Daiwa Cap and Kingfisher nylon December

Daiwa Cap and Kingfisher nylon. We will be giving a Daiwa cap and choice of Kingfisher nylon to the 3 best pictures loaded on the site for the month of December. These are not necessarily the pictures of the biggest fish but the pictures our judge’s feel captures the greatest moment. Good luck and tight lines.

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      HI MSAS. Sign in and then go to the gallery page on the website. At the top of the page there is a section for you to add your photos. Shout if you need more help!

  1. BJR

    So we plan a mid-week morning session on Wednesday 22nd December 2016 & along the stretch between Amatikhulu to Mtunzini beach on our lovely KZN coast.
    It is supposed to be just another usual trip….targeting some eds….. a kob…shad or 2……some fat grunters….maybe a flatty, but nothing to serious……actually just spend time with a bait in the surf zone, run away from the “silly-season rush” & the hectic traffic…..what better way to spend quality time at the surf zone & with great friends after all.
    We arrive at 05:00 & had absolute perfect conditions……one could sense it was going to be a sizzling hot morning on the beach……no wind…almost flat sea with a little chop to it……just enough to take away the flat table-top, no big waves…..it was low tide & soon to be pushing, as high tide was to be @ 10:30.

    We baited up with Tracy & myself targeting any Eds & with Matt targeting possible flatties with his 1st Dingle Dangle I had made for this trip.
    Just after 06:00 Matt hooked into a beaut of a fish with his 14’ iFISH Surf Max rod, matched with his Max reel surf 14000 XT, filled with
    20 lb KINGFISHER GA, & on a nicely tied Sard Head-flap bait on my Dingle Dangle 
    We both initially thought it might be a smallish sandy…..revving him a bit…..but when the fish was beached with the aid of the waves & when pulled onto the sand, it became evident it was a large fat edible…..we both thought Garrick due to the mere size of the fish… only to get closer & realize it was this monster Shad….awesome stuff….& with the Nr 7 Circle firmly in the scissors……it was “high fives & air-punches” all round.
    As we did not have a scale, I measured it, & measured 730mm.
    I used the Fish length scale to obtain an estimated weight & it registered at 5,13kg. It was a bus of Shad…congratulations Matt….now to beat your new PB!!

    Just prior to Matt landing his big shad, I drew 1st blood & was busted by what could have been a big Shad……it had the bite of a huge shad, & was on for almost a minute when the line suddenly became slack………..it came off……demit………. It gave a genuine good fight in that minute….
    After reeling in, I noticed my entire hook trace had pulled loose on the swivel.
    It goes to show that one has to trust your inner gut feeling….when I tied the knot earlier, I was not 100% happy with the knot , though the excitement of the 1st bait in the water-zone was much more exciting than re-doing the knot…& I paid the price…!!
    In the meantime our own Mr T-Rex (Tracy) (called T-Rex cause of his age & suits him) hooked into a lovely sized flatty which turned out to be a Sand-shark (Giant Guitar fish).
    After a tedious battle & a good few huffs & puffs by the Rex, bending the back & legs, hearing a few crackling bones during the epic battle, it was landed & measured a 1450mm……That was quite a work out for Mr T-Rex, & according to him he has now successfully completed his Fitness programme for 6 months…….no more exercises.
    Well done Mr T……it gave you a complete workout & possible reason to visit to the Doc soon for that back of yours 

    In the meantime between Matt & myself….we continued to get good solid pick-ups from presumably big Sandys & I got chomped twice….presumably big shad as no sharks was caught.
    Later, I was on again with presumably a big sandy….when the Hook pulled open & I lost the fish….terrible luck on my side.
    I used a Bass hook Off-set round bend since targeting medium eds, & the advantage of the thin gauge of the hook, the sharpness & hook-up rate of the hook. I should have rather be prepared for both (Eds/In-Eds) to overcome this problem, but then again it takes the fun out of fishing.
    The fish was genuinely strong & I had to dance around on the beach with my 12’ 6 custom made SEAGRAND DC Oval & Daiwa SL30H(old model) multiplier with 20lb Kingfisher GA.

    It was not long when the Rex hooked into yet another strong fighter which stripped his reel properly of braid……this time one could see it’s bigger due to the distance it ran during the initial run.
    Tracy fought it for a good while & yelled at me for his for his Fanta cool drink as I was at the bait station…..the dryness of the T-Rex bones started showing…. 

    I took his Fanta over to him….& he handed me his rod…..& said “finish the job”….although we never timed it, it felt close to a further 30mins…..
    I managed to land the Sandy in a Team effort….& it measured 1520mm….This was truly a strong fish for its size.
    According to the Fish length App…Both his fish weighed 16,94 & 19,53kg respectively….excellent job Mr T….good Bones…I mean good Job…
    Tracy was using a 13’7 KINGFISHER Poseidon HMG Med heavy rod with a Shimano Ultegra 14000CI & with 48lb Gator braid.
    His bait of choice was West coast red eye….a big favorite this morning…..with the sards being left untouched.

    During the rest of the morning Tracy landed a smallish Brown skate, estimated at about 3kg & Matt landed a small grunter.
    My bad luck prevailed with a few missed hook-ups, solid hard pickups etc…the Sandys won the battle against me 6-0…..& I accepted the loss gracefully as the rest of the outing was a “winner” !!
    All in all it was a good morning session….

    Thks guys….next time remind us to keep our shoes on…..the sand at 11:00 am was now sizzling hot, the bakkie about 300m away……..& my feet are still sensitive from the “hot coal walk”….I am still on “twinkle toe” mode.
    It just goes to show…..a non-serious outing to have fun, turns out to be a great outing & with lots’a fun…….never under estimate nature.

    Regards & Tight Lines to all fishing the Festive Season, a Happy Xmas & prosperous 2017….may yr Rods bend double, your line be pulled by the monster at an alarming rate, may you endure nature’s equal in water….pain in your body & bones…..& enjoy the epic moment after landing your prize catch, take a pic , release it to be caught yet another day by a happy angler.
    Fishing Greeting
    DECEMBER 2016

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