Queen Mackerel (Natal Snoek) Trace

table cellpadding="0cellspacing="0td height="193div>Queen Mackerel (Natal Snoek) TraceArticle by Mike Laubscher of Blue Water Charters | Durban – http://www.bluewatercharters.co.zawww.bluewatercharters.co.zaThere are many ways to rig a trace up for Queen Mackerel, so I thought that I would share mine. Queen Mackerel are finicky and fussy and so the only way to target them is to go light, the trace I am going to share is what I have developed with the experience gained after many bad days and lost fish and so far has produced the best results as you have to try harder and harder to deceive these fish.div>img alt="height="1672src="/ckfinder/userfiles/images/snoek%20trace(1).jpgwidth="784With this trace you can prepare all your strip baits the night before and you only need to tie them onto your line with the skirt sliding directly on the fluorocarbon.To prevent the lure from sliding up the trace when fighting your fish, you use a small rubber stop that is used in Bass fishing, this will prevent the lure being far up you leader where another fish following the one you are fighting can take a bite at the lure and parting your line.

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