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The Wide Gape X is basically a beefed-up version of the popular Wide Gape design, purposely designed to use when targeting carp in snaggy waters.
The hook comprises all the same features as the Wide Gape but comes complete with a thicker gauge and a reinforced hook point. You can concoct many rigs with the Wide Gape and with the addition of some shrink tubing, it can create an aggressive presentation that carp find very hard to deal with.
To develop a simple blowback rig, place the relevant sized Rig Ring onto the hook’s shank, Danny Fairbrass style. You can also create a very effective anti-eject rig by sliding some Silicone Tubing onto the shank. This will trap the hair in place.
KWGX2 – Size 2
KWGX 4 – Size 4
KWGX 6 – Size 6
KWGX 8 – Size 8
KWGX 10 – Size 10
KWGX 12 ” Size 12


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