Best Baits For Saltwater Fish From The Shore In South Africa Baits For Saltwater Fish From The Shore In South AfricaOver the years many techniques have been tried and tested and so too have many baits during angling in South Africa… At the end of the day certain baits constantly produce good catches of fish in South Africa&#39s deep blue ocean. Seasonality is very important when deciding on a bait to target certain fish species. For example during the Summer months in the Eastern Cape, Chokka (Squid) is a deadly bait for any fish as there is such an abundance of Squid from October to March. Listed below are some of the best baits for certain species of fish! These have normally produced great results…There are some other baits that work just as well as the sea baits mentioned below but these are great all year round angling baits… (Chokka) – This is the best all round bait and if you are looking to only have one bait in your cooler box, this would have to be the bait! Anything can be caught on Chokka from small fish to decent edibles to big sharks and flatfish. It is expensive to purchase, but generally worth it!Sardine (Pilchard) – This is probably the most available bait and is very good once again for any fish species…Red Eye Sardine – Red-Eye Sardine will often work for edibles such as Kob when normal Sardine (Pilchard) does not work. It is however, not readily available all the time…Mullet – Live or dead, mullet are great bait for species like Garrick, Kob, Springer, Kingfish and other predatory fish as well as Rays and Sharks.Yellowtail – Yellowtail is a great bait to use for big sharks and flatfish. It has a strong smell which attracts the sharks from long distances away.Bloodworm – Bloodworm is a deadly bait to use when fishing off the rocks. Any edible fish will pick this bait up. It is good for, Kob, Bream, and other edible fish.Rock Worm – Hard to collect but a very good natural bait. Big Blacktail, Bream and Zebra can be caught with this great bait!Black Mussel – A general good bait for fishing off the rocks… It can be used in its shell or without its shell. Good for Musselcracker.White Mussel – This is another bait which is great for edibles, but hard to collect. Musselcracker, Bream, Zebra, Kob, Blacktail and occasionally can be caught on this bait to name a few.Sand &amp Mud Prawn – Good baits for estuary fishing and occasionally surf fishing. Steenbras, Grunter, Kob and Stumpnose readily take these baits!Red Bait – The number one bait for and other hard to catch edibles.Sea Louse (Sea Lice)- A great bait when you can find it… Any edible will eat this tantalizing bait!Article from

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