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Korda Kable has a breaking strain of 50lb and is available on 7m and 25m spools. It splices extremely well, producing strong loops for easy connection to the rest of your terminal tackle and main line. If you’re looking for the perfect leadcore then you’ve just found it.

Our Gravel Kable has been designed for use over the harder, clay, sand and gravel spots that are found on many venues. Our Weed/Silt Kable has been designed for use over the sort of choddy, weedy, silty lake beds that the chod rig was designed for.


KA7WG- Kable Leadcore Weed/Silt 7m KA7GB – Kable Leadcore Gravel 7m KABWG – Kable Leadcore Weed/Silt 25m KABGB – Kable Leadcore Gravel 25m


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