Kingfisher Pro Jig


Enjoy the experience of explosive, bone jarring strikes and white knuckle combat that deep water jigging has to offer. Its high octane stuff! Your jig has to imitate a wounded or fleeing baitfish. A smooth constant jigging action is required . Drop the jig past the fish, engage the reel then either tuck the rod butt under your arm or into your bucket. The rod is used to move the jig, the reel is used to wind up slack line. Rip up the rod and wind down to retrieve the line.

Once you’ve got the timing right, the technique will become second nature and you will be able to pick up the pace. Use this simple calculation when deciding what jig to use: Three or four times the depth in grams is advised depending on the current.

For example in 100m of water use 300-400 gram jigs. In 50m use 150-200 gram jigs.

Depth charge and Pinnacle are available in 150g, 200g, 250g, 300g and 400g in 4 Deadly colours Gamefish are available in 180g, 240g, 300g and 400g in 4 Deadly colours

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