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Korda Baiting tools are an important part of any carp anglers kit, some people are happy to use one needle for everything.
However seeing as we are self-confessed perfectionists, we like to use exactly the right tools for the Job.
We have produced the needles in mega bright colours to minimise the chance of misplacing them. How many times have you thread boilies or particles onto your hair, flicked the needle onto the grass and lost it? A lot I would guess. However, this is now completely eliminated with the luminous new colours.
So, whether you need one with a long stem, short stem, thick needle, thin needle, latch, or no latch, there will be a needle to suit every circumstance.
HEAVY LATCH NEEDLE – BRIGHT GREEN HANDLE Ideal for use with boilies and particles. Ref: KBNH FINE LATCH NEEDLE – PURPLE HANDLE Ideal for use with soft boilies, soft pellets, sweetcorn or splicing. Ref: KBNF HEAVY LATCH STIK NEEDLE – RED HANDLE Ideal for pulling hooklinks through sticks or making stringers. Ref: KBNS BRAIDED HAIR NEEDLE – YELLOW HANDLE Ideal for hairs made with braid so it won’t get caught in the fibres. Ref: KBNB SUPER STRONG SPLICING NEEDLE ” ORANGE HANDLE The perfect needle for splicing leadcore. Ref: KSPN


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