Congratulations to Ugen (Ugen)for winning a 300m spool of the new Daiwa J-Braid valued at up to R665. Daiwa is revolutionizing the fishing industry with their new J-Braid! This eight strand weave braid is made of the finest materials from Japan. 8 Strands of tightly woven fibres makes for a perfectly round profile. Daiwa J-Braid has a low diameter round profile that is super smooth and extremely abrasion resistant. It is soft and flexible and easy to tie knots with. If you are looking to make long, accurate casts then J-Braid is for you. It is also perfect for anglers doing jigging or bottom fishing. This impressive braided line gives you high performance at a very affordable price! There is not another braid on the market today that equals Daiwa J-Braids combination of quality, performance and price. J Braid is made in Japan and is available in 300 meter spools in 20, 30 & 50lb test  and in a 1500 meter spool in 50lb test, (all dark green colour), the 65 & 80lb test is multicolour and is available in a 300 meter spool. The multicolour line changes colours every 10 meters so you can know what depth you are at or how far you are casting. These are really great value for money, especially for a 8 weave braid, that is made in Japan. Also to Graham(Cheni), Adrian(AdrianP), Riaan Smith(Riaan Smith) and Toufeeq(Toufeeq) for winning a one of the prizes for submitting the best pics.

Please check out below for March’s Great prizes. Good luck!

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