Kingfisher Tackle Pak

There comes a time in every serious flyfisher&#39s life when he needs to find an efficient manner to store and travel with all of his flyfishing gear. I have always utilized an old camping bag to store my gear in, but have often found it to be seriously lacking.Recently we received aclass="Apple-converted-space Kingfisher Tackle Pakclass="Apple-converted-space for review and I was very suprised by how well this piece of equipment is suited towards storing and travelling with my array of fly gear.It is very compact, yet is suprisingly spacious providing enough storage space to keep all of my reels (6 of them), my tippets and leaders, assorted floatants, split-shots, indicators…etc. But most importantly it has a very cleaver way to store my variety of flies. With four compartments, sorting my trout flies, yellow flies, saltwater flies and miscellaneous flies has been a very neat and effective solution.My dilemma has always been to keep my gear in an ordered format which would allow me to simply &quotpick up and go&quot whenever I decided to go fishing. This Tackle pack not only keeps your gear ordered at home, but is also very travel friendly and I was suprised by how easily I could locate everything I needed in a simple solution.For those of you who, like me, want to have dedicated packs for all types of flyfishing – I have decided that I will have a dedicated pack for Saltwater, Trout and Yellows.Also worth noting, the Kingfisher Tackle Pak comes with a built-in cooler which can store a few beers, cold drinks or a sneaky sarmie…I give this piece of equipment a 10/10 – something which perfectly suits my need to store all my gear in a very efficient and effective manner.ByCraig Stockden (,103,103)

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