FISHING REPORT 05 January ’22

The year has started off very well for the guys offshore, the guys on the shore and those who prefer freshwater.

Top tip. Floats and foam can be the difference between catching and holding pole. Adding floatation to your bait can do many things to the presentation. Coloured floats can add that bit of attraction that the fish need to find the bait in turbulent water. Low-density foam adds body without adding too much lift which is great for flatfish baits. High-density foam adds plenty of buoyancy as well as amplification for rattles in the bait. This has made kob fishing much easier. Foam can also have a glow in the dark additive which makes it important for night time fishing. When the fishing is quiet or you are struggling for a bite while others are catching, add some foam and see if the added body/movement doesn’t bring you some luck.


The offshore fishing has been very good along the entire KZN coastline. The gamefish have been keeping the reels screaming and the hatches full.

North – The north coast has been the place to go with most launches proving successful. The fishing skis and ski boats have all seen good results while targeting tuna and dorado. The couta have also made their presence in most catches.

The tuna and dorado have mainly been taken on trolled lures. The higher speed lures have produced most of the bites but they also allow for more water coverage. The purples and pink colours have done well. Both skirted and lipped lures have produced fish. Slow drifting on likely marks with live baits have produced the bigger fish though. So choose whether you want to target quantity or quality.

Central – The central coast has also seen the same success on lipped and skirted lures with both tuna and dorado. Most of the charters have seen good hauls of dorado for their clients in the past few weeks.

The couta have been around in the shallower water and there have been some good fish caught. Slow trolling live and dead baits down rigged has produced most of the bites. Remember to use a bead for the live baits and a skirt for the dead baits. A skirt in front of a live bait will normally choke the fish.

South – The south coast has seen some couta for the fishing skis and the ski boats. Green and pink skirts have been the two best colours reported.  Also, as mentioned above, down rigging your bait is vital.

The far south has seen some good yellowtail hookups on the deeper pinnacles but there have been more sob stories than wins. The shoal has seen some good wahoo catches and most have been on smaller skirted lures. Lures with a touch of chartreuse have done very well.

Rock and surf:

The shore fishing has been almost as hot as the summer heat. The bigger inedibles have stolen the show with a lot of screaming drag and sore back stories.

North – The north coast has been the most productive section for those looking for the bigger inedibles. Throwing bigger fleshy baits produces the most consistent results up north. Look for areas where you can get a bait in to the deeper water.

Smaller baits and chokka blobs have done well for the bonefish and kob on the north coast points. Lighter braids have allowed the guys to get the distance required to reach the banks that the bonefish are on. The kob have been much closer in on the beach side of the sandbanks.

Central – The Durban beachfront has seen a lot of smaller shad that keep most anglers busy. A light rod and small spoon will keep you entertained for hours. Remember that the shad have to be over 30cm to be kept and you may only keep 4.

The diamond rays and grey sharks have kept those looking for inedibles busy. Mackerel and redeye baits are the best choice for these fish. Try using a 8/0-9/0 circle hook on a 1.5m FMJ trace and you are set for most fish on the coast.

South – The south coast has seen some good catches from both the drone and casting anglers. Bigger flatfish have been the most common catch for the drone anglers with thorntails and ribbon tails being the bigger specimens. The casting anglers have managed some decent brown rays and some bigger sand sharks.

Mackerel and bonito have been the most successful baits. The ledges and gullies have been producing scratching fish and some bigger kob. Chokka and prawns are the two baits you must have in your box.


The freshwater scene has been producing a lot of fantastic results. The bass and trout have been the pick of the bunch.

Bass – The bass fishing has been phenomenal! The smaller venues have seen a good numbers of both big fish and high numbers of fish.

These smaller venues fish very well with either a weightless soft plastic or a surface lure. This is also a great place for families as the smaller bass can keep you busy all day.

Midmar and Albert Falls have been the pick of the bigger venues. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits have produced at both venues and have seen some big fish. Brighter colours have done well, Chartreuse is the most popular.

