The name Saltiga needs no introduction into the salt water fishing fraternity. Being a sub brand of Daiwa, Saltiga have produced some of the finest fishing reels in the world. The jigging and popping rods have been unbelievable and now Daiwa have worked closely with the South African market to manufacture an absolutely phenomenal series of rock and surf rods.South African angling is renowned around the world for its unique style compared with the rest of the international market and so some hands-on attention was needed. Dave Mc Auley and Robin Morley from Daiwa International flew out to South Africa to participate in the development. Dean Pretorius, Mike Pereira and I were amongst the team to cast and select the best suited rods for our country ever to be developed by a massive international brand. Thanks Daiwa…The SALTIGA 4500 SPINNING 1-3oz, 11&rsquo 6 is a brilliant rod for light tackle bait fishing and medium spinning and is developed to be used with a grinder (spinning reel). Its newly developed tangle free guides from Fuji have two brilliant functions preventing line slapping on the rod as well as reducing the risk of &ldquocrack-offs&rdquo as the shape of the guide is developed to avoid possible looping around of the braid. It rates 1-3oz but we threw a 4oz sinker and it handled perfectly. Recommended use Scratching in working water, bronze bream style for small to medium sized fish, spinning for garrick and kob, throwing plugs for GT&rsquos from the shore. Between 20-50lb braid recommended, situation dependent.The SALTIGA 6000 SPINNING 6-8oz, 14&rsquo rod is catered for the latest craze in SA competitive angling Throwing baits a long way with the grinder and 50lb braid. The Saltiga 6000 spinning rod has the same Fuji tangle free guides as mentioned above with the obvious same benefits, has the backbone to pull big non edibles as well as the ability to cast decent size baits. It&rsquos not too stiff and has the correct action required for this new technique.Recommended use throwing small to medium baits for fish up to 60-80kgs with 50lb braid.The SALTIGA 30 MULTIPLIER 3-5oz, 13&rsquo6&rdquo is a lovely rod in the hand it&rsquos sensitive and throws a 30 size multiplier very very smoothly. Recommended use light tackle edible fishing and spinning with 0.35mm- 0.40mm nylon.The SALTIGA 40 MULTIPLIER 6-8oz, 13&rsquo6&rdquo is my kind of rod. I absolutely love throwing medium sized baits and sliding lighter. It&rsquos my distance rod combined with a Daiwa Saltist 40 with 0.45mm-0.47mm nylon. In my local waters it&rsquos my most commonly used rod. Recommended for throwing medium sized baits and sliding lighter. Actually a great rod for up and coming youngsters, it&rsquos perfect for teenagers not too heavy and not too long but can still pull a big fish.Recommended line would be 0.43mm-.0.50mmThe SALTIGA 50 MULTIPLIER 6-9oz, 13&rsquo6&rdquo is your go to rod when it comes to sliding or throwing big baits. It&rsquos suited to 70% of the angler&rsquos physical ability in casting large sinkers. It&rsquos not a pole so you can load the rod easily, has phenomenal back bone for pulling power and has the ability to cast a heavy sinker a long way. We threw very hard with a 10oz when testing these rods.Recommended use is sliding and throwing big baits for big fish. Line to be used would be between 0.50mm up to 0.57mm.The SALTIGA 50 HYPER MULTIPLIER 8-12oz, 14&rsquo is a beast… I threw this rod but with my under gunned 75kgs I nearly threw myself off the rocks. This rod is made for powerful anglers in the 90kg plus range. Complete slide rod and very big throw bait rod. Line to use would be 0.52mm and up…All the above mentioned rods come with a unique and very good looking finish, Fuji&rsquos tangle free guides and the confidence that come when fishing with a Saltiga.They actually are very reasonably priced and can be found at your leading tackle stores….

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