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Although the original Hybrid hook links had many followers, the Korda product development team thought that it could be bettered. The resulting product, N-Trap Soft, is the culmination of two and a half years of development and testing. So, why is N-Trap the best coated material on the market? Well, it features a tough, matt coating that is easy to strip yet won”t split when tightened down and the rugged Dyneema braid inner is a much better colour match for the coating than other hook links. Following the proven Safezone camou principle, we”ve released the N-Trap in three colours, Weedy Green, Silt and Gravel Brown. Of course, the colours have been chosen with our longstanding underwater experience to closely match the conditions that you”ll find on your waters. N-Trap Soft is available in 15lb, 20lb and 30lb versions.
KNT01- N-Trap Soft 15LB Weed
KNT02- N-Trap Soft 20LB Weed
KNT03- N-Trap Soft 30LB Weed
KNT10- N-Trap Soft 15LB Gravel
KNT11- N-Trap Soft 20LB Gravel
KNT12- N-Trap Soft 30LB Gravel
KNT19- N-Trap Soft 15LB Silt
KNT20- N-Trap Soft 20LB Silt
KNT21- N-Trap Soft 30LB Silt


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