Carp – The carp fishing has been fire in the KZN waters. The summer patterns have set in and fishing has been best before the fronts. Once the pressure gets too high, after the front sets in, the fish tend to lock their jaws and head for deeper waters.

Inanda has been the pick of the specimen venues with some proper fish being brought to the net. Most of the successful baits have been kept a secret, but boilies have been a firm favourite. The fruity additives have been producing good results for the past few weeks.

The conventional anglers have also seen good results with the sweeter/fruitier flavours. Midmar and Albert falls have been fishing well for the conventional anglers.

Trout – The trout fishing has remained pretty good in the Stillwater’s despite the warmer weather. The deeper areas of the lakes is where you will want to focus your attention. These areas hold the cooler water that in turn holds more oxygen. With the warm weather, try to keep the fish out of the water for as little time as possible to reduce stress and increase their chance of survival.

The rivers have slowed down in flow rate after the recent rains. Look for areas of deeper water where the trout will sit in ambush. Smaller nymphs paired with a buoyant dry fly will do well for prospecting most rivers.

News from our Jan, The Kingfisher in PMB –“ And <boom> , here we are with the 1st report of the New Year already – trust everybody managed to get out and throw a line over their down time – feel free to pop into the shop and have a brag … you know the rules : no pic , no proof!!

While the recent storms have laid waste to infrastructure, the waters and waterways have benefitted immensely.  The big news of course is that Midmar is sitting at 101% (a couple weeks earlier than last year, as Midmar was then at 98%), and currently overflowing at 45 cumecs … that overflow is feeding Albert Falls which is now sitting at 60%, twice the level that it was at this time last year.  The rivers and streams have also benefitted of course, some more than others.

On the trout streams – it seems that the (recent) rains have been centered on the “lower” Midlands, away from the ‘Berg, and the higher one goes up the river/stream, the better fishing the conditions will be.  Rain dependent of course, as there have been some reports that even the upper reaches are showing a touch of colour … but nothing like the lower reaches where it looks like one could walk across the water because it looks solid sediment…  Reports indicate that both wet and dry fly have been working well.  If, as a dry fly angler, the water is a tad higher than ideal, try a larger dry (e.g. hopper).  For wet flies, using a heavier fly will ensure that the fly is getting down to the fish.

The rains have ameliorated the stillwater temperatures by a couple degrees – reports now indicating temperatures between 18-21deg.C.  Not much mention of dirty water, so it would seem that the dams are full to capacity, with runoff into the dams having less effect.  It appears that the Stillwater anglers are less concerned about fishing in mizzle, with some good fish being reported on “off weather” days.  As mentioned previously, the Woolly Bugger (in its various liveries) remains the top culprit in the fish catching stakes.

With Albert Falls sitting at its highest level in many years, there is much to be said for fishing the flooded margins as there are some big bucket mouths hunting the shallows for minnows.  Good fish in the 4-5kg range are being reported on “anything imitating baitfish”.  With more water on the way from Midmar, the question on everybody’s lips is whether Albert’s will finally see FSL again…

With Midmar at FSL and then some, same applies – fishing the shallows with fast-moving baits is doing the business.

Sterkfontein Dam, one of the main summer attractions for summer yellowfish fishing has been providing some good fish.  Predominantly on the dry fly – the main reason for fishing there! – in a range of sizes from small #18 Midge patterns, to “The Good Dr’s Beetle” (purple seems to be the current favoured colour) and hopper patterns on #10 and #8.

The local rivers for Natal Scaly are however not pretty, and anglers will have sit the one out for a while yet.

May we take this opportunity to wish all Our Customers a Very Happy New Year and Tight Lines for the year ahead”! Thanks Jan.

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For the best in tackle and advice, pop into The Kingfisher 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-1pm on Saturdays and Sundays – NOTE NEW SUNDAY OPENING HOURS!

Go to and “Like” us on Facebook to catch reviews, videos, fishing reports, great promotions and lots more.

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As always, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all our new video releases and to brush up on your species   knowledge, tactics and tips/tricks.




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