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A hook designed to be incorporated with the popular chod rig or hinged stiff rig presentation. The pattern features an out-turned eye and the point is unbelievably sharp and reliable, retaining its sharpness in the most demanding conditions.
Its dull, anti-glare finish blends it in with the surroundings ensuring that you won”t spook any passing fish. An absolute must for the avid stiff rig user. Due to the wide gape in the pattern, it creates extremely secure hook holds as the beaked point holds firm and doesn’t twist and turn during the fight. A great hook.
Learn how to incorporate this wonderful hook into your fishing by scrutinising the step by step sequence on the popular chod rig.
KCH2 ” size 2
KCH4 ” size 4
KCH6 ” size 6
KCH8 ” size 8
KCH10 ” size 10
KCH12 ” size 12


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