Congrats to our May Comp Winners!

Congratulations to Rudi Rogers (Rudi1968) for winning a 4l Safari Chiller cooler box with a Fisherman’s lid valued at R515.00. The 4 Litre Safari Chiller being the smallest of range, was originally developed to fit the yellow 1kg box of snoekie sardines. This box is very popular with the “scratch” fishermen who are targeting the smaller reef fish and bream using squid, prawns, sardines etc as bait. The fisherman boxes have a non-absorbent HDPE plastic lid. The nylon construction is hardier than ever which is great when preparing such baits as chokka with the use of a mallet. The seal of these new lids has been extensively tested at our factory and we are pleased to say that there is no difference whatsoever in terms of temperature variation between the full nylon and fibre glass lids. Also to Eugene Pretorius (dv9eugene), Samantha (Samanthadr57) Rishaad (RHK888) and Andre (andre1) for winning one of the prizes for the best pics. Please check out below June’s Great prizes. Good luck!

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