Fluorocarbon line is not new to the market yet most anglers are unaware of its benefits and even its existence.

The qualities of Siglon Fluorocarbon are as follows:

Siglon Fluorocarbon is denser, so will sink in the water as opposed to monofilament (nylon) which floats. This factor increases success in weightless and weighted plastics as well as jig fishing. (Not to be used for top water because the sinking line will change the action of the lure).

Siglon Fluorocarbon has very low stretch which will increase sensitivity as well as hook set in plastic and jig fishing.

Fluorocarbon is abrasion resistance and is far superior to monofilament.

Siglon Fluorocarbon is invisible in the water, which for obvious reasons will increase bites.

Siglon have different ranges of lines for different aspects of fishing; Fluorocarbon Leader line and 600m Nylon spools for rock and surf, Tapered Leaders and Tippet Material for fly fishing (normal and fluorocarbon). The list goes on, but the Bass range of Siglon’s Fluorocarbon comes in an ideal length of 200 meter spools designed for bait casters.

The low stretch, the sinking aspect and of course the invisibility are factors that cant be ignored. These three features applied in the right way will increase your success in bass fishing.

Siglon Fluorocarbon’s are stocked at most leading tackle dealers.

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