Korda AS anglers produce quality tackle FOR anglers. Within the team there is a mind blowing amount of experience and if we added it up in years to create a carp angler it would be one wrinkly, old chap. There isn’t any company within the industry comprising such a magnificent team of anglers. Even the guys in the sales and telephone operators are dedicated carp fanatics. Korda is the market leader in terminal tackle for Carp Fishing. Designed and developed by some of the best carp fisherman in the world this brand continues to grow on its already massive foundation. The range is massive and can help novice and expert fisherman alike. What makes Korda so special is the huge amount of time that has gone into developing these products. Hours of underwater filming of carp in their natural habitat has helped the anglers to continually hone their products to become simply the best out there.

Each product has been designed for a reason, unlike many. Our philosophy is that we’re innovators and look upon our range with pride to help the carp angler, not just to make money. With all the blatant copying going on these days, we have decided to bring in our Kopyright campaign to help protect cheap copies and effectively help other innovative companies. Each product that is produced will now be stamped with either ‘Industry First’ or ‘invented by Korda’ to give you better knowledge and loyalty of our business.

With such a highly regarded team of capable anglers, each product goes through a long, field testing stage to iron any early teething problems. Not only does it go into the hands of Korda employees, Team Korda get to use it too – and with names such as Simon Scott, Darrell Peck and Ian Russell on board, you know that they’ll be up to scratch and thoroughly put through their paces.

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