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FISHING REPORT 18 November ’20

The most exciting news for this week is the announcement of The Kingfisher annual 3 day Black Friday sale that is about to start. The dates and times are Friday the 27th 8-5pm, Saturday the 28th 8-1pm and Sunday the 29th  8-1pm of November at all of our branches. Thereafter, The Kingfisher’s annual Clearance Sale… continue reading.

FISHING REPORT 4 November ’20

The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer (series 19) with Petri de Wet premieres Monday’s at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144. There are a number of repeats during the week, Tuesday at 9:30, Wednesday at 10:00, Thursday at 10:30 and Friday at 14:30. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various… continue reading.

FISHING REPORT 28 October ’20

The weather has been a lot more fishing-friendly over the past week. The fishing has been good all round. Ray’s tip. Summer is here! The summer heat is starting to make air conditioning a necessity and the northeast wind is starting to blow more consistently.  The north coast is where you want to be at… continue reading.

FISHING REPORT 7 October ’20

Conditions have not been on our side but the good days have yielded some impressive catches. Bronze bream, brusher, tuna and dorado to name but a few. Please remember to leave the areas that you fish in a better condition than when you got there. Take a few moments to pick up some litter and… continue reading.

FISHING REPORT 2 September ’20

The first leg of our annual Biggest Shad Competition has finished and the following anglers need to be congratulated for their fantastic catches. In third place with a shad of 4.40kgs Paula Pillay; in second with a shad that just pipped third, a shad of 4.41kgs David Shar and finally the king of the competition,… continue reading.