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Our Emcast Advanced is an amazing 10BB ‘machine’ that winds with incredible smoothness and relentlessly delivers power that will cut through any barrier. On the retrieve you can recover over 100cms of line for just one handle turn. Now armed with Air bail it also features the first ever machine cut handle with our ‘One Touch’ folding facility . The ABS spool features a tin coated rim and our renowned front drag. Add to this Twistbuster, CastLock and a spare spool and you may be forgiven for getting the price wrong!
> Air bail > 10 Ball Bearings (5 Sealed bearings) > INFINITE Anti-Reverse > Machined cut aluminum one touch folding handle with wooden handle knob > ABS aluminum spool > Spare aluminum Spool (without spool ring) > Twist Buster > Worm shaft oscillation > Zero Friction Main Shaft > Spare spool supplied


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