Salt Water Sport Traces


For the new comer to the sport of angling or an angler venturing into new water and different species, the technique and trace for specific species can be daunting to say the least. Well technique and tactics come with experience but traces can be bought!

The Salt Water Sport range of traces have been designed by competitive and extremely well known experienced anglers for each separate application and species. Salt Water Sport traces are manufactured by

The Kingfisher so quality has been ensured in each trace.

Where necessary fluorocarbon has been used and all traces have world renowned Mustad hooks.

The trace’s header card has amongst other interesting information, the species bag limit, SA angling record, basic habitat and characteristics.

The full Salt Water Sport range consists of: Karinteen, Blacktail, Shad (Elf), Stone Bream, Stumpnose, Pompano, Bronze Bream (blue fish), Galjoen, White Steenbras, Spotted Grunter, Kob, Garrick slide and throw, Sand Shark, Grey Shark, General Bottom boat, King Mackerel (couta) in small, medium and large.

Recently the range has expanded into twelve non return slide bait with several variations. From the standard with barrel or power swivel to the weighted barrel or power swivel.

There is also a range of Tiger fish traces to suit any tiger fishing situation.

Cut out the possible flaws in your approach in fishing and start with the right trace!

Salt Water Traces are stocked at most leading tackle dealers.

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