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The COG leads are supplied in bags of twenty five containing a mix of both brown and green coating. Two shapes are available, which are Flat Swivel Pear and Flattened Distance Casting.

COGP2 ” Flat pear 2oz COGP25 ” Flat Pear 2.5oz COGP3 ” Flat Pear 3oz COGP35 ” Flat Pear 3.5oz COGP4 ” Flat Pear 4oz COGP5 ” Flat Pear 5oz COGP6 ” Flat Pear 6oz COGP8 – Flat Pear 8oz
COGD2 ” Distance 2oz COGD25 ” Distance 2.5oz COGD3 ” Distance 3oz COGP35 ” Distance 3.5oz COGP4 ” Distance 4oz COGP5 ” Distance 5oz


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