After spending a nice family day on Friday 16.12.2011, got a phone call from Team Penn (Charl Marais) and a serious white spotty (Smoothound) mission was a go!Started to prepare the tackle and in my mind I can just hear the little BG35 saying&hellip. &ldquoPICK ME, PICK ME !&rdquo but thought , you know what I need something strong, because it&rsquos a rough terrain and those big hound sharks are VERY strong especially in a strong current. Picked the BG 50 up and thought&hellip nah lets give the BG 35 a chance. Right, filled the reel with 0.43mm Daiwa Tournament line, and now the doubt seriously was sinking in&hellip and thought to myself, this might be too light&hellipNeedless to say I committed with BG 35 and the 0.43mm line . So off we went to our spot. We were so amped and ready for this session. Combined the BG35 with the Poseidon Medium HMG.Right-o boys and girls are you ready ??? First cast our friend went on VAS papie!!! Big hound shark!! YEAAAH and so the adrenaline started to pump.. and here I am standing with my &lsquosemi&rsquo medium setup hehe&hellip.. next moment slack line &hellipslack line&hellip.line going straight&hellip.. and BAMM 7/0 Gamakatzu sport circle hook perfectly set&hellip AND VAS PAPIE!!! Sjoe sjoe&hellip this hound was putting up a fight&hellip.but hang on&hellip the BG35 taking no nonsense of this fish&hellip and out is the fish&hellipWOW now I am &lsquoduk&rsquo excited with my setup&hellip. Next bait in&hellip not long&hellip slack line&hellip.slack line&hellip.. line pulling straight again&hellip.. rod going down&hellip down&hellip.. AND BAMM AGAIN Gamakatzu 7/0 circle makes sure of a 101% hookup&hellip. And all you here is ting ting ting&hellip as the line peels of the BG35 &hellip drag styf papie&hellip. And yet again&hellip the BG35 taking no nonsense again&hellipFriends &hellip what a reel!!!! Strong as a OX!!! Another thing, the fish was feeding quite far out&hellip but needless to say the BG35 can cast a mile! So no problem there!!And so it went on and on, throw for throw &hellip.. everytime the BG35 going out full force&hellip. I am so so so impressed with this piece of machinery , really ! what a reel!To end it all the Daiwa BG35 with the 0.43mm Daiwa Tournament line ended with 8 big smoothounds ranging from 25kg &ndash 15kg (I think it was 130+ KG of fish for the BG35&rsquos first outing) , and another 4 big ones lost due to foul terrain. Another thing worth mentioning the Daiwa Tournament also impressed me so much, even after suffering a few abrasions it still pulled perfectly, landing fish after fish&hellipWOW !!!!Charl Marais (Team Penn), Coenie Groenewald and myself ended with 40 fish hooked, Charl taking the day with 12 fish. Well done my friend, you and Coenie are a true inspiration for us (developing anglers) and to the sport of R&ampS angling.And then also thank you Father for yet another blessed day!Words byRay Hall – ASFN Ambassador

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