioned 21deg.C measured at 5m!  Anglers are reminded again that, if practicing C&R, to “tippet up” and get the fish up and away back home as quickly as possible.  Dirty dams are a product of the summer rains, and large(r) flies are a recommended tactic, so that fish can find them.  Tandem rig is the way to go, and a good starting rig for this time of year is a bead head woolly bugger and a trailing damselfly pattern … the combination of weighted and unweighted patterns provide some action to the flies.

The rivers are up, and the middle to lower sections have been dirty for the past week or so, with water temp of 18deg.C. being reported.  If planning a river session, best to go as high as possible, where there is little to no other activity and better chances of cleaner water.  With the flows being on the high side, some good fish have been reported on weighted nymph rigs, fished close to the bank as the fish will take cover beneath undercuts and overhangs.

On the bass front, reports from Albert Falls Dam indicate that the fishing is turning on.  A variety of lures are working at present including subsurface soft plastics and spinner / chatterbaits, as well as top water lures.

Breaking news is that the Sterkfontein Dam Parks Board Resort opened this week!  Great news for many anglers as this provides access to the eastern shores of the dam.  The dam is currently very full, and water is crystal clean and expected to stay that way for the foreseeable while as there is no need to pump (dirty) water in from the Tugela River.  Reports over the last couple of days tell that the dam is on fire, fish taking dries”. Thanks so much Jan, really awesome news about Sterkfontein Dam Parks Board Resort opening. Tight lines and screaming reels.

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