Congratulations to Ashley  (AshleyB) for winning the Kingfisher Lucky draw for December and winning one of the best reels ever made. Together with super-fast retrieves, and silky smooth oversized drag washers, Daiwa has produced the ultimate surfcasting and boat reel for all coastal and off-shore anglers. The SL30 is perfect for lighter scratching from the beach or rocks and fishing for smaller gamefish off the Ski boat or Paddle ski. The Design of this reel has stood the test of time and it is truly one of South Africa’s favorite reels. Also to Mike Gradwell (MikeG), Tufayl Khan (Tufayl), John Cooper (Johncooper), Trinity Daniel (Trinity) and Candice (Candice 07) for winning a one of the 5 prizes for submitting the best pics.

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