The Climate Sports Scarf

The CliMate Sports Scarf is a multi-purpose, multi functional headwear that is meant to control temperature, manage moisture and offer UV protection. In most fly fishing conditions it will be worn to cover your neck and lower part of your face. This offers UV protection to the lower part of your face caused by sunlight reflected by water. It also offers some protection against insects such as midges, mosquitoes etc.ProsDuring the review I tried to wear it in hot and cold conditions. I found that it has a cooling effect in hot conditions, with moisture being absorbed away from the skin. It works even better when there is a breeze. I found it more comfortable and effective than most sunscreens. I also used the scarf on a cold night as a beanie and it works perfectly if folded over double. This product can truly be worn in various ways only limited by your imagination.ConsThe product comes in various colors and during the test I used a darker color. I did find that in summer it does heat up eventually and a lighter color would be a better choice. The darker color worked well in colder conditions and it might be a good idea to have a few different colors. If the scarf is worn over your nose in colder conditions it will fog up your sunglasses so you might have to apply some sunscreen on your nose as you still get sunburned during winter. The scarf can get quite uncomfortable with a stubble beard and should be worn with either a longer beard or ideally a clean shaven face.ConclusionI found that the scarf does deliver true to its name and can keep you warm in cold conditions and cool during hot. It works well worn together with a good UV shirt, hat and some polaroid sunglasses. For an approximate price of R79 it offers a good alternative to sunscreen and it can be worn in various other ways such as a beanie in cold weather.

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